The best part of reading the Daily Journal is when Matt Grocott has a column. Why? Because I so enjoy reading how he takes one or two actual facts, then twists them around in that conservative brain of his and ends up with a column. His last one was priceless. He blamed Gov. Newsom for all of California’s water problems. Really? Did he cause the drought? And hasn’t California had water problems since, oh, the last 50 years or so? Then he declares that the Biden administration is to blame for California’s high gas prices. I don't know where in California Matt lives, but here on the MidPeninsula, I've been buying gas for $3.49 to $3.59. He says he’s paying $4.19 a gallon? Perhaps he should shop around a bit — all of the stations near me are below $4.

Everyone in California with a brain knows that we pay a lot of gasoline taxes — and whenever the oil refineries change over to their summer fuel, prices increase at the pump.

But not Matt. He says it’s because the Biden administration has stopped the Keystone Pipeline and mining for oil on federal lands — two of Trump’s favorite plans.

So, Matt: Keep on writing — we can all use more laughter in our lives.

Joanne Engelhardt

Redwood City

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Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Lotsa laughs. Trump is a Russian tool. Trump is a racist. Both Trump impeachments. Trump caused deaths in the so called insurrection. And best of all, the folks that continue to believe what they read, hear and see in the mainstream media. Shall I bring up all the disproven stories of racism and police brutality against people of color?

Ray Fowler

Hey, Wilfredo

Is this comment a response to another posting? Did I miss something?

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Hi Ray,

You missed nothing my friend. However badly, I'm making a point about liars and the ignorance of the people that believe them. They seek not the truth, but whatever fits their bias. As I am fond of saying and Americans used to have ingrained, the truth is the truth; it's undeniable and inevitable. It was reported today that the remaining unexplained death during the despicable riot of January 6th was a result of two strokes. Not by fire hydrant or gas as reported by the MSM. The only person killed that day was an unarmed white woman. Shot by a coward without provocation.


If you really want a laugh how about the voters passing Prop 1 to add to our water - sorta like Lucy holding the ball for Charlie Brow to kick. Same for the HSR, etc. When will California voters learn.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Then there is Joanne. Thanks for the laughs you continue to provide me.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Is this factual enough for you, Joanne?


Ray Fowler


Gasoline… when it comes to gasoline supply and demand in California, you've gotta insert taxes into the equation, and the Demolition Party seems to have an endless supply of taxes even though there is not much demand for those taxes. We don’t have to suffer under the highest gasoline taxes in the nation (sometimes Hawaii sneaks ahead of the Golden State)… except building a green economy is expensive and taxes fuel the progressive agenda. Water storage… how much water storage has been developed in California during the last 10 years of the Democrats’ regime? Water is more precious than gold, and our governor should be actively working to preserve that life giving resource.

With a supermajority in Sacramento that even the CCP would envy, our state legislature doesn’t have to listen to anyone. Is it any surprise that more than 2 million Californians signed a petition that supports recalling the governor?

Dirk van Ulden

Perhaps Joanne needs to take reading lessons. Her cheap shot article portrays exactly the twists and turns that she accuses Matt of. Matt mentioned that Newsom has not done anything and has no plans to deal with our water shortage. That is very different from blaming him for the shortage. And where does Joanne buy her gasoline? The cheapest I have seen is on Third Street in San Mateo and is close to $4 per gallon. Joanne seems to ignore the fact that once the pipeline construction was cancelled, the oil futures market responded by increasing the prices we pay. Perhaps another lesson for Joanne is to acquaint herself with the commodity markets. No Joanne, our politicians' (in)actions are no laughing matter unless you are masochistic.

Terence Y

Dirk and Ray, my original thought was that Ms. Engelhardt was penning a satire, but as I kept reading, I realized she was being serious. Maybe Ms. Engelhardt does not have a subscription to the DJ and as such, is unable to read comments in response to Mr. Grocott’s column. Perhaps a friend of colleague of Ms. Engelhardt has a subscription and can apprise Ms. Engelhardt of comments in response to Ms. Engelhardt’s hypocrisy. Based on recent letters, is this a case of a lack of critical thinking, or just a lack of reading comprehension? Maybe it’s a case of somebody itching for a fight, but not being able to rebut the truth, instead decides to take some editorial freedom and create a new truth (expanding a two year reflection into all water problems for the last 50 years, for example), however specious. Now maybe that is where the laughter in our lives comes in, however ironic.

Ray Fowler


To be fair... I'm guessing Joanne and most other LTE contributors don't delve into the comments section because they do not have a subscription.

