As with the many letter writers to the journal, I too find Matt Grocott’s columns self-serving and annoying. During the BLM protests some months ago, he began one piece by first claiming to be reasonable and objective, then used that moral high ground as a buffer for his righteous, Trump supporting opinions. His bias got my interest when he jumped on the peaceful protesters by lumping them in with mostly nonpolitical, vandalizing thugs. But as we have recently witnessed, the thugs that inhabit the far right are political — and dangerous.

Mr. Grocott wrote that though he wasn’t able to go himself, he had wanted to be part of the recent protest in D.C. While I doubt he would have been part of Trump’s brown shirt rioters, the question is, what was it he wanted to protest? Trump’s unfounded conspiratorial claim that the election was rigged? After months of court battles that found no evidence of fraud, and with the inauguration imminent, the only recourse left for that mob was insurrection.

While he may claim to have been shocked … SHOCKED, by the violence, what he demonstrates is a clear un-American betrayal of the democratic process.

I don’t mind him having a forum for his extremist views, for they expose his rambling, rationalizing thoughts as being no deeper than a shallow wading pool.

What is troubling is the large number of credulous, gullible people like him; the kind who can no more accept the fact that the election was legitimate than a flat-earther could be convinced that we live on a spherical globe.

Kent Lauder


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Rei --- Regarding stock market performance.......

."The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, -2.03%, the more popularly known blue-chip gauge, saw an annualized return of nearly 11.8% under Trump, versus 12.1% for Obama." And Pres. Trump had to deal with Covid, constant illegitimate/illegal harassing by the Dems, etc. and he still managed to bring our country back up to historic heights we can all be proud of and grateful for.

"The only thing that leads a man like Trump to serve as President was his love for country! The reason we will never give up is because we are the same!" (McNaughton)



Your memory is selective. Trump took over with a good economy and Obama took over a disaster and salvaged it. Moscow Mitch said our job is to make Obama a one term president and they tried for two terms to do that. Is that the worlds tiniest violin I hear you playing?


Lou, to which historic heights are you referring and for which should we be proud? Most lies while in office? Most convicted staff members? Most emolument clause violations? Most tweets? Most golfing dates at our expense? Most impeachments? Most racist comments? Most lives lost in a pandemic? Most incitements for mob violence on our Capitol? Do tell.


Rei - Trump Administration Accomplishments.....

We are proud and thankful....



How incredibly gullible!


Lou, how prophetic - a link that does not work!

Dirk van Ulden

More interesting is that all of the leftist writers are still talking about Trump. Isn't it time to start discussing the already disastrous Biden administration? Cancel and shaming culture in full swing along with censorship by the media moguls. Funny how the left keeps on beating a dead horse. The polls in the DJ clearly indicate that Biden and his cackling VP are a calamity for this country. Will the leftist writers, Mike Jorg, etc, ever own up to that?



What polls in the DJ are you talking about? The one at the top of the opinion section show approximately 51% approve of Biden and 42% disapprove.

Terence Y

Great observations, Mr. van Ulden. The TDS-infected are afraid to acknowledge that Biden is a giant mistake and hasn’t done anything positive for America. If the leftist writers don’t have their hate, they don’t have any comments. BTW, people may want to sell some of their Trump-led stock gains to seal in those gains. Biden’s American job killing orders are scaring the market.

Terence Y

Mr. Lauder, I believe you include every talking point lie the Dems have allowed you to use, so kudos. There may be a Pulitzer with your name on it. BTW, the Earth is not a spherical globe, just a globe. If you don’t realize that fact, chances are you won’t realize other facts. Maybe Dem talking point lies are the extent of your repertoire.

Patrick Henry

Were we gullible when Trump built a wall on our southern border and made Democrats pay for half of it? Were we gullible when Trump removed over regulating policies of the Obama administration and let the markets flourish. Were we gullible when President Trump gave historical black colleges a long term lifeline to funds? Were we gullible when Trump said he would put an end to people sneaking into our country illegally? Were we gullible when President Trump reenergized our military after years of neglect by Obama. Were we gullible when we voted for a president who actually loves America unlike Obama who didn't like us or our history. Were we gullible when Presdient Trump presided over the greatest economy in American history? Were we gullible when we elected Trump who become the only president in recent memory not to get us in a war? And lastly were we gullible when we elected a man who put America 1st? If that is the definition of gullible, I guess I am guilty.


