In response to “The new ‘iProduct’” by Matt Grocott in the Oct. 8 edition of the Daily Journal, I would like to point out that the unemployment rate started to drop as a direct result of former President Barack Obama’s policies, whatever they were. By the time President Donald Trump took office, it had hit a new low.

Trump pushes for “lower taxes for all Americans?” Bullhonkey! The wealthy were the recipients of his tax policies. His attempts at fair trade, in the form of tariffs, are hurting our farmers and steel industry, to name just two.

Please don’t tell me that I’m a victim of fake news from the “deep state.” That is president Trump’s domain (notice I used a small “p” for president). All that aside, the man is not fit to hold the highest office in the world or any office for that matter.

Why am I wasting time trying to reason with a Trump supporter? I should know better.

Steve Ortiz

Redwood City

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Well said Steve!


Yes, - under a very appropriate oxy-moron!

Christopher Conway

You should know better Steve, because we have no interest in reasoning with you. Just enjoy the next 5 years of president Trump which I think is a reasonable thing to suggest to you.


Chris: Do you really believe that the usual Republican voter suppression and other tricks, in addition to foreign meddling, will work again in 2020, as it did in 2016? You may be right, but for the sake of the country, and the future of the entire world, I certainly hope you are wrong!

Christopher Conway

The Democrat interference in the election will not be present in 2020. That makes me think that president Trump will win by even a bigger landslide.

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