I read with interest the article titled “Migrant Caravan Detained in Old Factory, Across from Texas,” in the Feb. 7 edition of the Daily Journal. In it, the interior secretary of the Mexican State of Coahuila, Jose Maria Fraustro, declares that “these types of caravans have been victims of organized crime groups that try to force the migrants to work for them.”

The government of Coahuila agrees with President Trump that there is a criminal element in illegal immigration. That is something which many California liberals would never admit. Obviously, the vast majority of illegal immigrants are simply hoping to live in a country with better economic opportunities, and no one can blame them for that. However, their illegal status may easily cause them to become instruments of mafialike groups. That is a danger to public safety in this country, especially as they become an larger sector of the population.

While I think that building a wall is a dumb idea and a huge waste of money, there must be some effort to control our borders. That is part of being an independent country; you have borders and you can control who may enter and who may not. That control has been severely compromised for decades, with the connivance of both Republicans and Democrats. It’s time to change that and regain control of our borders and our immigration policy. To simply allow people to establish themselves here illegally is unfair, and an insult to all those who jump through years of legal hoops to come and stay here, including members of my family.

Clayton Rich

South San Francisco

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