1). Why did President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin hold a closed-door meeting at Helsinki in which Trump claimed that he believed Putin over the CIA about Russia interfering in the 2016 election?

2). Why did Trump celebrate with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador at the White House after firing James Comey, the former director of the FBI?

3). Why is Trump blaming Ukraine for interfering with the 2016 election when the CIA knows that it was Russia?

Only Trump and some Republicans support the false accusations surrounding Ukrainian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election. This story was created by Putin and his agents to divide America and cover up Russian meddling. It only helps Putin in his plan to re-create a new Russian empire and dominate Eastern Europe.

Raymond DeMattei

San Carlos

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The New Liars Club: Andrew, Corbyn, Johnson and Trump.


And just see what the Electoral College has given us, Chris: 2 totally incompetent Republican occupants of the WH, two so inept that they managed to mess up just about everything they touched and cause lasting, if not irreparable damage. After the Bush administration’s disastrous reign, it took someone of President Obama’s caliber to clean up, while it is still a question whether we can find someone capable enough to clean up the even worse mess after Trump.

Christopher Conway

Jorg- your mess is my paradise.

Christopher Conway

Trump is a traitor to all those liberal commies who want to change the direction of our country. Trump 2020, can't wait for another landslide. KAG


So, Chris, - everything Trump has done is OK with you, and worthy of a US President, who has hand picked people who subsequently were convicted of crimes and sent to prison, one after another? Admirable track record in your mind?

Christopher Conway

Love Trump, I get on my knees and thank the lord every day.


The last time we had anything looking like a “landslide”, was when President Obama won both the popular vote and the Electoral College with a comfortable margin. Twice. Trump, on the other hand, barely made a narrow squeak in the outdated EC, and only with Russian meddling and the usual Republican tricks and voter suppression, - the extent of which we don’t know yet. And you call that “landslide”?

Christopher Conway

Jorg- so does the football team that makes the most yards in a game the winner of the game or is the one who scores the most points. Electoral College is the law of the land, and Trump won in a landslide. Like I said he did.

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - the Electoral College was instituted to protect folks in the fly-over states from folks like you. If the popular vote were the determinant, candidates would only campaign in the states with the most population, ignoring the wishes from those in the least populated areas of this country. I realize that explaining these facts may be a waste of time with you. BTW, the Mueller report which you have obviously not read or understood clearly dispelled any notion that Russian meddling had any effect on the election outcome. That conclusion also seems lost on you. You may need to broaden your news sources because you are stuck somewhere.

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