Have we ever got good news, news-wise, for you, Matt Grocott. In your July 20 column, you mentioned not listening to news programs on the radio any longer because of all the commercial breaks, and you will be pleased to know that every morning you have only to turn your FM radio dial to either KQED 88.5 or to KALW 91.7 at 7 a.m. to listen to two hours of National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” on weekdays or “Weekend Edition Saturday/Sunday” for unbiased journalistic news and other interesting tidbits of human interest, with only a few intermittent 30-second non-news promotions. Another advantage of radio news is that it frees up the eyes for other activities, e.g. making and eating breakfast and glancing over that day’s Daily Journal. (Oh, and Matt, if you are reading this, stay tuned, for after a five minute “news summary” on KALW from 9:01, listen to two minutes of “Bird Notes.” You’ll love it).

For comparable television news coverage in the evenings, you should try channel 9 for KQED’s BBC America World News at 5:30 p.m., followed by Public Broadcasting Service’s Evening News from 6 p.m. to 6:55 p.m., also essentially commercial-break free.

Arthur Collom


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Mr. Collom,

When I read your LTE I knew you would ruffle the feathers of the right wing commenters but I am surprised only three showed up. Maybe the others realized that the left was right and the right was wrong when it comes to facts and truth in the news.


"State Run Media. This past week the White House announced they formed an official partnership with Social Media giants under the guise: Misinformation limits our freedoms. Do you understand the double speak on that Orwellian statement? We must limit freedom of speech because what you could hear limits (our definition of) freedom!

The White House has walked back this partnership, but the fact that those controlling the progressive agenda have moved past, what appears to be, a coordinated effort with Social Media news outlets to a formal, public relationship.":


Is this letter a joke? Sometimes NPR and PBS eat up time adverting themselves and asking for money from "viewers like you." If you have that much extra money you must be a patronizing liberal, which is their fan base.

Terence Y

Mr. Collom, are you only referring to the audio version of left-wing biased NPR? Because the printed version of NPR just printed, and identified, a black woman with a different black woman’s picture. And then tried blaming it on AP (understandable since it’s AP, but still…). At least with the audio version, there are no pictures. One has to wonder whether audio NPR will begin (or already has been) paraphrasing what Biden says, instead of actually providing audio of Biden (there would be plenty of awkward pauses, ramblings, and other dementia-related speaking symptoms).

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