I read Matt Grocott’s excellent column “ Hello Facebook, or is it goodbye?” on the opinion page in the Daily Journal, Nov. 17. Thank you so much for being so articulate in expressing what so many citizens are feeling about censorship and control in social media outlets, as well as all other forms of news media.

I listened to the questioning of Facebook’s Zuckerberg and Twitter’s Dorsey in Washington, D.C., this week and could not believe that they actually claimed lack of knowledge in what goes on in their own companies. From my perspective, their being so disingenuous was very telling in what their opinion of free speech is. Your speaking out is so critical and I know I must do the same to try and preserve the United States as a land of free speech. First step for me is to remove myself from Facebook. I am investigating other platforms.

Judy Karlsen


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Tommy Tee

Throw in the towel yet, Terence? Haven't heard much from you lately about your tinfoil hat conspiracy theories. Brain dead Rudy and his sweating hair dye was a complete embarrassment for Trump. Trump's lame attempt to strong arm Michigan officials backfired, and lawsuits are getting thrown out by the second. Be a gracious loser.


For Mike, JustMike and Ray,

In that order, I agree, I agree and I think I have some Dalmore 12 left in the bottle to have this evening.


Hello Judy,

Save yourself some time and energy. If you have a phone, radio, TV and a newspaper you don't need to look for another platform. Skip the social media.

Mike Caggiano

Good morning early risers. I would second the thoughts that civility should rule. Now to the content. The larger number of flagged posts on the social media appear to weigh against conservatives is due to the fact that they far more than liberal types believe and post specious material such as posting that the covid is a fraud, human induced climate change doesn't exist, the election was rigged and Trump won. That should illucidate my point.

Now back to scotch wihiskey

Terence Y

So, Mr. Caggiano, after saying civility should rule, you break that rule. Bravo! BTW, human induced global warming does not exist, maybe climate change a la cloud seeding, the election was rigged, as more and more reports indicate, and it remains to be seen if your great President Trump has been re-elected. Most everyone knows Facebook has been censoring conservative content for the longest time, leading to the rise of alternative media which has become more relevant in countering fake news.



Once again you must be in a parallel world. Why do you say Mr. Caggiano is not civil when he is only presenting obvious facts. Your alternative media is the source of real "fake news" and anyone that checks your sources finds that truth and facts are as scarce as hens teeth.

Terence Y

Well, there you go. The TDS-twins, Taffy and Tommy could only hold back their usual uncivil behavior for less than two hours. I give them some credit - I would have expected less than an hour. Oh well, business as usual for me - turnabout is fair play.



Please explain what is uncivil about my comment. I said that Mr. Caggiano's comment was true and that your information was phony in my opinion. If I had said that you were a fool, a sucker and a loser for believing Trump and his lies, that would be uncivil but I didn't. As the saying goes, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. BTW, even some of the died in the wool Trump supporters are saying enough is enough of the foolish law suits he is bringing with no facts to back them up.

Dirk van Ulden

Mike - do you consume whisky or whiskey? The latter is an American or Canadian brew. Let's not subject Covid, climate change and the election to the same criteria. Covid is not a fraud but the effects are exaggerated by the media. Climate change is a natural phenomenon that you and I cannot control. The election is another topic and even you must concede that there were reported irregularities that require attention.

Tommy Tee

You speak the truth, Mike. Especially about the conspiracy theorists who believe Covid, Climate Change, and the elections results are all not real.

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Mike

Civility... agree. Conservatives flagged more than liberals... agree. However, the point we should grapple over is... why are conservatives blocked and censored but liberals are not treated the same?

Without a doubt, left leaning folks dominate the media. One of the outcomes of that dominance is a steady stream of articles supporting a leftist agenda and the denigration of those who oppose that agenda. Then, there's just plain censorship by the liberal operators of social media. And I think you'd agree that liberals don't get the same treatment.

If Donald Trump posts that the Space Force found thousands of Republican-friendly uncounted ballots on the surface of Mars... so what? If you find that posting too incredible, don't read it... skip over it. You decide what you want to read. That decision should not be left to tech types who claim to be unfamiliar with specific features of their platforms. There are plenty of liberals who post things that I disagree with... but I would not want to see them flagged or censored.

We cannot have the "free trade in ideas" described by Justice Holmes over 100 years ago when one side of the political aisle is flagged and censored by the other side. The media... including social media... have a responsibility to fairly allow the expression of ideas. They are failing in that responsibility.

Ray Fowler

Hi, Judy

The content of your LTE re: censorship is cogent, complete and compelling. Congrats.


Ray, I would agree, Judy did a great job. I also applaud your civility during various back and forths among contributors.

It would be nice for all who reply to make moderator Jon May's life easier by commenting without using derogatory phrases or adjectives that demean the writers.

One’s individual opinion should stand alone on merit, without resorting to other tactics which violate 'House rules' listed here.

Ray Fowler


Thank you for the compliment... what a great way to start a Saturday.

A very positive byproduct of striving to be civil, for me, is a sort of pen pal relationship that has developed with some of the other contributors. Whether I agree or disagree with someone should not stop me from "tipping a horn" with them (when my doctors say it's OK to do so).

Yes, Jon does a great job. I'm certain that he goes back and reads the comments. If we can make his job easier... we should.

Terence Y

Jon, and other moderators (if there are any), does not have a history of censorship and will allow your comment to be published, warts and all, subject to certain limitations. If you happen to cross over the line, Jon will graciously let you know what the infraction was. IMO, it’s up to writers to police themselves and if they are uncivil, that’s their prerogative, as it beats the alternative, censorship. Do we really think someone would always be able to determine what content is derogatory or demeaning or even relevant? If so, I’d like to apply for the job. I’d probably do it for free. Imagine wielding the power of Facebook or Twitter or other media sources in censoring content.

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