Last Friday I observed one-party rule at work. A bus tour organized by the San Mateo Labor Council, in support of Newsom, had Jackie Speier, Kevin Mullin and Josh Becker in Redwood City.

The group gathered for a photo-op and chanted “Larry Elder is a sexist.”

All-white elected officials attacking the one prominent African American candidate. Who is really the white supremacist? Is the race card just a convenient tool to use?

I understand the partisanship of these offices, but what about county and local officials? Aren’t these officials paid to be nonpartisan, hear both sides and represent all of us so our cities can achieve the best outcome for We the People? (I asked Redwood City Vice Mayor Giselle Hale, and Councilmember Lissette Espinoza-Garnica that question, but received no response). The county worker who was there stated it was her right to come and support Newsom. Had she forgotten she’s paid by taxpayers to perform county duties during business hours?

Unable to take a photo without “Yes on Recall” signs, they moved across the street and promptly left afterward.

Was the purpose of the photo-op to show how well-supported the “No on Recall” movement was? Using a biased media? The cameraman wouldn’t respond to my request for a photo of the “Yes on Recall” group, claiming he just had COVID. Clear bias in every way. One party, one voice, propaganda. Reminded me of how Hitler had used the captured media as an instrument to acquiring and maintaining power. Is this where we are heading?

Anna Kramer

San Carlos

The letter writer is the vice chair of the San Mateo County GOP.

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Ms. Kramer,

You said "The group gathered for a photo-op and chanted “Larry Elder is a sexist.” Just after that you said "All-white elected officials attacking the one prominent African American candidate. Who is really the white supremacist? Is the race card just a convenient tool to use?

Sexist, adjective, characterized by or showing prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

Noun, a person with sexist views.

Nowhere in the definition is race mentioned. The crowd chanted he was a sexist, a well established fact based on his own statements, and the only mention of race is by yourself. Who is playing the race card?


Oh goody. Now Hitler's name is being invoked in local politics. And, by the way, government employees can take part in these activities on their own time - by taking time off from work.

Terence Y

Ms. Kramer, thank you for your letter and for exposing how taxpayer dollars are used. It sounds like a form of taxation without representation. Any legal recourse? Maybe some freshly minted lawyers can take a look – the government has very deep pockets. Let’s hope any other desperation NO bus tours are also met by bullhorns and taxpayers adding their two cents. BTW, more letters exposing dubious behavior of local so-called leaders and media bias would be greatly appreciated. We know the mainstream media won’t cover them. Vote YES on the recall.

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Anna

I am not a Larry Elder fan, but the way the press has attacked him based on his race is despicable. The left claims that America is systemically racist, but their criticism of Larry Elder,based on his race, is indicative of systemic racism in the left's ideology. Consider Los Angeles Times writer Erika Smith and her column published last Friday titled, "Larry Elder is the Black Face of White Supremacy. You’ve Been Warned." Smith described Larry Elder's run for governor as "an insult to Blackness." Wow.

Tommy Tee

I think Elder's stance on women is the most disturbing aspect.

Terence Y

Tommy, I’m pretty sure Elder didn’t sleep with his campaign manager’s wife, like Newsom did. Don’t forget to vote YES on the recall. You don't need to make a selection for a replacement, but Elder would be a good choice.

Tommy Tee

Ah good ol' Terrence--still deflecting. I voted for Angelyne, the adult entertainer. She seems like a much better choice than Elder.

Terence Y

Perfect Tommy, just as long as you vote YES on the recall. Maybe Newsom knows Angelyne and is hoping to rule by proxy?

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