I’m responding to Joe Guttenbeil’s letter entitled “They’ve killed patriotism” in the July 6-7 edition of the Daily Journal.

In his letter, Mr. Guttenbeil claims that the media is unpatriotic and to quote Joe, “everything about being proud to be an American is under attack.” Rubbish. The media is doing its job of reporting the news. It’s not a propaganda outlet such as Breitbart or Fox News.

President Trump has used his war on the media to undermine the very fabric of our democracy, which is animated by some of the darkest forces in American political life, creating a corrosive atmosphere throughout the country. An example of this is the way President Trump emotionally whips up a crowd of supporters to taunt and threaten the media at his speech rallies, calling them the “enemy of the people.” President Trump wants favorable news coverage and when he doesn’t get it; he smears the media with the label “fake news.” As Thomas Jefferson put it: “Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press and that cannot be limited without being lost.” If Jefferson were alive today, Joe, you’d probably call him “unpatriotic” for supporting the press/media.

Arturo Gonzalez

San Bruno

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