Our First Amendment rights are under severe attack. This was certainly exhibited during the last election cycle when the media moguls decided upon themselves to limit certain articles that supported the president and withheld information that would have given the supporters of the prospective Democratic candidate second thoughts.

Recently, The New York Times published an article that exonerated those media and concluded that no evidence supported the allegation that those very same media had been biased. The research for the report was financed by the same media moguls, which makes one wonder of their veracity. While we are not quite there yet, we need to recognize the danger of media manipulation. Trump supporters lost their livelihood, Democrat politicians ask for limits on Trump’s former staff career advancement and even went as far as trying to convince our premier universities to revoke awarded degrees. It is becoming a scary situation that intends to disenfranchise those of us who were Trump supporters.

I was reminded of this phenomenon when reading William Shirer’s description of the birth of the Nazi political party. Hitler stated that “…The Movement will in the future ruthlessly prevent — if necessary by force — all meetings or lectures that are likely to distract the minds of our fellow countrymen.” Combined with the cancel and shaming culture at work, some universities have been limiting speakers who do not toe the liberal line. Wake up America, the Left is out to destroy the concept of a constitutionally-based, free America.

Dirk van Ulden


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Ray Fowler

Hi, Dirk

Thanks for your letter. It's beyond sad the First Amendment appears to be fading fast before our very eyes.

The media bears a large part of our cancel culture attempting to cancel the First Amendment. Maybe they cannot help themselves... Joseph Pulitzer was a scoundrel of the highest order who reported sensationalist stories as news. Now, his name is attached to awards recognizing excellence in journalism... the curious thing is that the lines between Pulitzer awards for fiction and Pulitzer awards for journalism may be blurred.

About four years ago, Harvard... not a liberal institution... reported that mainstream media coverage of President Trump's first 100 days in office was 80% negative. Both CNN and NBC reported negative stories about the new administration 90% of the time. It's difficult to argue there is not a left bias in the media.

That bias can distort and shelve points of view that do not conform to the left's agenda, and s a result... the First Amendment starts to fade.



Just thought I would throw in my two bits worth, actually only about 17 cents worth. On the Harvard study is there corresponding info for the right side media? My guess would be that Fox, and the OAN types probably rated Trump as 80% positive. I would also guess that the tables have turned. Today the MSM probably favors Biden and Fox, etc. probably rates him negative. On second thought, maybe it was only about 12 cents.

Ray Fowler


"Mainstream" media... yes, that includes Fox but not OANN. I'm guessing your estimate that 80% of OANN's stuff is pro-Trump is actually low, which only reinforces the MSM's immense left bias. The MSM, as a whole, is just about as anti-Trump as OANN is for him.

You're not taking time off from your job selling bridges across New York's East River to suggest the MSM was fair and unbiased in its coverage of the Donald are you?

You wrote, "Today the MSM probably favors Biden and Fox, etc. probably rates him negative." Your joking, right? The MSM "probably" favors Biden? The same MSM that buried stories about Hunter a couple of weeks before the election? It looks like the MSM was favoring Joe before he was elected.

Here's an example of that bias... just over the past couple of days... Dr. Fauci made remarks about the national pandemic policy in place before Joe Biden assumed office. Then Quean (not a misspelling) Kamala in an interview disputed the doctor's suggestion there was a national policy before the election... an obvious jab at Trump... The interviewer mentioned Dr. Fauci's reference and asked the Veep about it. Later, the interviewer posted the followup question on Twitter. Guess what? The tweet has been deleted. Does that sound like special and preferential treatment to you?

With respect to Fox and coverage of the current administration... I don't watch enough cable to form a solid opinion, but I would think such a claim... Fox probably rates Joe negatively... would need some corroboration. But even if the Fox News folks were not Joe Biden fans, do you think their coverage has been 80-90% negative?

You know this is not fair... I still have anesthesia coursing through my veins...


Ray, First things first. You need to talk to the Dr. about getting the anesthesia imported from Islay.

As for the "probably", I didn't want to use an absolute or excessively high wording because I don't have an absolute answer. I try to stay on the more moderate side of the absolutes. If you recall a couple of weeks ago I gave you my breakdown of the 74 mil Trump voters. I didn't call all 74 mil poorly educated, racist, bigoted knuckle draggers, just 25-40 million of them.

With regards to OANN, you are right. I can't remember them or Newsmax ever say anything good about the left or anything bad about the right in the times I have watched them.

