Good or bad, history is our past. This movement to change names, tear down statues, cover up artwork is a tragedy. It actually dishonors all the good things these people have done or discovered.

This was our history. Instead of changing names or destroying actual art be it painted, carved or in bronze, teach our future both the good and bad of our past leaders so we can learn from their achievements and their wrongs. Honor them as well as condemn them. Instead of tearing things down, put up a plaque listing both the good and bad.

Remember the times they were in and not drag them into the present. What they did then may not be accepted now but it was accepted then. Learn from them the same way we all are expected to do from the past. There was a time it was believed the world was flat. Will we condemn them for their beliefs? Wipe their history out of the books? No, we learned from those that would explore, let me bring it closer to our world. Just 75 years ago, if you thought about going to the moon you were thought to be crazy.

It’s got to stop. Learn from the past instead of destroying or covering it up. You can’t move forward without looking into the past.

Joe Caprioni

San Carlos

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D Gilbrech

Mr. Caprioni, No, it is time to bring the light of day to our history and especially remove any and all symbols of intolerance from places of honor. Many of the statues and monuments are of those who did not respect others and in many cases were Traitors to our country.

All of us should be proud of what we see and hear.

Imagine if Germany allowed a statue of Hitler because of some good he may have done as Time Magazines man of the year. Are you kidding.

Let's move on for a better tomorrow.

Terence Y

Mr. Gilbrech, it’s ironic you write of intolerance when you are exhibiting this same intolerance in your comments. Obviously, if these statues and monuments were erected at that time, then they were respected. Even in the late 1880’s, America was tolerant enough to erect a famous monument to Benedict Arnold (although it’s only a “boot”). If you read the history of Benedict Arnold, you’ll see played a key role in securing American victory. Of course, I guess you could look at this 130+ year “boot” as a first step (get it?) in the beginnings of the cancel culture you’re promoting.

Dirk van Ulden

Dear guest - I dare you to come up with anyone in our history who were as vile as Hitler, Mao or Stalin. These three caused the death of tens of millions of their own citizens. Why you would even bring up such a comparison defies reason and demonstrates that you have not studied history. I trust you have never owned a Ford automobile. Henry Ford was a known anti-Semite. Would you destroy his name, banish his corporation, and condemn his contribution to this country as well? Where does the cancel culture stop? Why are you anonymous anyway?

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