I see politicians saying free health care, free child care, etc ..., but not once do they ask “who will pay for all this free stuff?” If you are old like me you already know it’s taxpayer money, which will go right against the national debt. The debt is now approximately $22 trillion and just the health care adds $93 trillion which doesn’t include all the other free stuff. Have your elected officials verify who exactly ends up paying when they tell you “free.”

Michael J. Perkins

Redwood City

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No more "free" than the military, law enforcement, libraries, monetary system, basic education, infra structure and many other governmental services provided for the benefit of all, rather on an individual basis only for those who can afford it. So, what's different with medical care, which we now pay much more for, than countries that have socialized a service that we all need, sooner or later? Not free, of course, but paid for through the government, - and yes, taxes!

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