Ray Fowler

Very funny...

I appreciate your refraining from using absolutes... I think we have both been around long enough to know it's difficult to say that something happens the same way every time. Allowing for a little wiggle room is not waffling... it accommodates variations.

Yeah... Islay. If you get a chance, check out Mull. That would be quite a trip... one that would even get Wilfredo off his cabin's back porch.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Funny indeed 😄. It will have to be a summer trip. Sub zero weather requires much fire tending.


Good evening Wilfred,

I know you have your ears on and check out what is happening daily. I always wonder when the comments are back and forth which one will bring you out of the shadows.

As long as you checked in today I am curious if you have anything new to report on the tasting scene?

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Hello Tafhdyd,

My wife and I are heading into the "big city" tomorrow. I'll post what we find tomorrow. Stayed tuned. [innocent]

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Facebook, Twitter, Et al., supported by the media are quick to suppress the right. Has anyone read, seen or heard how they missed taking measures against known online plans for the January 6th riot. I wonder why??? Or am I just cynical?



Dirk van Ulden

Hi Taffy - I believe the issue is that the preponderance of the news media are anti-Trump. Fox is just one against all of the Alphabet channels and of course, Google, Twitter and Facebook. My children, all educated and married with children themselves, do not read newspapers, or the regular news channels but get their info from, guess where? That is where the left has dominated and selectively suppressed the relevant news. The CNNs of the world are now fabricating news and instead of hiring reporters they plant shills for the Democrat Party The last Time magazine, in a multipage article on the election process, unwittingly exposed what the Left is up to. Heaven help this nation with that vicious, calculated algorithm that was employed. It is a miracle that Trump even got 76 million votes. .


Hello Dirk,

It is hard to know where to start in a reply to your comments but I will start with the obvious. I don’t think you have any intention of being bi-partisan or even attempting to try and bring a little unity to the country. Using the term “Democrat Party” rather than the correct term Democratic Party is a direct slur regularly used by the right wing and popularized by your ex leader, Donald, to aid in his attempt to divide the country.

As for the media being anti-Trump. That is strictly in the opinion and the eyes of the beholder. The media reports on Trump and he takes care of the rest. Those that turn a blind eye to his obvious faults think the press is against him. The press didn’t make up “Why do we want to let in people from those s*%t h@!e countries?”, that was Donald showing his racist background.

The last item I was curious about was the comment about your children not reading newspapers or the regular news media but get info from guess where? I see two possibilities. One is they get info from sources you don’t like and therefore they oppose your adoration of Donald, or two, you have indoctrinated them into your right wing sources of lies and conspiracies. Which is it? BTW, it was 74 not 76.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


Costco liquor section wasn't open when we arrived this morning. After noon, we went to a liquor store warehouse and I purchased Woodford Double Oaked, Glenfiddich 18 Small Batch Reserve and Gran Centenario Anejo. The Woodford has been sampled and I love it. Thanks for the tip. I'll let you know when I try the others. I can't promise when, as I don't drink much or often.



Good evening. I thought the Double Oaked was excellent also. Smooth and mellow compared to the regular Woodford which I found to be a bit on the hot side. I think I saw the Grand Centenario at Costco Foster City the other day. I will give it a try when I get back there. The reviews seem to be very favorable. I thought I had the Glenfiddich 18 but I just checked and I have a sample pack of Glenlivet with an 18 that I have not tried yet. I was waiting for some friends to share but with the Covid I am not sure when that will happen. Any dessert wines for your wife? Take care and keep warm.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


No dessert wines this time. The tequila is all my wife wants for now.


I assume the study was the one comparing NYT stories to those on Reuters, which didn't consider the possibility that the British wire service was biased. Wonder why AP was not in the mix. It is considered the gold standard for objectivity, if objectivity still exists in journalism. Did it ever? There was a time when it was at least attempted.

One only had to watch the senate impeachment hearings to see how biased the commentators were. I thought of the Marx brothers quip of "who you going to believe - me or your own eyes."

Journalism has been going downhill since UPI hit the iceberg and AP had a monopoly.

If you want to find out where news comes from read "Philip's Code: No News is Good News - to a Killer."

Christopher Conway

Dirk, I completely agree with you that the left is trying to silence us in a very open and deliberate way. The good news is they are the liberal progressives and have as much strength as hot house flowers.

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