I sincerely hope that if I ever get in trouble and have to go to court that my jury is made up of all Republicans. They will tell me ahead of time before any evidence is presented how they are going to vote. They won’t listen to evidence on either side, so I won’t need a lawyer. Keeping them in their seats or keeping them from reading during the trial is a waste of time because they aren’t there to do their duty as juries, they are there to get elected next term. America is in serious trouble.

Robert A. Nice

Redwood City

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Tommy Tee


I said they CAN discriminate. Unlike public schools, they do not have to take behavior problems, low performing students, or those with disabilities. Nor are they required to provide services of any kind. This is not to say some private schools don't.

This is because they are private. That's a fact, which is an important part of the discussion when comparing public and private. Cheers.

Ray Fowler


True enough... you said private schools "can" discriminate, but my question goes to whether you could show that private schools had discriminated. OK... according to you... they can. My question... well, have they? Can you find one example of a private school saying they were going to ignore the guarantees of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Just one...

You wrote private schools are not required "to provide services of any kind." Check California's Unruh Act. All schools in California... public and private... are required to be ADA compliant. Why? It's a civil rights issue.

You are correct that some private schools provide services to support students with learning challenges. While they do not have to conform to state requirements like convening IEPs to identify goals and plans for students to succeed in academics that specifically challenge those students, many private schools assign personnel to track progress for students with a learning challenge. Some, but not all, of the strategies those schools may employ include: assignment of note takers, organizing after school study sessions, syllabus adjustments, and extra time for tests. Kids with challenges are not just cast adrift...

The elephant in the room? Parents with resources will enroll their son or daughter in a private school knowing that the kid needs help. The private school will often craft an academic plan for that student. But why wouldn't you send your son or daughter to a public school with staff and resources dedicated to helping students with learning disabilities? Simple. The parents want to avoid the stigma they believe is attached to students with special needs. It happens... it happens a lot.

Dirk van Ulden

Robert, as someone who has served on various juries, including the Grand Jury and as a Jury Foreman, let me assure you that even you will get a fair shake. The problem with the last so-called trial was that Trump was accused of running the equivalent of a Green Light. There was no crime and the jurors had no choice under the Constitution to sit there and go along with this farce. I would have been bored out of my mind as well and insulted by the idiocy of the Democratic fakers.


So, Dirk, why did 57 of the jurors Trump him guilty, and only 43 "not", - some not even there most of the time?

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - if you have not learned anything for the last years, this was a calculation by Republican senators who are up for reelection. They knew full well that there would never be a 66% majority so they did not erode their individual political capital. Truthfulness and principle are very scarce commodities in DC on both sides of the isle. Some things never change.

Patrick Henry

Politics Jorg, politics. You don't think it was an impartial jury do you?


PH: Is it also politics that Republicans now seem to be against a thorough January 6 investigation? Same reason why the Nazis didn’t want a WWII investigation? Well, at least that makes some sense.

Terence Y

Actually, Mr. Nice, if you ever get in trouble and have to go to court, your jury will only be made up of non-Democrats, because Democrats don’t believe crime needs to be punished. Unless you’re a Trump supporter. Let’s just hope these criminals don’t cause any issues for you or your family. We know it’s too late for the Steinle family, among others.

Tommy Tee

100%, Mr.Nice. Among others, Lindsay Graham and Josh Hawley are a disgrace.

Christopher Conway

Kind of like the Democrats in the first and second impeachment of president Trump. Which, by the way, he was acquitted twice. Robert, you worry about your side of the street and don't concern yourself with our side of the street. Republicans will never listen to the likes of you for advice on strategy or direction on our agenda. Just keep your mind on your own tax and spend party that is going to bankrupt our country with their plans for the redistribution of the country's wealth into the hands of those the deem worthy. Republicans look for you for advice the same way you would look to them for advice.




Next time you are talking about your hifalutin private education you better get your money back for the part they taught about the economy. For almost 90 years the economy has done better under the Democrats than under the Republicans contrary to the right wing hype of misinformation. Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson and Clinton lead the way at the top. Both Bush 41 and 43 along with Trump hold up the bottom.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tafhdyd...

Chris can certainly respond... or not... but what about some context?

The causes of the Great Depression were falling into place ten years before the market crash in 1929. Those causes were lining up after two terms of Democratic leadership in the Oval Office. Fast forward to FDR... his policies extended the financial hardships of the Great Depression. Kennedy, uncharacteristically for a Democrat, wanted to lower taxes, and Johnson's insistence on fighting a war thousands of miles away while creating the Great Society was not a sound economic decision.

The cyclical nature of the economy does not really respect politics. The economy rebounded during Reagan's presidency, and he benefited tremendously at the ballot box from things turning around, but he did not create the turnaround. The other factor is business... Wall Street (for lack of a better term) over the past several decades has influenced the economy in ways a president cannot...

Besides... everyone knows that the Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, George Soros, Rufus T. Firefly and water fluoridation really control the economy.



There you go again trying to mess up my simple comment with facts and information. Yes a lot of what you say has merit but there are a lot of missing pieces also. Reagan's trickle down didn't work as planned and Donald basically tried the same without even worrying if anything would trickle, he just wanted the top to profit.

I am really surprised that you, being a pilot, I think, left off the most important bit of info. What everyone believes are con trails or vapor trails in the sky when planes fly over are really the government's secret service drones spraying chemical particles and magic dust that takes control of peoples minds along with changing the climate to burn Calif. and freeze Texas.

Ray Fowler


Christopher Conway

SorryTaffy, Catholic schools are very moderately priced and have many low income families that get assistance in giving the child a good Christian education. Problem is, these days it is getting harder to get your child in due to the demand caused by the failure in the public school system.

Tommy Tee

It's important to note that private schools can also discriminate, and pick and choose students. They also aren't required to provide any special services. Public schools don't have that luxury.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tommy

I'm going to raise the Zinfandel Lane flag on this one...

Could you provide something to support your claim that private schools discriminate? And something else... you'd be hard pressed to find private schools that don't provide support for students with learning challenges. Yes, there may be some that cater strictly to high achieving academically oriented students, but they are absolutely the exception not the rule.

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