Matt Grocott’s satirical comment about a warm and fuzzy feeling is very telling (“Imagine Newsom Care?” column in the July 16 edition of the Daily Journal). And the insinuation by the author that this is only political is certainly not true for many citizens in California. I know people who are here “illegally” and I care for them. California, as a whole, cares greatly for those who have come here and are still not documented. In fact, our economy relies greatly on these people. The Californians who understand and appreciate the value of these immigrants, care for them and love them, do indeed get a warm and fuzzy feeling when they hear about this legislation. A genuinely warm and fuzzy feeling, unlike the one the author describes in his opinion.

Arne Hurty


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Dirk van Ulden

So Arne - how warm and fuzzy will you be when a few of these migrants break down your door and demand that they be accommodated in your house? Isn't that what they are doing? As a legal immigrant myself, it is disturbing to see the coddling that these illegal migrants are receiving in this State, starting with the governor. Do you have any idea what it takes to get a permanent resident visa? If they have legitimate reasons to seek asylum they can do that in their own country at any US Consulate or Embassy. Mr. Grocott is right as usual but the Cindys of the world will twist his points. We don't refuse ER treatment to anyone in this country.


Also just for the record; Republican Governor Schwarzenegger opposed the federal government's effort to build fencing on the Mexico–United States border and likened it to the Berlin Wall.


"How warm and fuzzy will you be when a few of these migrants break down your door and demand that they be accommodated in your house? " These are the words of a fear mongering xenophobic.

Dirk van Ulden

Hey JME, you forgot to call me a racist. The new, standard reply from liberals who resort to name calling when they disagree. Xenophobic is so dated.

Cindy Cornell

How true. I guess Mr. Grocott and his friends would turn away a bleeding person at the ER unless they could show documentation.


I also got a warm and fuzzy feeling, until I realized I would be paying for Newsom Care.


On August 18, 2006 Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB 1448, a bipartisan health care coverage initiative drawing down $540 million in federal funding to test innovative strategies for providing health care coverage to low- income uninsured residents.

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