There are a lot of comments recently about the money spent wastefully on the recall vote. Why has no one mentioned the close to $100 million wasted on trying to impeach Trump. That was the most ridiculous waste of money but the Democrats don’t care about that.

This new trillion-dollar-bill they want to pass is a joke. Take some time look it up and read it. I know it’s a little long for some of you small-minded Democrats but it’s full of wasted money on many things that have nothing to do with infrastructure of our country.

Just like Newsom, Biden is giving away money, my tax dollars, to buy votes. Don’t forget your vaccine and mask all you citizens but the people illegally being let in our country don’t have to do anything except get free stuff from the wonder twins.

This country is worse off right now more than anything Trump did. And it’s mind blowing that people think he’s doing a good job.

Neil Wild

San Bruno

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Terence Y

So true, Mr. Wild. Unfortunately, sheep only think and say what their Democrat overlords tell them to think and say. Critical thinking and education are not tools in their toolbox. Let’s see how many comments we get from the “orange man bad” crowd repeating their Democrat overlord fake news and lies, but failing to list and treasonous Biden accomplishments. BTW, I think “blunder twins” is a better descriptor for Biden and Newsom than “wonder twins.”


You nailed it. Thanks for your letter.


Thank you, Mr. Wild. Important, valid points!


Neil, if you think the country was better off for even a moment under Trump, then we are living in a parallel universe. Trump lied like most people breathed; kissed the behind of Putin and other despots while shunting our allies; wasted a trillion dollars on a tax cut for the rich; likely caused the deaths of thousands while ignoring and downplaying the pandemic; eschewed diplomacy such that we were an international joke; and committed treasonous acts on his way out. You mentioned lamentations over waste and costs while conveniently ignoring Trump added trillions to our debt over 4 years without funding one dime! A dolt with no experience could have done better than Trump did! It is an overwhelming relief we are released from the scourge of the worst president in our, or any other, lifetime. Despite your opinion, our country is definitely better off since his departure from the scene.

Dirk van Ulden

And Rel - please list a few reasons for your oblivious opinion that we are now better of? Just a few pretty please?

Ray Fowler

Wow... Dems are not living in a parallel universe, they are confined to a black hole so dense they cannot escape spaghettifiction.

On the bright side, the Democratic Party is a party. Party goers can have either tropical punch or cherry... the two most popular flavors of Kool-Aid. Oh, yeah!!


Thanks, Rel! So very true, but so very hard to grasp for the “other side”, either because they don’t get it, or because they aren’t honest enough to admit the truth. I read European papers from several countries and have yet to find a single, positive line about Trump. Among my vast circle of friends and family in several countries, not a single one sees any positive contribution from this habitual liar and lousy role model. He has made a laughingstock of himself, become an embarrassment for the country, and has dragged us down in the world opinion. My goodness, how can anyone be so blind that they don’t see it? On the other hand, they had nothing but contempt for President Obama, highly respected around the world, and clearly the best leader we have had in recent times, getting us out of the dump left by his Republican predecessor, - despite compact obstruction from Republicans!

Terence Y

Hey, do I see a Rel-mance brewing? It appears Jorg has found someone with the same Trump-phobia. Misery does love company. It’s amusing that Jorg and Rel continue to live in the past and are unable to list any treasonous Biden accomplishments. But what do you expect from folks who support coward-in-chief Biden and “if you like your plan, you can keep it” Obama-nable. BTW, Jorg, what exactly is “compact obstruction”? Two Republicans in a compact car, obstructing a roadway?

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