How many are enough?

We just received a notice from San Mateo Public Works about the proposed elimination of 170 parking spaces along Humboldt Street from Peninsula Avenue to Fifth Avenue to accommodate bike lanes.

Why must the minority neighborhood of North Central San Mateo suffer for commuter-bike traffic, especially when the city just installed two-way bike lanes on the nearby parallel street San Mateo Drive?

This elimination of on-street parking will result in more concreting of front yards for parking, increasing storm water runoff to the Bay, as well as create overflow parking on our already-crowded adjacent residential streets.

Our small lots have already accommodated many additional living units, without sufficient onsite parking. More units are mandated by recent state law changes.

I immediately messaged our North Central neighborhood City Councilmember Amourence Lee and asked: Are you supporting this?

Sign up to comment at the Oct. 4, 2021, San Mateo City Council meeting, when the council will decide whether to award the contract for the construction of these bike lanes on Humboldt Street (and the elimination of several blocks of parking spaces there). Write the mayor and City Council.

The road diet the city instituted eliminating two traffic lanes on San Mateo Drive to accommodate bike lanes there was just completed.

Shouldn’t the city study whether that is sufficient bike lane capacity from these new street changes before creating more disruption on nearby parallel streets?

How much is enough?

Doug Handerson

San Mateo

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Doug North Central

Interestingly, City of San Mateo started the process a couple of years ago to implement, on a street by street basis in the North Central neighborhood, a street parking permit per residence - based on the number of registered drivers in each unit. However, the City hasn't even been towing vehicles on our streets that are clearly abandoned, never move when required for street cleaning, have expired tags of more than two years out of date (so tickets are worthless). The City pays a private company whose enforcement employee says "I know" but does nothing and refers complaints to City staff, without any specific person or department's name for neighbors to contact.


Always difficult in transiting from an old way to the new way of life

Most of San Mateo...the Peninsula...the county...the state...the country was architected in the 20th Century.

Mainly cast in our ordinances and are LOS based...'Level Of Service' for automotive...and in the early decades of the 21st Century...casting in concrete for the young folks future

The lifestyle is different for the young (both chronologically and of mind), which has a higher value of pedestrian/bicycle/public transit orientation...along with automotive

Not easy to unwind a century of design that is cast in concrete and not just here in San Mateo, but the whole SF BayArea. Where automotive is everything. From commuting from volumes of affordable housing in bedroom communities way over there on the East Bay to where the jobs are...here on the West Bay...Peninsula

Almost a chicken or egg situation...if there were more bicycle lanes, would there be more bicycling to work?

Yes, but there is more to that and that is parking (for now until fully transitioned away from an LOS design). That means parking structures to house in autos in volume. Both for those who commute from over there ot here and for those who live locally

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