Anyone else astonished by the outright monopoly public teachers across America feel that they have regarding education and funding? In the latest incident in Sacramento, 1,000 public school teachers stormed the capital demanding more money for education and at the same time pushing to cut funding for our charter schools. Many citizens are getting tired of this less for more direction that public education has been on and want the ability to choose the school their child attends. Californians must demand their money to follow the students and not the wishes of California’s powerful teacher’s union. California teachers, who are taking the day off from teaching our children, thought it was more important to demand more money and pushing policies that limit charter schools and their funding.    

If you look across the country, public teachers’ unions have adopted the color red, marched on state capitals and used their power to silence critics through sheer numbers and intimidation. If we were to give parents and their children the choice, you would get much better results and more accountability. Why are teachers’ unions throughout America afraid of competition? Why are teachers’ unions against vouchers? Do teachers unions think it is OK to continually underfund their enormous pension obligations?

The California Teachers Association does not want education to evolve into the 21st century. They hold on tightly to arcane policies regarding education, funding and compensation. Keep in mind that they do all this while striking, protesting and running up huge deficits that taxpayers are ultimately liable for. 

Christopher P. Conway

San Mateo

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Dirk van Ulden

This issue would probably resolve itself if we had the guts to remove tenure from the teachers' employment agreement. There are a teacher and a professor in my family and both agree that tenure is killing the incentive for teachers to excel. All seems to be based on union-driven seniority and getting fired is next to impossible. There are no tangible performance standards either. This clearly contributes to less than optimal teaching for our students. I understood that the Supreme Court was addressing the tenure issue?

JD Rhoads

Who said give the money to the child and they pick the school? Where did you read that statement? The "child" would pick ice cream.

Christopher Conway

You really don't have a legitimate argument do you? I just hope you are not a teacher but then again you probably are. Reason number 112 to go to vouchers.

Terence Y

I think if you look at the history of JDRhoads comments, you can plainly see they have problems writing coherent sentences. A reason we should have had the option for vouchers many years ago.

Terence Y

Most educated people realize that the majority of public school teachers are only in it for themselves as any tax increases go to pay for their pensions and health care. The kids are the ones who are suffering since most of the money is being used to pay for teachers who no longer teach. With the money being spent on education, you would think that CA would be near the top in nationwide rankings, but not even close.


Do you know any educated people to begin with?

Terence Y

Thank you for asking. I would posit that anyone who did not fall for the Russian collusion hoax is educated. Did you fall for the Russian collusion hoax? MAGA!

JD Rhoads

You want your child/children to go to private school? Pay for it yourself. Taxpayer money is for free public education for all.

Christopher Conway

Is that all you got? Give the money to the child, and they pick the school. Then everyone’s education would be free with free choice. End the monopoly, it is not the CTA’s money, it is ours.


May be kids should vote too? (and chose their parents as well??).

Cindy Cornell

Save public schools! Teachers deserve a living wage and housing near their jobs! Resist the elitist discriminatory practice of school vouchers. We need strong public education for all.

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