PH, short answer, yes you were gullible. Being gullible means being easily fooled or tricked. For all the statements you made, there is ample evidence of gullibility.

Long answer, yes were gullible. You believed Mexico would pay for the Wall and now blame the Dems for paying for half (??) of it. You believed the markets were not flourishing under Obama (the Dow nearly tripled under him) and that Trump had the greatest economy conveniently ignoring the economic mess when he left. You were gullible by Trump's immigration policy of preventing any people of color from entering while forgetting America is a country of immigrants of all colors and assets. You were gullible in thinking Trump puts America first when is has been obvious he only put himself first. As a military vet, I can attest to your assertion of Obama neglecting the military as wrong with the facts the military budgets under Obama did not decrease, plus the VA Choice Act was passed in 2014 after 44 years of attempts by former presidents, plus he got Osama bin Laden. You were gullible in thinking Trump was a champ for not getting us into a war when he failed to lead in one of the worst wars of out time - the war against the Covid pandemic taking more lives than any conflict since the Civil War.

How do we know you were gullible? Trump took over when the R's controlled all the levers of power and lost each during his four years. Trump lied nearly 31K times and you believed a large number of them. During his reign, rather than attempt even once to unite us, he deepened our divide and engendered hate. His was one of the most corrupt administrations ever with zero respect for norms and the rule of law. He was rightfully impeached twice and left office a poor loser. He incited mob rule with the assault on the Capitol and thus violated one of the greatest tenets of our democracy - the peaceful transfer of power. With all that, you still sing his praises and enable him by doing so. That is the very essence of gullibility.


Very well put, Rel! Let me just for the record add how Trump destroyed the world reputation President Obama had restored after the former Republican administration, and in addition made himself a laughingstock around the world. The gullible don’t think that’s important?

Comment deleted.
Tommy Tee

Nice try, Conway. You were duped.



Post of the year!

Comment deleted.
Tommy Tee

Ok, CC--your tinfoil hat is too tight.

Terence Y

Nice diatribe, Rel, but your history of lies and fake news take away any credibility you may have once had. Your legion of TDS-infected fans here doesn’t help your credibility, either. It’s too bad censorship of Mr. Conway isn’t allowing an open dialog.

Tommy Tee

PH/CC--You were gullible when you believed Mexico would pay for the wall. You were gullible awaiting Trump's "beautiful" health plan in two weeks (which we heard for 4 years). You were gullible when you believed Trump had a Covid plan. Biden has done more re. the pandemic in less than two weeks than Trump did in a year. And you were gullible believing the market is the economy. It isn't.

Patrick Henry

I knew Mexico would not pay for it and the Democrats in America would. That is not gullible, that is strategy. Hope you enjoyed your portion of the wall you paid for.

Christopher Conway

How many people have now died on Biden's watch? Are we up to 25,000 Americans and he just became president. How many more people will die thanks to President Biden and his careless policies. Wow, it is more fun to criticize the president that join together as Americans. Thanks Democrats for showing how much more fun it is to be critical of a president than hope for our entire country to heal.


Gullible? I think so. MTG is a favorite of Trump and she is considered a rising star in the Republican Party. She claims the forest fires were started by the Jews with outer spaces lasers. Gullible, you betcha!

Christopher Conway

Kent - all those attributes you assign to Mr. Grocott and his fans, we turnaround and assign to you. See how that works? Isn't free speech the greatest? It is all in the eyes of the beholder and the eyes of the people you call credulous and gullible love to know the fact that you are unhappy. Looking forward to not coming together with you Kent. Trump 2024, let's upset them even more than we already have.


Trump wont be the choice in 24.


Hopefully, Trump will be in jail by then, where a criminal like him belongs.



Well, until now it has never happened. However I have been following the scholarly debate on this issue and at least in the case of a person (not just President) who was impeached before the end of his or her term, it would seem that the weight of authority is yes, he or she can be tried. The Constitution itself is silent on this, but there are two parts to the consequences of impeachment (1)removal from office and (2) disqualification from holding office in the future. The argument in favor of post leaving office impeachment trial is that if he couldn't be tried after leaving office a President could resign, to avoid impeachment trial, say between the time that the electoral college vote is certified on January 6 and the new President is inaugurated, he could commit any crime, including insurrection and not be convicted after the term expired, thereby remaining eligible to run again.

