So, let me make sure I’ve got this straight. Nike pulls sneakers featuring the Betsy Ross American flag due to pressure from a mediocre ex-quarterback/activist because they both felt it was insensitive to their perceived connection to the slavery issue.

Nike has plans to build a facility in Goodyear, Arizona, but Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey says they are pulling $183 million in funds to protest Nike’s actions. Next up, our illustrious Gov. Newsom says that California would welcome the new facility to be built in California. Why not? California is No. 1 in state income taxes, No. 1 in the highest number of homeless, No. 2 in gas taxes but No. 1 in highest gas prices and finally, stratospheric housing prices and shortages.

California would likely help to underwrite the project with a bonus of reminding us once again of a very bad time in American history that occurred 158 years ago. Nike could beg forgiveness from Mr. Kaepernick and pander to their base to keep profits up. Sounds like a perfect partnership to me.

Gilbert Amoroso

Redwood City

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