Let’s go back to April and May of 2016. Imagine if you will Hillary Clinton campaigning throughout California, stopping in Burlingame for the Democratic State Convention and San Jose for a rally pumping up her local supporters. Imagine at each of these two events, MAGA red hats and Trump supporters outside the venue chaining themselves together so that Hillary could not speak. Then, punching, kicking and spitting on Hillary supporters while at the same time pelting them with eggs and burning the American flag. Imagine, local police ordered to stand down and allow Hillary supporters to take the abuse alone with zero support from the police. Hillary’s supporters just wanted to have an opportunity to see her live and let her know proudly, “I’m with her.”

Imagine Hillary, being stopped on Highway 101, having to enter the back of the hotel because it was too dangerous for her to come in the front. Then after speaking, her supporters were not allowed to leave because several thousand protestors smashed through all the police barriers and were at the doors of the hotel threatening attendees with bodily injury.   

Finally, in the following days, not one public official checked in on any of the Hillary supporters who were physically assaulted to see if they were OK. You would probably say to yourself that could never happen and you would be right. Just realize that this imaginary scenario I created actually did happen in reality to Trump supporters throughout California in the spring of 2016.

Christopher P. Conway

San Mateo

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Conway looks like he spent a month compiling that essay, even though most Serra HS educations prepare one for much better effort. I am so happy Ms. T disagrees with him as she proudly displays a BLM photo.


Thanks for the history lesson. I assume this is an attempt to explain the poor turnout at Trump's rally in Tulsa? Oklahoma is Trump country. At least it was in 2016, when he easily won the state during the presidential election. Every county in the state voted for Trump over Clinton. Every county! We've all read and heard the reasons the Trump Campaign threw out to explain the low attendance in Tulsa. He's a couple they forgot to include. Maybe, just maybe his supporters are not dying to hear his grievances and falsehoods during the pandemic. Maybe, just maybe his tireless repetition of smears and satire is no longer as entertaining to his supporters. Maybe, just maybe as he is losing control over his emotions and his tone, and the more he loses it, the more he loses support. Food for thought. Maybe, just maybe he'll fend better in Florida.

Christopher Conway

I guess political violence is OK then, good to know.


Imagine if you will that in 2016 the Trump campaign didn't pay for the protestors to show up and cause trouble and say they were supporters of the left and anti Trump. Imagine that there would be no headline news coverage that evening of Trump's visit and all the violent opposition. You would say that scenario would never happen and you would be right. That scenario didn't happen. There was headline news and violent protests because the Trump campaign did pay for protestors to cause trouble.

Christopher Conway

Trump 2020, that is all I got to say to you.


Local supporters were sorely missed in Tulsa.

Maybe next time?

Dirk van Ulden

And it happened again in Tulsa, OK last Saturday. The press was even gloating about it.

Tommy Tee

Every reporter I heard in Tulsa said there were no protestors preventing anyone from going into the empty arena.


If the press was gloating about anything it was the fact that there were no Trumpers to protest against. Did I hear right that there were requests for over 900,000 tickets and they planned on 19,00 inside and 40,000 spill over crowd outside. I did see that the construction crews were dismantling the outside 3 hours before the circus even started. The fire marshal gave them a generous estimate of 6,200 attendees.

If you want to see a picture of someone that knows his days are numbered, check out your orange idol getting off the helicopter in Washington D.C. That loud laughing noise you hear is the rest of the world watching the conman at his finest.

Christopher Conway

What about the article I wrote? The fact that Trump supporters were abused in late April and early May 2016 in our own backyard. Anything to say to that?


Christopher, I replied to your article earlier. Trump supporters were abused by agitators paid by the Trump campaign. Take it up with your "Golden Idol" oops your "Orange Idol".

Christopher Conway

Just one of many little anonymous twits who post on this site. Kind of like annoying fleas is all they are.

Tommy Tee

Spot on. The racist-in-chief is a defeated man. Who says "Kung Flu?" He spent almost ten minutes rambling about why he couldn't walk down a ramp and drink water. His mental and physical health should be worrisome to everyone.

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