Retiring Assemblymember Kevin Mullin voted to eliminate single-family zoning through Senate bills 9 and 10, thereby mandating that cities allow multiple housing units on every lot — without any affordability criteria for those units.

Do you oppose the state eliminating local control? Then please note that Redwood City Mayor Giselle Hale, Assembly District 21 candidate, proclaims her support for Senate bills 9 and 10 as a reason to vote for her in the June 7 primary election.

Mayor Hale is the only candidate for AD 21 endorsed by YIMBY Action (Yes in My Back Yard), whose endorsements’ website credits Ms. Hale’s support for AB 9 as a reason for their support.

In fact, at the Peninsula for Everyone Candidate Debate for Assembly District 21 on Feb. 26, Giselle Hale stated “I’m the only candidate here who supported SB 9, 10, 35 and 50” (7 minutes 49 seconds into recorded Feb. 26 Zoom debate).

Also speaking at that debate were South San Francisco Councilmember James Coleman, county community college district Trustee Maurice Goodman, and San Mateo Deputy Mayor Diane Papan.

In the April 18 Daily Journal, columnist Rudy Espinoza Murray summarized the San Mateo County Democrats’ endorsements for this June’s Primary.

Mr. Espinoza Murray, corresponding secretary for that organization, chose not to mention the vote of No Endorsement in the Assembly District 21 race — an interesting oversight by this key spokesperson for the County Democratic Party.

Doug Handerson

San Mateo

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One can certainly oppose SB 9 et al... if one is excessively self-centered, cares little for all the other people out there struggling to survive in the midst of our astounding regional housing crisis and doesn't care what will happen to us long term, as companies move away seeking a place where their employees -- other than executives -- can afford to live.

Me, I support SB 9. It's not perfect -- nothing is -- but it's a step in the right direction, towards rectifying problems that local communities have inflicted on the region over the course of decades.


Not weighing in on any of the candidates here... Just wanted to say that Democracy is awesome and it is wonderful that we have a local news outlet where we can share our views without any fear of anyone knocking on our doors in the middle of the night. And, thank you Rudy for explaining the bit about endorsements.


If you want to come see the Peninsula for Everyone discussion it is online here: https://youtu.be/S-4lqmVNdnk

While I'm helping Dianne Papan, as part of Peninsula for Everyone I'll also stand up for Giselle. I know you shouldn't do that but I like them both and am horribly conflicted. I like Dianne's on non-housing issues; but, I will say. that Giselle is absolutely the best candidate for housing. She has been consistent supporter of housing, she has been fearless. Most importantly she has been vocal. I'm impressed with her willingness to speak out when many elected vote quietly one way. Leadership is saying the important things when it is time to say them. RWC's jobs to housing balance, I believe, has gotten worse and is planned to get far worse. That is an important metric on housing that is underreported. If you want to learn more about how the candidates differentiate themselves on issues other than housing, come check out a different candidate forum the first week of May: https://info.thrivealliance.org/candidate-forum-us-rep-15-0

And keyboard warriors should come meet these people in person. You can come meet Giselle Hale w/Senator Scott Wiener Sat, April 23, 10am – 12pm at the San Bruno BART Plaza.

David Pollack

The majority of residents in my neighborhood have been very supportive of SB 9, 10, 35 and 50 as it affords greater flexibility for home owners to meet their family’s needs and leads to an evolving, thriving, and more livable community.

Dirk van Ulden

David - I don't know in what neighborhood you live but your generalization scares me. I will not vote for you either. How does density leads to more livability? Are the suburbs just a figment of one's imagination? You are a typical vote panderer.

Terence Y

Mr. Pollack, the majority of residents in my neighborhood have not been supportive of SB 9, 10, 35, or 50 as it may potentially ruin the single-family neighborhoods which brought them to the area in the first place. I agree with Mr. van Ulden, my vote is going to one of Ms. Hale’s competitors. BTW, how much in campaign donations is Ms. Hale receiving from the building and trades sector, real estate?

Dirk van Ulden

Ms. Hale certainly does not have my vote. Anyone who voted for those housing bills should be removed permanently from representing, us, the majority that was against those bills.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Dirk

Oh, it gets better... In June 2020, Councilwoman Hale posted on Facebook that she was proposing a Black Lives Matter mural for Redwood City. The story about her positing was printed by another local paper in July 2020. I emailed her the following month to ask about the Facebook posting and she indicated that she did not propose a BLM mural. Hmmm... OK... I emailed her again with the language from the Facebook posting and asked for clarification. No reply.

I emailed a local journalist in summer 2020 and said, "Ms. Hale has her sights set on higher office... looks like she will fit right in."

Rudy E

Hi Doug, this is a learning moment for you: SMC Dems does not endorse in federal and state races. Happy to walk your through how the county party works. :) tootles.


Giselle Hale certainly has my vote!!!

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