Reading a report by the Associated Press that the Biden administration has decided to issue travel restrictions to certain members of the Cuban government because they forced the detention of a few hundred protestors.

These hapless Cuban protesters are considered political prisoners. That begs a question. What does our Justice Department use for its justification to throw in prison a few hundred demonstrators who were just present at last year’s D.C. Capitol protest? I am not referring to those hooligans who actually broke into the place and destroyed government property. I am referring to those who remained outside and were protesting peacefully under the protection of their First Amendment rights.

However, as our attorney general recently announced, the Justice Department is still looking for even more bystanders to prosecute. Those already in our jails for months are surely considered political prisoners. They are detained under orders from the Jan. 6 committee, an absurdly political grand standing effort. This partisan committee comprises anti-Trump, ultraliberal Democrats and a RINO from Wisconsin. There is no justification for detaining the protesters while the Justice Department is still desperately searching for a way to charge them for a crime that they did not commit by any constitutional standard. Perhaps, the Cuban government ought to slap sanctions on our truth-challenged government officials, starting with Biden and the AG, who incidentally, and thankfully, never made it to the Supreme Court.

Dirk van Ulden


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Mike Brownrigg

I have served under Republican and Democrat presidents. Until the last Administration, I was always surrounded by regular people working their very hardest to make the whole country better, as best they could. What I find most staggering about Republican apologies for January 6 is that if a Democrat-leaning mob had stormed the Senate under McConnell, egged on by a Democrat President, there would be outrage -- justifiably! And if we then learned that the Democrat President was urging his lawyers to look for ways to invalidate the votes of whole US states, and calling officials in those states to urge them to cheat, and demanding his Vice President to void the election, then there would be even greater outrage -- justifiably! Can I please ask my Republican friends to just put down their armor for a moment? Trump lost. The fact that he cannot get over it doesn't mean you can't. Trump is NOT more important than the country or our democracy. I know lots and lots of Republicans AND Democrats who have died to defend both of those. Let's not dishonor their sacrifices by honoring or defending the indefensible.


Mr. Brownrigg,


Dirk van Ulden

Yes Taffy - it is nice to have someone do the thinking for you, even when he is not addressing my point.


Right on, Mr. Brownrigg! For the record, let’s add that Trump was wrong when he said that the 2020 election was stolen! Certainly, he tried to steal it, but as hard as he tried, he wasn’t able to. Since he failed, it seems difficult for his fragile ego to admit yet another failure, so he may feel it easier to continue to claim it was stolen. Nice try, though, but on behalf of the country: thank goodness he didn’t succeed in this steal!

Dirk van Ulden

Look, most of you are missing my point. We have a few hundred folks in prison who were peaceful but were arrested anyway and/or pursued by the DOJ. Those folks had every right to protest just like all others, like the ones wearing cat-like hats, who protested and screamed obscenities when Trump was sworn in. Where we you when those were not even given a ticket. The ones in jail are there because of politics and and therefore are political prisoners. Just like in Cuba!


Dirk: “Peaceful protesters” arrested? Where did you get that from, or do you suggest that they were breaking doors and windows, attacking police and ransacking offices in a “peaceful manner”?

Ray Fowler

Hey, buddy

They won't address your point because it challenges their contrived and fragile narrative. Good on ya for staying the course!

Terence Y

Mr. van Ulden - all of the right people understand your point. It's the folks afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome trying to appear as if they miss your point - they’re only looking for another outlet to continue their living-in-the-past dialog without facing the present. You can easily find them by seeing if they repeat fake news and lies. Keep those letters coming. The more rabid lefties you get comments from, the more effective your letter.

Terence Y

Mr. Brownrigg - you must be ecstatic with the current folks taking our great country to the bottom. And the hard work of treasonous Biden in giving aid and comfort to the Taliban. Sorry, but evidence has shown, and more evidence will show that the election was stolen. You are correct in that our (yes, our) great President Trump is not more important than our country, but free and fair elections are important, and unfortunately, free and fair elections didn’t occur. Can I please ask all Americans to not dishonor our great country by allowing the Big Lie to stand?

As we’ve seen, stolen elections have consequences, to the detriment of America and her reputation, and now to all citizens, legal or not, thanks to rising crime, rising inflation, energy crisis, labor crisis, supply chain crisis, no plan to address COVID, and the list goes on. Mr. Brownrigg, I sure hope you don't feel we now have people working their hardest to make the country better. If so, I’d hate to see them stop working hard. Oh wait, maybe I wouldn’t.


Terence Y: While it has been proven that Trump tried to steal the election, but failed, where is your evidence for your claim it was stolen, despite all the proof it was not?



You have been wasting keystrokes on your stolen election bunk for over a year. Where is the proof? BTW, how are you doing with your bamboo fibers?

Terence Y

Sorry Jorg and Taffy, I won’t do your homework for you. Information about shenanigans occurring during the stolen election is widely available, with more and more content each day - maybe not available on your left wingie CNN, MSDNC, NYT and Amazon Post but widely available. And Jorg, maybe you can help Taffy with his panda diet study. Taffy is always begging for help – I think it’s for gathering panda pies.


Terence Y: Yes, it certainly has been proven that Trump tried to steal the election. But despite being such an experienced thief, he failed that steal, no matter how hard he tried. Still an open question, though, whether he succeeded in stealing the 2016 election, perhaps with foreign assistance. It certainly looks strange, though, that such an uneducated, inexperienced charlatan, such a liar, with a track record of multiple bankruptcies, should be able to fool enough voters, although he didn’t get the majority vote, only the EC. Well, it is still under investigation, so hang in there, and you may learn something, even if you shy away from the more reputable news media.



