These days I tend to roll my eyes in disgust when I hear the phrase “breaking news” on the television. Oftentimes the story is sensational news, another shooting, etc. While any shooting is a sad situation, it is not the kind of news we need to hear as much of.

Recently, I had had enough “breaking news” about a murder, so much so that I immediately switched channels to listen to what I considered to be a much more positive story about the city of Fremont. The story was quite a learning experience.

Lately, we have cut the evening news short to watch the ever-popular “Hallmark channel,” where there is always a happy ending; it’s either that or Jeopardy, so I guess I’m showing my age here.

Our country lacks leadership and integrity not only in the evening news but in politics as well, starting at the top. This is cause for great concern.

We yearn for a news broadcaster such as Walter Cronkite. From 1962 to 1981, he anchored the CBS evening news with such integrity and commitment to fair reporting that he was considered the most trusted man in America. He seemed like a father figure.

Now, we have another type of hero coming to the movies named Mr. Rogers. It sounds like Tom Hanks plays the part well, most likely because he, too, is a good man. Perhaps the new movie, “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” about the life of Mr. Rogers, will refresh our memories as to what kindness and good manners are all about.

David Thom

San Carlos

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Christopher Conway

We also used to be able to walk down the street and publicly support our president without someone trying to physically assault you.

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