I stand and applaud you Scott. There are two kinds of people in this world. The sheep believe everything the government tells them and obeys. Those of us that are wolves know better and question everything. Thank you Mr. Abramson for a well written letter. The sheep should listen.

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Yes, indeed! The sheep still listen to fake Fox! Slow learners, or what?

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - Fox must be really getting under your skin. So, admit it, you are a faithful Fox watcher. At least, there is dissonance in the reporter ranks at Fox which you will never experience with MSNBC where the wackoes still rule the roost and stoically keep on reporting news that has already been debunked.


The election was baaaad, baaaad, baaaad, said all the sheep. The sheep still believe this despite all evidence to the contrary. But, the truth will be out.

Terence Y

Rel – speaking of the truth will be out, did you ever take a look at our great President Trump’s Jan. 6 tweets to “remain peaceful” or “Stay peaceful!” to his 80+ million followers, debunking your, and others, so-called “insurrection” narrative? Appears some sheep will still not believe when the truth is out there…

Mike O.


Do you guys make this stuff as you go, or what? There is no evidence to the contrary. Who taught you to lie so much? I guess ignorance is bliss, in never never land. Good luck with that.

Terence Y

Thanks for your letter, Mr. Wild. Let’s not forget about the folks who believe everything the lamestream news tells them to believe, as in the Russian Collusion Delusion. You would think they would know better by now and begin questioning everything, but some are destined to remain sheep.

Mike O.

It's always so sad to see people so ignorant, and so ardent truth and facts deniers. It's people like Neil Wild, who are the reason we still covid around. Since none of you guys are scientists or doctors, you guys are totally un-educated about covid, and instead of being part of the solution (like to majority of people), you guys continue to be part of the problem.

Terence Y

Yawn, another day, another instance of Mike O. accusing others of his shortcomings… Hey Mike O., there’s plenty of evidence your so-called COVID “vaccine” doesn’t vaccinate. Perhaps since you’re not a scientist or a doctor, you’re totally un-educated about breakthrough infections, and instead of being part of the solution, you continue to be part of the problem in not acknowledging the truth.


Mike: How can people so easily fooled, even make it through daily life?

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