Here’s what’s wrong with this country right now. No one can talk about anything without interjecting politics into it. Dan Stegink’s June 29 letter “Local fireworks fund national Republicans” is an example of that.

I worked fireworks booths in San Bruno for years. It was the best fundraiser we had. Every single dime we made went to the kids. We were able to buy all kinds of sports equipment for both boys and girls sports — stuff the district couldn’t afford.

How pathetic is Dan Stegink that he has to show his hatred for the Republican Party by making a fundraising event political. Let me guess Dan, you think Joe is doing a great job. Society has lost its mind.

Neil Wild

San Bruno

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Terence Y

Mr. Wild, great letter, although you’ll probably trigger a few more lefties and a few more political rants… Not only does Mr. Stegink bellyache about Republicans, but Mr. Stegink conveniently forgets all the Democrat idiocy in regards to local, state, and federal governance. After all, I’m sure the $31 billion lost to criminals via the EDD debacle could have been put to good use in managing fires. Or better yet, giving direct monies to all charities fundraising via fireworks booths.


Mr. Wild - Good points! Thanks!


Neil, the ends do not justify the means. You could likely raise a lot of money for a good cause by selling cocaine but it would not be right. Last anyone checked, we have a long standing drought making nearly everywhere a tinderbox for fire. Fireworks for sale in normal years would make sense, but due to the drought and climate change, firework sales do not make sense now.

Here is what is really wrong with the country right now. The Republican Party, or what remains of it, has lost its mind. See January 6th insurrection; the R's not wanting to investigate the insurrection by bi-partisan means; undercutting infrastructure bills; and adopting voter laws restricting people from voting. And yes, Biden is doing a good job, but he could be doing a great job if the R's would do their legislative work.

Tommy Tee

Spot on, Rel.

Dirk van Ulden

Dear Rel - can you please name one item or issue that Biden has successfully accomplished? We are paying one dollar more for our gas, the border has been eliminated, the crime rate has surged, employers are crying for their employees to return, and the vaccination rate has flattened. The military, which is headed by a retired general who was sacked by Trump for his incompetence, is now focused on perceived internal extremism instead of preparing for our national security. The AG insists on telling us that white supremacy is our major internal security problem. These guys are not up to job and are a joke in the eyes of the whole world. The CCP is having a field day. Tell me please, what has Biden done to improve your

and my lives for the past 6 months? Oh, I forgot, he is 100% woke, that's it!



I won't bother to refute everything in your comment because you wouldn't believe me anyway. I will offer a couple of items for your info.

Vaccination rates are flat because reasonable people have been vaccinated and the majority of those that haven't, which are the ones causing the delay, are the right wing conspiracy wackos, the conservatives, the Republicans and those that believe the right wing lies. As for sacking the general for incompetence, Trump wouldn't know incompetence if it bit him on his fat rear end. Do you prefer crooks and conmen like Michael Flynn? In charge of national security while in bed with foreign governments. Just look at Trump's administration. Half of the incompetent ones left because they didn't want to embarrass themselves more than they had, the competent ones left or were fired because they had some amount of ethics and respect for the country and the floor sweepings that were left made up the administration.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tafhdyd

Rel wrote, "Biden is doing a good job, but he could be doing a great job if the R's would do their legislative work." Both Terence and Dirk have asked for someone on the left side of the aisle to name a Biden accomplishment... we're still waiting. And unless Rel forgot, Democrats control the House (barely), and with Kama-ha-ha-la sitting in the Senate's tie breaker's seat, I'm not sure what legislative work Rel expects Republicans to do. I can see now why our legislature in Sacramento is so ineffective... they're looking to DC Dems for inspiration.

But that's not why I threw my .02 cents into the comments...

Yes, I find a lot of what Democrats (and sometimes Republicans) do to be disconcerting at times, and I express that perspective in these pages. But I'm more than a little frustrated today... I am angry.

Chicago. I can hear eyeballs clicking in the back of lefties' heads now as I often mention Chicago's violence in the comments section, but what's happened this week goes beyond the pale. It should make Dems angry but it's not. The ABC affiliate in Chicago reported 100 people shot in Chicago over the holiday weekend and 18 of those died. Yet, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is on record saying crime is declining in Chicago. Open a window, lady! Let the stench of progressive talking points out of the room.

Mayor Lightfoot had plenty to say about Jussie Smolett. Not as much about the 2000+ shot in Chicago that has left 350+ people dead since January 1 of this year... about 83% of those killed are African Americans.

Recent Chicago fatalities include... Chrys Carvajal, a 19 year old who just finished National Guard training. He wanted to be a police officer. Chrys was shot while walking to his car. How about Max Lewis, a 20 year old college student struck by a bullet while he was riding on a train? Max was paralyzed from the neck down. On Sunday, he could only communicate by blinking his eyes, and he blinked for his doctors to "Pull the plug, please." They did.

You have heard me say I am no fan of Joe Biden, but my criticism of his presidency is focused on policy not his personality. He flew to Chicago and spoke yesterday. He talked about free college and climate change. Not a word,,, not one,,, about what's going on in Chicago. I guess gun violence was not listed on cue cards.

Is this the type of "accomplishment" the left side of the aisle finds acceptable?

The Donald had plenty of issues... he still does. His personality drives most Dems to distraction. No argument from me on that one. But when alleged experts made comments about what they believed to be reasons to question Donald's mental acuity, he agreed to be tested. Now, the Donald's personality traits that irk Democrats were and continue to be on full display, he was not mentally impaired.

Are Dems willing to encourage Joe to do the same? Set aside any likes or dislikes of Joe's personality, but examine his mental capabilities in the same way the Donald was evaluated. When a president travels half way across the country to give a speech in the shadows of the skyline of our third largest city, then talks about free college and climate change without mentioning the carnage in that city... something is wrong.

Terence Y

Dirk, as expected, Taffy can’t answer your questions. Instead of listing a single bumbling Biden accomplishment, Taffy, for the thousandth time, goes off on another TDS rant. In fact Dirk, you've already done a better job than Taffy, and even our old pal Jorg, in listing a Biden accomplishment (although dubious) - Biden being 100% woke. Let’s keep those lefties on the run. BTW, I wouldn’t expect any answers from Rel.

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