In response to Ed Kahl’s letter to the editor (“Irrelevance of opponent involvement” in the Nov. 23 edition of the San Mateo Daily Journal) that Trump’s election opponents just happen to be part of an investigation he was involved in doesn’t hold water even if you’re a Trump supporter.

After listening to all of the witnesses testifying in the ongoing impeachment trial, it’s hard to understand how anyone could think that President Trump wasn’t going after Biden for his own benefit. If he was so worried about Biden, why did it take three years to investigate him and why did he keep all his people from testifying at the impeachment?

If what he was doing was for the national interest, why not go with his administration to the impeachment trial and explain to the people of United States what they were doing instead of commanding them not to testify? I’m an independent, but I will admit I do not like Trump, but I was open to hear what he had to say — the fact that he decided not to say it only proves to me once again he’s lying. Everyone who testified in the impeachment hearings were credible and believable individuals who had nothing to benefit from by testifying, so when our president decided to be silent, his voice once again came out loud and clear to the American public.

Robert A. Nice

Redwood City

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Christopher Conway

sorry Robert, the Democrats have been going after this president since he became president in early 2017. At this point, it is war. When you are being constantly attacked it is the old Republican Party that used to run and hide. Then new Republican Party takes on the media, liberal Democrats and never Trumpers and fight back. Robert, we are in the middle of a fight, it is time to choose sides.


Trumps not a President, he's an embarrassing New York businessman.

Christopher Conway

OK, I will play along. Who then is the 45th president?


Not even much of a "businessman", considering all his bankruptcies and inability to pick competent people. What would he have been without his dad's money?

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