It takes Ms. Lempert only a few sentences to get from “stop coddling” the unvaccinated, to mandating that they “cannot fly or use public transit; cannot attend restaurants, concerts, movies,” etc. This kind of persecution is shockingly callous and has no place outside of fascist or Communist dictatorships.

Ms. Lempert claims the unvaccinated are spreading the delta variant. However, according to a number of top scientists, she has it backwards. They say we’re witnessing the well-documented but unintended consequences of insufficiently effective vaccines that inadvertently pressure the targeted virus to mutate. The relevant technical terms are “leaky vaccines,” and “antibody-dependent enhancement.” This sets up the vaccinated to become incubators and superspreaders of variants.

In fact, a recent study in the prestigious medical journal Lancet found the vaccinated carrying 251 times the viral load of COVID in their nostrils as the unvaccinated.

So if Ms. Lempert wants to ban a group of people from shopping, traveling, dining out and more, perhaps that should be the vaccinated, who may well be transmitting this variant to the unvaccinated after unknowingly producing it in their own bodies.

Ultimately, however, whether the delta variant — which is thankfully a less virulent form of COVID-19 — is being spread by the vaccinated, the unvaccinated or in some other fashion, we’d do well to respect one another and one another’s equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Cherie Zaslawsky

Menlo Park

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Jeff Regan

“Reuters Fact Check” published on August 26 clarifies the non-peer reviewed study and the misinformation posted by the anti-vaccine group, Children’s Health Defense: “the paper does not conclude that fully vaccinated healthcare workers carry 251 times the viral load of the virus as compared to unvaccinated healthcare workers. Rather, it concludes that viral loads of breakthrough Delta variant infection cases were 251 times higher than those of cases infected with old strains detected between March-April 2020.” Further, this study was not published in the Lancet medical journal. It was submitted to The Lancet First Look as a “preprint”—not to be touted or used for any clinical, lay, or public health decision making.

Further, per the CDC: the Delta variant is more contagious, may cause more severe illness in unvaccinated people, and that unvaccinated people remain the greatest concern. “The greatest risk of transmission is among the unvaccinated people who are much more likely to get infected, and, therefore, transmit the virus.”

The fact that 635,000 people and counting can no longer pursue their rights “to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” should be a wake up call to the willfully unvaccinated. With vaccines, COVID deaths are preventable.

Terence Y

Is this group part of the same Reuters that accused our great President Trump of wanting to secure exclusive access to the COVID vaccine, proven to be completely false? That selectively edited video to remove context in trying to make President Trump look bad? That wrote an article about the embedded BLM-Antifa organizer at the Capitol riot and tried to make it appear the guy was not an organizer? Sorry, but a Reuters Fact Check has about as much credibility as my dog’s opinion on the subject. Maybe these fact checkers should start fact checking their own news.

If people are willing to take a risk by not being vaccinated and that’s their approach to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, then it’s their body, their choice. They’re not stopping other people from getting the jab.

Terence Y

Ms. Zaslawsky – thank you for your letter and the information. The delta variant is just one of many further variants. Meanwhile, for all those who want to wear masks and get the jab – go for it (although I’d recommend holding out for more than a measly $50, assuming that bribe is still offered). For those who don’t, continue to enjoy your life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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