How many Americans died because of COVID-19 in the whole last year of Trump’s presidency? Was it 250,000? How many Americans died of COVID-19 since Biden became president? Another 250,000 in less than two months? How is that possible? Was Biden supposed to miraculously save them by waving his 25-page plan at the cameras, draconic mask wearing executive orders, theatrical compassion and social equality?

How could another 250,000 Americans have died in less than two months while our media is touting the fast progress made by the new administration and the fast decline in the numbers of new cases? What happened to the nightly grim tallies of heart-breaking cases with which we were bombarded while Trump was still president? Have all these 250,000 of Americans decided to all die contently and quietly now that the right president is in power?

Across the pond our British brothers at least have the fortitude to open the economy gradually while publicly and officially accepting the inevitable deaths to follow as a necessary price to pay for a functioning economy, otherwise put, they are adopting Trump’s policy and mantra that the cure cannot be worse than the disease. We, on the other hand, chose to exchange a leader in reality for a leader in progressives’ fantasy. If you want to have a good bitter laugh, just follow closely how the Iranians have cornered Biden with his idiotic unconditional pledge to rejoin the Iranian nuclear deal. Pathetic!

Virgil Stevens

San Carlos

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Dirk van Ulden

Hi Taffy - I will continue to flap my trap until you and your ilk start responding to the questions that some of us have raised. Have you at all looked critically at Biden's performance since he was shoved into his office on 1/20? Let's not go back to what Trump did or did not do but what our current President is demolishing. Clearly if you like opening the borders, allowing illegals to entry without COVID19 testing, educating their kids in class while ours are sitting at home, appointing a crackpot who thinks it is perfectly normal to have early teenagers request sexual reassignment without parent consent, and lastly allowing boys to participate in women's sports if they feel that day to be a female. You have got to be kidding. Not even Sweden would do that to its population. And, I have nothing against teachers, I respect their profession but they themselves need to stand up to their union leadership and they are not doing that. That is where the teachers are failing your and my children.



I didn’t say that you were flapping your trap and not replying, I said some on this venue were. I have also stated before that I am for secure borders not open borders. I am guessing that your comment about sex reassignment is about the statements by Dr. Rachel Levine during her confirmation hearing, statements that were misrepresented and put out by Rand Paul. I will answer items if I have two cents to say about legitimate issues but won’t waste time answering malarky about stolen elections and massive voter fraud or impeaching VP Harris or other documented lies spread by the rightwing propaganda outlets. I understand your wish not to talk about what Trump did or did not do, I wouldn’t want to talk about his failed administration either. A lot of the problems we have today are a result of his administration and his sycophants in Congress.

Terence Y

I’m on a retreat for a few days and I return to the same TDS commenters spewing their same fake news and lies, and unable to address valid questions from Dirk and Ray. Thanks, Dirk and Ray, for exposing the weak arguments from these blundering Biden apologists. BTW, I hope everyone caught our great President Trump’s speech at CPAC.



Just a few minutes ago I thought to myself that I haven't seen Terence for a week or so. Maybe he finally went to get some help now that Obama care is still in effect. Guess I was wrong. BTW will you be going to Washington DC this week for the inauguration on the 4th?


Virgil: What’s this 250k/250k split? Some new math introduced by a math flunky like Trump, or what? The official deaths under Trump’s mismanagement were close to 400k, before President Biden took charge and turned it all around. So, where did you get the 250k from? Right before dinner I dread thinking of a likely place.

Dirk van Ulden

I have yet to see any comments from Rel and the Trump-bashing gang about the pathetic first month in Biden's office. Open the borders, lay off thousands, blame any missteps on the vaccine distribution on Trump, endorse a 1.7 Trillion dollar spending bill that has almost nothing to do with COVID19, warm up to China and lock us in again to a worthless Climate Accord that no other member has even remotely adhered to. He is on his knees to seek peace with Iran and then finds out that his buddies in Teheran are bombing an American installation. He appoints a failed general as the Secretary of Defense, yes the same guy in charge in the Middle East who let ISIS happen until Trump canned him. His press secretary is so woefully inept that all she can do is circling back. No substantive answers. In case Jorg is still reading the DJ, the Europeans are now wondering what to make of him. Good going, Sleepy Joe!