Post leaving office impeachment trials and convictions I understand have occurred for cabinet officers and judges I believe.

So in the case of Trump I think the better answer by far is yes impeachment can happen.

The more interesting question is what about impeachment and trial of a former president impeached (i.e. accused) after leaving office or dead--say we impeached James Buchanan today?

Ray Fowler

Hey, Just Mike

Thanks for some thoughtful commentary. The only thing we can say with certainty re: this month's House vote to send an article of impeachment to the Senate is that the debate re: a Senate trial is not over.

I am not an attorney, but attorney Paul DeMeester addressed the topic of whether an impeachment trial can proceed against someone who has left office. He says, "No."

His remarks in the DJ yesterday (in the guest perspective section) outline his reasons for saying a Senate impeachment trial cannot move forward. Mr. DeMeester focuses on the language in the Constitution that speaks to removal of a president who can still be removed. In other words, if you cannot be removed because you are no longer in office... no trial. Semantics, maybe, but the framers left out language concerning convening impeachment trials after someone left office. Some states had included such a provision in their state Constitutions, but that language was omitted from the federal Constitution which was later ratified by all states. According to Mr. DeMeester, the framers knew exactly what they were doing by leaving that language out. Mr. DeMeester goes on to say the punishment for a Senate impeachment conviction has to be removal from office, and you cannot remove someone from an office they have vacated. Hence, no trial for the former president.

I'm kinda thinking a trial will move forward next month, but I was hoping we could put more emphasis on COVID, the economy, immigration, etc. instead.

As an aside, talk about insurrection?! Maybe we should look at your suggestion to impeach James Buchanan. It's not so much what he did but rather what he didn't do. After Abraham Lincoln was elected, Buchanan let nearly four months go by and does virtually nothing while seven states left the union in rebellion. That bit of insurrection cost America nearly three quarters of a million lives.


THIS is really THE Donald Trump in this video, NOT Tophe Conway.


Ray Fowler

Hello, Just Mike

I'm not sure why you posted this link. I don't know Chris Conway. Was that him featured in the video? I'm guessing it is but I cannot figure how this video relates to an LTE re: a Matt Grocott column.

Christopher Conway

Ray, if you have not noticed by now, Mikey is completely obsessed about me and I think he has a crush to tell you the truth. Wherever you find me commenting, Mikey is sure to be lurking, it is what he does. He remains anonymous, obviously knows me well, and just hides from afar sending me little hints that he knows where me and my family live. Kind of creepy don't you think?

Ray Fowler

Just Mike, et al

I have reached my personal limit with sophomoric postings to this forum.

Chris or Patrick or both... does it really matter... tends IMO to be sardonic at times, but he owns his words. When I asked about the relevance of a video that appears to feature Chris, what was the response? Crickets.

I don't know what happened before the video started recording, but the aggressive conduct by several persons intended to intimidate a single individual was reprehensible. At the point where a mob becomes threatening, political affiliations are no longer important. Violence and the threat of violence are not funny... they're just wrong.

Why that incident was linked to the comments section in an attempt to further deride that single individual is baffling. I was expecting a response to the issues raised earlier re: impeachment. I guess I expected too much.

I'm out.



I totally understand the situation and your position. We have gone back and forth a number of times with no agreement on the subject but at least stayed on the subject for the most part. Yes, occasionally we have a sidebar and get off to another item (possibly beverages) but tend to stay the course with what we disagree on.

When you feel the need to comment I will see if it is something I can join in on and go from there.

BTW, chocolate chip cookies with pecans this afternoon. Is that good or bad?

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tafhdyd...

I'm done with laptop laggards who prefer snarkiness over substance. I'll leave them to their own devices...

Now, that does not include Wilfredo and yourself or anyone who cares to browse through the marketplace of ideas in the interest of learning about other points of view. I don't have all the answers but I'm always looking for them.

I guess this is my belated New Year's resolution.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mr. Fowler,

It's good to hear you no longer wish to bother with "laptop laggards".

Ray Fowler


I like alliteration...

laptop laggards

pernicious poltroons

bellicose braggarts

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Mr. Fowler,

I see your language skills and use of them as a reflection of personal excellence and respect for the audience. Kuddos, my friend, they are rare in these forums.

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