Newcomers to San Bruno and Pacifica are always shocked to see roadside booths selling fireworks and anyone who YouTube’s “Pacifica Fireworks” will see this happening 20 miles north of where a thousand homes burned to the ground last year.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated unequivocally that “every type of legally available consumer use (“safe and sane”) firework has been associated with serious injury or death”; and a third of fireworks eye injuries result in permanent blindness. So why are two San Mateo County cities still taking on this liability through TNT Fireworks?

Open Secrets details top TNT Fireworks donations of $84,500 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, as well as additional thousands for the critical Georgia elections of Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue of Georgia. Bernie Sanders, winner of the 2020 Presidential Primary in San Mateo County got $27.

Gov. Newsom’s 2020 moratorium protecting homeowners from having fire insurance dropped expires this summer, leaving San Bruno and Pacifica homeowners likely to suffer the same fate as those in other more rural high risk fire areas ... not a single insurer willing to underwrite fire insurance policies.

The next time someone asks you to “buy fireworks for the kids,” know that you’re doing it for the Republican Party, and if you’re still so inclined, write them a check instead.

Dan Stegink


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Ray Fowler

Hello, Dan

In years passed, my wife and I have enjoyed watching fireworks sponsored by Foster City and Redwood City. But the amateurs with their safe and sane... and sometimes illegal... fireworks can be dangerous. It is more than annoying to hear fireworks being set off around 10 pm during the week before and after July 4. It's pretty arrogant on the part the those amateurs... why do they suppose everyone else wants to hear explosions late at night? BTW... cherry bombs and M-80s are explosive devices and banned by federal law.

Terence makes a fair point about your LTE when he brings the CTA and that union's paying off politicians with campaign contributions. That is a much more serious problem... teachers unions used their campaign contributions to delay the reopening of schools.

So, in your opinion, what has been the ill effect of some fireworks manufacturers donating $84,500 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee... other than their support of electing Republicans to the Senate? I don't know of any bills presented in the Senate to make cherry bombs and M-80s legal.

To be fair... there is a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. I wonder who sends them contributions?

Terence Y

Mr. Stegink, let me get this straight… You’re bellyaching about fireworks, usually set off during the 4th of July, and how money from fireworks allegedly goes to Republicans, yet you completely ignore how public sector and teachers unions completely own Democrats in California? Oh, these are contributions and don’t cause fires? I hate to tell you this, but Democratic mismanagement of fire policies are resulting in the excessive burning of California. Now to be fair, we also have this bipartisan thing called cigarettes, and their close relative, cigars, which are also more than capable of starting fires. Worse, these habits occur year-round and not just a few days per year. Folks, stop smoking, stay safe and sane and buy lots of fireworks for the kids, and for yourself, to remind you of when you were a kid. Republicans and Bernie Sanders will thank you.



I am really disappointed in you today. How could you be so far off base first thing in the morning. The Democrats have nothing to do with the forest fires. Everyone knows that they are started by the Jews controlling satellite lasers from space! Furthermore, a lot of the area burned the past four years is federal land so it is Trump's fault!

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