If you look at all the candidates running for president in 2020 and need some helpful information, please look at what many of them are going to do if elected. Forgive student loans: approximately $1.6 trillion. Green New Deal: approximately $93 trillion. Health care for all, including illegals: $? It’s more than the Green New Deal and they can’t even estimate how much. Universal Child Care: Again, no estimate but you can be sure it’s in the trillions. Reparations for Slavery: Another “no estimate,” but (believe it or not) there is not one living person who was a slave and also not one living slave owner. Who should get the money? All the dead people? And speaking of reparations, there are millions of veterans who fought, and many died. What about their reparations?

If you listen to the politicians tell you what they want to do, you will be able to see who not to vote for unless you want the national debt to go to $200 trillion. Yes, that’s trillion, and don’t forget who has to pay that debt.

Michael J. Perkins

Redwood City

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