My family recently attended the commencement exercise at Burlingame High School to witness the graduation of my grandson. My daughter and grandson reside in Hillsborough. We were impressed with the organization of the event, the student speakers and the Burlingame High School band. Please pass on my sincere compliments to the high school staff.

Unfortunately, this joyous event was marred by school board Trustee Marc Friedman’s speech that was completely out of line, hateful and frankly cowardly for this kind of affair by an official of the district. Disgracefully, Friedman disrespected the president in front of 350 plus graduates and thousands of family and friends by claiming the president was a liar numerous times in his speech.

There were boos, yells and horns blaring, protesting his comments from the graduates and audience. Sadly, there was no opportunity to debate his comments as these kinds of hacks choose settings like this to spew their hateful politics.

Friedman showed extremely poor judgment and presence of mind in representing the district at this event. Conversely, the student and other speakers showed prudence in their presentations with traditional interesting and inspirational words to graduates.

We hope Friedman’s conduct does not represent the district. Regardless of political affiliation, relatives don’t want people like him influencing our young people. In our view, he should be disciplined and suspended from representing the district in future events.

Robert Shiells


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Mr. Friedman's conduct is tragic news! However thank you for sharing and congratulations to your grandson Mr. Shiells. My neighbor's 8 yr. old grandchild comes home from a So. Calif, school with similar vile propaganda about Pres.Trump. It makes parenting and grand parenting very difficult as they try to instill character, and fight the uphill battle of countering this type of poisonous, untrue propaganda now so prevalent in society. It appears Mr. Friedman is a very poor role model for our community, should resign his post and refrain from making any more speeches to our community. We need positive, uplifting, and honest leaders, role models and speakers. And ones who are willing to support our President Trump and outline all his positive accomplishments.,

Terence Y

Congratulations to your grandson and thank you for your letter, Mr. Shiells. I'm not sure how it is in Danville, but as you can read from some of the comments, you can see that Trump Derangement Syndrome on the Bay Area peninsula is strong. Look at the bright side, at least the ignorant Friedman didn't show a slideshow on infanticide or clips of males winning over females in various women's contests and championships. Whatever else Friedman has accomplished, assuming there are any successes, he has cemented his legacy of ignorance and hate. His family must be so proud.


As they say; we tell ourselves stories in order to live. With the level of vitriol you displayed in your hit-piece it conjures up a Fascist leader from Germany in the 30's and 40's. And I don't care one way or another about BHS or its graduation.

Cindy Cornell

At least Friedman is not a pathological liar like the president.

Christopher Conway

Thanks for bringing that to our attention Robert. Unbelievable we have officials spouting off at a graduation ceremony. I hope someone can investigate and ask this guy why he thought it was a good idea to castigate the president at a ceremony about these young graduates.


I agree with you Chris. Politics, in any form, do not belong at graduation. It causes people here to do this and the opposite to happen in other parts of country. Life is hard after highschool. There are such better things to advise graduates and such better ways to cheer them

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