Oh Dirk, woe is us! In one month, we now have competency in the Oval Office, having daily press briefings whereby we barely had one a month. Trump lied on average of 21x a day, so woe is us - we are missing 651 lies this month! We have people in the cabinet who actually know something about their job and want to lead it, so woe is us! We are now back in the Climate Accord recognizing the problem, so woe is the earth! European leaders are rejoicing the U.S. is back, just witness Trudeau's comments, but woe is us for working with our allies.

FYI: the 1.7 trillion dollar spending has EVERYTHING to do with Covid19, just examine its components. Joe should be sleepy from all the exhausting work that must be done.

Dirk van Ulden

Rel - you clearly have not dug into the specifics of the Bill. Why does the federal taxpayer pay for the inept administrations of the Blue States? What does COVID19 have to do with a BART extension? why fork over billions to school districts that have refused to educate students? The list is long but if you were to take the time, less than 15% is actually COVID19 purposed. the rest is pork barrel.



Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Where have you been for four years to talk about appointments that are inept or unqualified. All of the qualified appointments by Trump either left in disgust or were fired because they wouldn't break the law and were too ethical. The rest are appointed only because they donate money to Trump or keep their head firmly planted in the south end of the northbound horse called Donald Trump. BTW, I will remind you again that I did respond to your question about educators. I didn't see a response so I wasn't sure.

Dirk van Ulden

Hello Taffy - I did not respond because we were going in circles and it became pointless to continue. Many if not all of Biden appointees are chosen because of their gender and/or ethnicity. During the confirmation hearings one would hear the most outrageous comments made by future cabinet members but in Biden's world, and yours I suppose, that makes them uniquely qualified. The turkey now being considered for AG, could not or would not answer anything because he did not know about it. Oh well, it is only four years and we will drum them out and restore sanity.



I wouldn't call it going in circles. Your comment sounded like you don't respect teachers and I do. You asked for more info and I gave it to you. Thanks for looking even if you disagree. There are some on this venue that flap their trap about info and when you give it to them they disappear or go on to another subject.


So, Virgil, a "leader in reality"? Really? Do you mean the leader who knew in January 2020 how potent the disease was, and acknowledged same in March to Bob Woodward, yet chose to lie about it to the American public? The same leader who called the pandemic a "hoax" and said the then 15 cases would go away in 2 weeks? The same leader who not only ignored the science, but openly mocked it? The same leader who farmed out all responsibility to handling the disease to the states?

As to the number of deaths, whether it was one person, or a half million, due to this leader's malfeasance, it was one too many and a tragedy. Now, as Biden has taken over, the science is now listened to, plans for distribution of vaccines are in place where they were not previously, and adherence to safety precautions are published at every opportunity. The death rates are going down dramatically. Coincidence? I think not.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Virgil

Thanks for taking the time to write an LTE. You suggest the media has switched its pandemic coverage since Jan. 20 and make it more pro-administration. You are correct in doing so. Can we hear why reopening schools is taking so long or why we are now supporting the denial-plagued WHO or whether the current administration is OK with what happened in NY?

Ray Fowler

Hello, Rel

Some questions... bringing this topic into the present. I'm sure no one in the media will address the question I presented in the comments section earlier this morning. Here it is again... can we hear why reopening schools is taking so long or why we are now supporting the denial-plagued WHO or whether the current administration is OK with what happened in NY? Do you have an answer?



Ray, since none of your questions remotely effect me personally, I don't have definitive answers. Most everyone wants schools to open, the question is how to open safely for all. Once the Biden bill, which includes funding for safety protocols, we will have answers and likely school openings soon.

Ray Fowler

Hello, again, Rel...

In comments posted earlier by you, you claim President Trump in January 2020 knew how potent COVID was... with the CCP in a total state of obfuscation in January 2020, how is that possible? Recognizing that the virus was serious, before the end of January 2020, President Trump enacted travel restrictions. You remember... the restrictions labeled by Candidate Biden as "xenophobic." You further claim President Trump did not follow the science. Well, not according to Dr. Fauci... however, as we look back on things Dr. Fauci has said about COVID, he may not be an unimpeachable source. On the subject of science, it looks like President Biden has abandoned everything sciecntific except Alchemy when it comes to opening our schools.

It's curious why you spend so much time looking backward...

I asked... why reopening schools is taking so long... why we are now supporting the denial-plagued WHO... whether the current administration is OK with what happened in NY?

Your response? None of those questions remotely effect you personally. OK.

I didn't realize the Vince Vaughn - Ben Stiller film classic "Dodgeball" was playing in the DJ comments section...

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