I am glad you agree that there is plenty of info available that show that there is no widespread voter fraud and stolen elections and the majority of fraud cases are by

Republicans. I am sure you saw that some conmen of the Republican party forged election certification papers from MI, NV, AZ, GA, WI saying they won and submitted them to the National Archives thinking they could overturn the election. The poor fools used the same form with different signatures for all five states.

Terence Y

Another JUNC (Jorg’s Unhinged Nutty Carping) entry… Jorg continuing to live in the past because he’s unable to face the present… Hey Jorg, I hear Talkspace is covered by many large health insurers. You may want to take advantage...

Oh ho! Surprise, surprise, I see Taffy has decided to join the conspiracy. Perhaps Talkspace has group rates or a two-for-one discount for J and T.

Tommy Tee

Blah, blah, blah. Another T.U.R.D (Terence's Unending Rigged Diatribe), literally and figuratively.


Oh, Terence! Y can't you come up with something new? I've tried to be patient and understanding of your situation, but frankly, I'm getting a bit tired of laughing at your old nonsense, for which I have long since given up helping you.

Ray Fowler

Mike... glad that you could join us

You are absolutely correct... Trump lost, and even though I oppose the progressive left's agenda, I acknowledged Joe Biden's victory in these pages three days after the 2020 election... before the major networks declared Joe the winner. Since that time, I have been focused on what's going on in our country now and where things can get better. That does not appear to be the case with a lot of DJ readers from the left side of the aisle. It seems like no matter what is dominating the news cycle... inflation, crime, Afghanistan, the border, COVID and more... those left leaning readers want to lay the country's current problems at Donald Trump's feet. Like you said... Trump lost. It's time Democrats started to conduct the business of governance with Trump in the rear view mirror... but they can't... his name is always in their mouths.

I'm not a Republican. I was a registered Democrat for more than 30 years, but now I am registered as NPP. Re: Republican reaction to the events that occurred on Jan. 6 in the Capitol... you didn't have to go very far to hear conservative outrage. Top Republican Congressional leaders condemned the Capitol riots, conservative talking heads condemned the riots, and card carrying, bag totin' Republicans... with the exception of outliers and I'm sure you'd agree there are outliers at both ends of the political spectrum... condemned the Capitol riots.

Now, put the shoe on the other foot... In the summer of 2020, we saw American cities burned, businesses looted, thugs running rampant, more than a billion dollars in property damage, and 25 lives lost during "mostly peaceful" protests. Those were not protests... they were riots and open warfare against established order. Where was the outrage and condemnation from the Democratic Party? The Democrat leadership was silent. In August 2020, the Democrats selected their vice presidential nominee... a politician who worked to get rioters out of jail. During the party's convention, the presidential nominee... a career politician worried about offending the progressive left... just skipped over the burning and looting and killing. It was not until Candidate Biden realized that silence with respect to the chaos and destruction in our cities was polling badly for his campaign that he finally came out against the "mostly peaceful" protests.

Like I said, I am not a Republican and I earnestly hope the Republican Party does not nominate Donald Trump in 2024. Once again... you are correct... Trump lost and it certainly looks like he cannot get over it. It looks like you cannot get over it either.


And where are the prisoners and out outcry from 9 months of riots last year that kill 20 people, destroy $2 bil in property and took over city centers last year? The capitol protesters who entered the Capitol building had no guns and the only person killed was a white woman who was cowardly shot in the back by a capital policeman. Had she been a black woman the policeman would be doing 30 years for manslaughter.


I always enjoy a good story, and the "January 6th committee" spearheading the arrest of insurrectionists for what they did on January 6, 2021 is a doozy! Did you read it somewhere or was it the product of your own paranoid delusions?

BTW, I wonder why, in this made up world of yours, they didn't think to have the ringleaders in the White House arrested, too?

Anyway, thanx for a fun little diversion while drinking my morning coffee.

Dirk van Ulden

Well Mark - I am pleased to make your day. Who else but that Committee instigated the arrests of hundreds? The Dept. of Justice does not by itself issue arrest warrants. But, your usual letters and comments indicate that you obtain your information from select sources that never tell you the whole story. Enjoy your coffee.

Tommy Tee

Agree 100%. Dirk is a local comedian and frequent contributor. He never fails to make me laugh.

Ray Fowler

Cue the sound of tires screeching around the corner... another drive-by has come and gone.

Terence Y

Methinks Mr. Olbert may have added extra “creamer” of the Irish kind in his coffee. BTW, shouldn’t ringleaders of the idiotic BLM and Antifa movements be arrested for causing over a billion dollars in damages, and so-called Dem leaders be arrested for dereliction of their duty to keep residents safe?

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Mark. Enjoying coffee from your "I see the assassins have failed" mug?

It appears your fear and disdain for all things Trump has skewed your commentary...

It was way cool when Barack Obama, an African-American, was elected to the presidency in 2008. While the hope and change gave way "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss" (with apologies to Pete Townshend), I do not loath our former president. Hillary Clinton might have been the most disliked Democratic Party presidential nominee ever... and while I disagree with things she has said and done, I don't dislike her as a person. For all of Joe's failings... he's not a bad guy.

A good number of folks on the left side of the aisle are afflicted with TDS, and we frequently see the manifestation of TDS by some of them in these pages. Is TDS real? Psychiatrists and clinicians will say "no," but there is no denying that a fear and/or hatred of all things Trump is disturbing some on the left to the point that their fear and hatred are affecting cognition and emotional well being. That's actually sad.

I would not be surprised to see TDS discussed in the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders" when the sixth edition is published.

How 'bout that second cup?


he right can attempt to deflect by labeling all commentary on Trump as TDs. Whatever floats your boat. The difference is Trump is a bad guy, an evil person who has lied, conned and browbeat people who have crossed him. Whenever an evil person presents himself, believe him.

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