Tommy Tee

Great letter, Joanne. I couldn't agree with you more!

Ray Fowler

Hello, Tommy

What exactly is so "great" about Joanne's letter. She claims Matt's column last week twists facts but she offers very little... except where she can find cheap gas and a vague reference to the history of droughts in California... in refutation.

She dismisses the cost of gasoline by saying that everyone knows we pay high gasoline taxes in California as if that's the way it's supposed to be... well, it's not. She may be OK with tax gouging at the pump but most Californians (from both sides of the aisle) don't like it. My reading of Matt's column is that he believes the Biden administration has made gas pricing in California worse. If Joanne says that's wrong then what does she point to in support of her argument? Oh, yeah... I forgot... she can find cheap gas in her Emerald Hills neighborhood.

With apologies to ol' Sam Coleridge... "Water, water, everywhere... " until there's not. It didn't look like Matt blamed the governor for the drought, but he does lay blame on the governor's doorstep for not storing water, and that makes the situation worse. N'est-ce pas? Matt and others refer to this loss of water as an artificial drought created by Sacramento. Dress it up any way you want, but the reality is that Sacramento... Gavin and Jerry before him... have not preserved water resources. And if it will cost more to grow food, Californians... including Joanne... will see food prices rise.

Again... what is "great" about Joanne's letter?


What is great about Joanne's letter? Well, she speaks the truth for one. Matt's columns are usually so warped from the truth, he is laughable. Many of his columns are not well written, nor provide intellectual depth. As an old saying goes, he is entitled to his opinions, not his facts.

Ray Fowler


While the LTE decries what the writer describes as twisted facts... the writer offers no facts of her own. Would you care to respond? Of course not... when asked to provide salient facts and reason... abracadabra... poof!... you disappear.

What is not factual about California's high gas prices and the increasing taxes that continue to drive those prices up? What is not factual about Democratic Party governors not sufficiently addressing the water storage problem for the past decade? Hmmm... the LTE's answer? Well, everyone knows gas prices are high, and we've had a drought for a long, long time.

Hey... wait a minute. You asked me to comment on Biden's four pinocchios, Biden's border crisis, and Biden's corruptly not following the science with respect to reopening schools. I did. Go check my 8:17 pm posting in the comments section under Craig Wiesner's "Overwhelmed?" LTE on April 16. Your rebuttal? Poof!

Here's the good news for you. While Republicans, some Democrats, some in the press and especially the people on the ground were correctly calling the situation at the border a crisis... the Biden administration refused to do so. That is, until this past weekend. It's now official... even Joe says it's a crisis. A crisis created by his administration. That's OK... Quean Kamala will take care of everything... some day.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


T.T. makes me smile. Metaphorically speaking, when provoked he reminds me of the French Bull dog my youngest daughter owns. Lots of barking with insufficient stature to back it up. Docile, he is like the Red Fox Labrador she owns. Sweet, loving and fun. But lacking the wherewithal to find her way home. You gotta love him, unconditionally. [wink]


Ray, to your accusation in your 2:44 p.m. letter here about a prior reply to Biden's 4

Pinocchio's, I did reply in depth. Check the responses again.

As to Joanne's letter, I did not assess her facts other than agree with her assessment of Matt who is laughable.

Ray Fowler

Rel... jump back from your parallel universe and into this world, please. Then, review the comments under Craig's April 16 letter and the chronology of our exchange re: the four pinocchios awarded by WAPO (a liberal publication owned by Jeff Bezos)...

10:56 You characterized the previous administration as a drama of daily lies, ineptness and corruption.

11:22 I inquired about the Biden's administration's daily lies, ineptness and corruption.

12:02 You ask for examples re: the Biden administration.

12:37 I discussed the WAPO's four pinocchios awarded to Biden for his false statements made about the new Georgia voting law.

4:42 You claimed the four pinocchios were actually awarded for statements made by a CDC doctor and corrected by the Biden administration. Skrrrrip! (stylus on vinyl) What?!

8:17 I provided a detailed description of the WAPO's four pinocchios (again) plus a description of the ineptness and corruption mentioned earlier in the day.

Your response? Poof!

Yes, you did reply re: the four pinocchios but your false answer was itself worthy of four pinocchios, and when advised a second time, you poof away. Let's settle this: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/03/30/biden-falsely-claims-new-georgia-law-ends-voting-hours-early/

Thanks for acknowledging that you did not assess the content of Joanne's letter before queuing up for cheap gas and agreeing with what she wrote.

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