I challenge statements made by Congresswoman Jackie Speier in her Oct. 12 letter to the editor “We must Protect our Democracy.” I agree that we must protect our democracy, however, Congresswoman Speier’s party has not exactly lived up to this ideal during the Trump administration, and the news reporting over the past four years have demonstrated an unhealthy bias against President Trump and all of his supporters.

The peaceful transmission of power from President Obama to President Trump has been completely ignored by Democrat lawmakers. The results of the 2016 election have been challenged through the Mueller investigation and the partisan impeachment initiated by Speaker Pelosi.

To paraphrase some points raised in Congresswoman Speier’s letter, history will someday call the lawlessness of the current Democratic Party as a first rate constitutional crisis. Laws must be strengthened so that the reckless are thwarted in their efforts to undermine our democracy.

Ron Drelich 

South San Francisco

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Ray Fowler


Let's not forget the FBI and the intel community briefing Barack about Hillary's scheme to create the Russian collusion hoax... information that was also shared with Joe.

Terence Y

Well written, Mr. Drelich. Don’t forget about the constant drip of news regarding Biden’s corruption, even more so than just the treasonous activities of Biden along with the worst President in the history of the USA, Obama. I guess some people were right. We have found Russian influence - in brain-dead Biden's camp.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Terence

Hmmm... I'm not a Barack fan, but I don't think he was worst president in our history. And when it's all said and done... many years from now... Donald Trump will not wear that moniker. I believe an honest and evidence based analysis of Donald Trump's presidency by future historians will yield a much different appraisal than what we hear today from a biased media.

Now, I don't like some things Donald Trump says and does... and I have said so in this forum more than once. However, Mr. Drelich's observations... in response to Congresswoman's Speier's grandstanding (just before an election)... have merit.



I don't have time today for a long discussion so I will just say that I disagree with your comment. I know, it is nothing you didn't already know. Have a nice day.

Ray Fowler


The fact that the mainstream media barrages us everyday with negative material about Donald Trump or that Ms. Speier is grandstanding... or both?



I would say about 75%- 25% Trump. All politicians lie or at least stretch the truth but Donald has it hands down.

Terence Y

Hi Ray - I'm sure everyone has an opinion, mostly depending upon what side of the fence they sit, but to me, Treasonous Obama (giving pallets of cash and $400 million in suitcases to Iran), along with spying on Trump’s campaign and weaponizing members of the intelligence community against Trump pretty much cement Obama as the worst president in the history of the US. If you have time, I'd like your opinion on who you believe is the worst president in history. The guy who only served for a month?

Ray Fowler

Hey, buddy...

You mean Ol' Tippecanoe? Hardly fair to judge a presidency based on one month. It's a good question, thanks. Let me think on it...

I am not a Barack fan. According to his supporters, his presidency was allegedly "scandal free." Not true. We completely agree on that point. But did his actions rise to the level of treason within the meaning of the Constitution?

Ray Fowler

Terence... thanks for being patient.

Gosh... a good question but not one so easily answered. It's so subjective. What is the criteria we should use to determine who might be the "worst"?

Going the other direction... I feel that GW was the best. Abe has got to be close on his heels. But you will find some who think FDR was a disaster even though a lot of people put him in the running for one of our best presidents. And Harry Truman was unpopular when he left office, however, his stock has risen dramatically in the past 60 or so years. Like I said... it is so subjective.

Worst... hmmm. The guy who took over for Ol' Tippecanoe... John Tyler... was not very good. He did lay the ground work for Texas coming into the Union, but that contributed to the start of the War with Mexico which was the precursor for the Civil War. Chester Arthur? Benjamin Harrison (Ol' Tippecanoe's grandson)? Were they bad because we remember so little about them? Warren Harding is often on the list of worst presidents, but I kinda like him. He was popular, he averted the Great Depression (which could have happened in the early 1920s), and he hosted a huge peace conference which earned praise from other world leaders. Not too bad.

But the worst, IMO, James Buchanan. He was president in the late 1850s, and he could have intervened to stop our country's march toward Civil War. Could he have averted the war? Maybe. Maybe not. We only know that he passed that problem to successor. A huge mistake.

Another debatable question... who was the best national candidate who never won the presidency? For my money... Charles Evans Hughes.


It has been explained to you before that the 400 mil was Iran's money in escrow or confiscated in the '80s. We did not give them our money but I know it is difficult for you to understand.

Terence Y

Laffy Taffy – the $400 million was a ransom payment and another $1.3 billion was later transferred to Iran. So thanks, Obama, for giving taxpayer money to Iran’s terrorist network. More blood on Obama’s hands.

Terence Y

Hi Ray – thanks for your thoughts and the history. I’m still sticking with Obama as the worst. I only listed three of Obama’s greatest hits. Off the top of my head, here are a few more Obama hits: the famous Obama Apology Tour, the line in the sand in Syria – which was crossed with no repercussions, the Fast and the Furious gun-running operation, the VA death register, Snowden, Benghazi, targeting conservatives with the IRS… The list goes on and on. I haven’t even touched the economy or race relations under Obama’s corrupt administration. Finally, the fact that we’re debating whether Obama’s crimes rise to the level of treason is evidence enough that Obama and his administration were an abject failure.



It is past your bed time. Don't you have school classes in the morning?

Terence Y

Grandpa Taffy, I have a few more hours but thanks for checking. BTW, I explained your party switcheroo nonsense about Democrats becoming Republicans and vice versa with the class the other day. Everyone started checking to see if one leg was pulled longer than the other and then started ROFL. That means Rolling On the Floor Laughing. Grandpa, please don’t drink and post else you’ll start sounding and acting like Biden. Back to writing...

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