As everyone is disgusted at the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, and the many mass shooting we have experienced just this year alone, according to Gun Violence Archive there have been over 200 mass shootings. Four or more victims constitutes a mass shooting.

As expected, our Democratic leaders and TV personalities have laid blame on the Republicans. I have a few questions for them, the people that believe, like them, and our Congressmembers, such as Jackie Speier, Anne Eshoo and Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats have controlled the House and the Senate, and the presidency for the last two years. Why didn’t they put a ban on assault rifles then? They have the filibuster.

As soon as Roe v. Wade was leaked, the Democrats put it to a vote. Sen. Manchin voted against it and the filibuster couldn’t work. So in the last two years why haven’t the Democrats tried the filibuster for gun control. Also during President Obama’s time the Democrats had the House and Senate for two years, again they did nothing about gun control. During the last two years of President Trump they had the House and Senate and again nothing but talk and no action, Why, why, why? One could only surmise.

How many of them have assault rifles or handguns. How many receive money from the gun lobby. Democrats talked a big game blaming the Republicans and have done nothing even though they could have. Why? These mass shootings are at their doorstep. Vote them out.

Charles Bonnici


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Thomas Morgan

I would not expect the government to make any changes, but I think businesses and investors could. It would be something if Schwab, Fidelity and Vanguard would all prohibit the purchase of "gun" stocks on their trading platforms. Hopefully this would drive the stock prices down and our friend Elon could bail on the Twitter purchase and buy a couple of gun makers and shut those companies down/ or stop producing the military grade guns that are sold to the public.


Ed - please don't pass any of the blame on the schools and teachers.


Gun control hasn't and won't stop mentally de-range people from killing others. Criminals and people who want a gun will get one our use a knife, bomb, etc. Mental illness among adolescents got worse with mostly unnecessary school lock downs. Parents and teachers should be better trained to recognize the warning signs so symptoms can be treated before they get worse.


Ed: Why are more or less automatic guns, designed to spit out as many bullets as quickly as possible, even available for individuals? What’s the purpose? Such weapons are not for target shooting or hunting, and not necessary to protect your home from the inside. Why should they be available at all? What’s the justification? We have seen the downside and what they have been used for by now, haven’t we? Just because NRA promotes such killer weapons, and politicians prostitute themselves to support such evil business? How can you defend it?

And, I have already explained for you the difference between knives and guns.


Republicans have blocked, are blocking (right this very minute) and will block any attempt to ban weapons like the AR-15, increased background checks, waiting periods, increasing the age at which someone can buy certain weapons, limitations on how many bullets someone can buy in a day, red flag laws, on and on and on and on of things that Democrats have tried to get passed. So here's my advice to the letter writer, help us get 62 Democrats in the Senate and let's get lots of great legislation through!


Gee, the author’s timing is really terrible: the GOP blocked consideration of better gun violence control because it was “premature” and might target White supremacists as terrorists, whom I guess they see as allies. Oh well, at least the GOP is being revealed as the thugs they are.

Terence Y

Gee, Mark and Craig, Chuck Schumer blocked a school safety bill that Republicans and the families of the Parkland School Shooting have been trying to pass. As Mr. Bonnici says, “Democrats talked a big game blaming the Republicans and have done nothing even though they could have.” Oh well, at least Democrats are being revealed as the hypocrites they are. Here’s my advice to everyone, help us get veto-proof majorities of Republicans in both houses so we can get lots of great legislation through.

Terence Y

Mr. Bonnici – when you say “Democrats talked a big game blaming the Republicans and have done nothing even though they could have. Why?” Perhaps you’ve hit upon the why. Just read today’s “Emotions and heartbreak” article for a knee-jerk soundbite from Canepa.


Lol! A completely ridiculous argument. Which could, BTW, be leveled against the Grand QAnon Party when it controlled the entire government for the first part of Trump’s administration.

Holding the tie-breaking vote in the Senate is not control. Which is why Manchin and Sinema can get away with all the nonsense they’ve been pulling. Plus, doing anything today is immensely more complicated because of the uber-conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Who, if anything, are likely to further weaken our ability to address the horror of gun violence.

Time for GOPpers to stop blaming others about not solving the problem, get off their butts, and do something to protect the nation they’re sworn to serve.

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