Another mass shooting passes with more thoughts and prayers to the victims. While law enforcement searches for evidence of motive, the public suffers.

I guess for profiling, it is important to ascertain reasons, but until we get an actual “Minority Report” that will prevent crimes, their efforts feel futile. In any disaster, we strive to place blame somewhere to make us feel better or to determine insurance liability. To me, there lies the solution. Product manufacturers have insurance for claims and insurance companies have actuarial tables to determine risk and the associated costs. Auto insurance companies charge higher premiums for riskier cars based on statistics and science including age and gender of the driver and historical performance.

We need to determine the costs of every shooting in this country and build in automatic insurance policy with the purchase of every handgun, rifle and other armament owned by the general public. I know criminals have their own gun markets and won’t participate driving up average costs for law-abiding citizens, but that is the price you pay (think uninsured motorist coverage).

While California may be on track with the assault rifle ban, this last incident proves how easy it is for the latest nutcase to buy it elsewhere and wreak havoc here. I am guessing his gun cost between $500-$2,000. Imagine if it had a mandatory federal gun tax on top of that. Maybe, just maybe, the fool would have been unable to afford it. And if everyone had to pay a steep tax (as determined by the actuarials) that went into a victim compensation fund, we all might be able to redirect our thoughts and prayers from ongoing senseless acts of random violence to something more useful, whatever one feels that might be. 

Gus Sinks

San Bruno

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