If it weren’t already abundantly clear to every thinking, honest observer, the Jan. 6. Committee, after just two of the planned hearings, has effectively removed any suspicion of 2020 election fraud.

Who in his or her right mind can still believe Trump’s big lie about an election rigged against him, and that he actually had won by a landslide? None!

What choice did Trump have? His fragile ego prevented him from accepting a loss that those around him told him would be the case, before, during and after the election. But even Trump realized all the legal trouble he would be in without presidential protection. So, his only hope was that enough easily fooled and dishonest people would believe, or at least pretend to buy his big lie and support his numerous, albeit unsuccessful attempts at falsifying the results of the election. It almost worked, thanks to so many ignoramuses, dishonest Republicans and other traitors.

Jorg Aadahl

San Mateo

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Mike Caggiano

Hey lots of fun all around. That's why I refer to this column as the 'bucket of crabs'.

The only thing I'd add is that the DOJ is the entity that prosecutes wrong doing not the Congress their job is to investigate and refer - hopefully.

Cheers all.

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Jorg

I noticed you published an expanded version of your LTE on your blog post earlier today. Let me catch everyone up on your latest "opinion" piece in the DJ...

Persons who do not share your political viewpoints, according to you, are: ignoramuses, dishonest and traitors. Due to the DJ's word count restriction, you were not able to add uneducated, unsuccessful and unaccomplished to your "opinion" in today's LTE. Those descriptors do appear in your blog post version. You forgot to mention "unpatriotic"... would you like to add it now?


Ray: Of course, the truth can be hard to swallow, especially if you have been taken by a blatant lie from such a notorious liar like Trump. But how would you characterize people so dense that they still believe in the big lie about an election rigged against Trump, and that the Jan. 6 insurrection was nothing to be concerned about?

Ray Fowler

Jorg... thanks for framing your question in a way that encourages a dialog.

I agree with the idea that an inquiry into Jan. 6 is appropriate, but even if I disagreed with those, like yourself, calling for such an inquiry... I would not characterize those folks as "dense."

On the other side of the issue... those who believe the election was stolen... why do you think they have come to that conclusion? What other things, beside Donald Trump saying the 2020 election was rigged, make them believe the election was stolen? I'm sure you would agree that those same persons also believe the Jan. 6 riot was "nothing to be concerned about." However, I don't feel that way and I'm confident you don't either.

I do feel Chuck, Nancy, et al. lost a great opportunity to relegate claims of a stolen election to just a footnote in history with the Jan. 6 hearings. Some on the left say Donald Trump's actions before the Jan. 6 riot were worse that Watergate.

OK... then let's use a process more like Congress' inquiry into Watergate because what's going on in DC now is not a bipartisan inquiry into the events up to and including what happened on Jan. 6.

The Democrats controlled both houses of Congress during the Watergate hearings and they arrived at the correct conclusions. Remember, during the Watergate hearings... it was the ranking Republican senator who asked, "What did the president know, and when did he know it?" So, for the Jan. 6 hearings to do their job... we need a cleaner process.


Ray: Remember that Republicans changed their mind and refused to participate, except for the 2 honest ones, who wanted to help exposing the truth behind it all. And they seem to succeed, which angers Republicans who do not want the embarrassing truth!

Dirk van Ulden

As one of those uneducated, unsuccessful and unaccomplished folks I wonder whether Jorg ever considers himself God's gift to the earth. We are truly blessed to have him find another reason to rake the muck and re ind us of how great the current president is handling this country. Of course, Jorg would not ever know that an accusation without cross examination is perhaps allowable in Norway but in this country there must be a counter argument before a verdict is reached upon. The January 6 commission is blatantly ignoring common American Law procedures. But, that is music to Jorg's ears so let him enjoy himself and let him wallow in his continued childish Trump hatred. .


Dirk: So, you call Trump hatred “childish”, after all the damage he has done, and after having revealed himself as a shameless, shallow liar, an embarrassment for the country, a laughingstock around the world, and so selfish that he would gladly sacrifice his devoted VP to save his own sorry soul? How delusional do you have to be, to still believe the 2020 election was rigged against Trump, - especially after the Jan. 6 Committee’s findings? As if some 74 million bewildered voters weren’t enough? According to the Mueller Report, however, the 2016 election may very well have been rigged somewhat in Trump’s favor by foreign adversaries, who would benefit by having someone as naïve and easily fooled and manipulated as Trump in the Oval Office. He may even have encouraged Putin!

And especially Republicans, should be happy about the Jan. 6 committee’s good work. They need to get Trump out of the way in order to have any chance. Or, on second thought, - perhaps better for the future of the country, to get Republicans out of the way. Especially over the last 20 years or so, Republican administrations have been a disaster! Even you, Dirk, should be able to see that!


Ray: Let me once again try to make myself abundantly clear: There is no more real “opposing view” on Trump’s election lies than on 2+2=4. His claim of a rigged election is so obviously made up, that anyone with a fiber of sense and intellect will see it. They may not be honest enough to admit it, but the claim is so void of any semblance of reality that even Trump must have had a good laugh at how gullible and easily fooled his followers are. And yes, you have to be quite an ignoramus to fall for such nonsense, - and not only because it comes from a compulsive liar like Trump. Did I make myself clear?

Ray Fowler

Yes, Jorg... you make yourself very clear. No one has any problem understanding what you say and why you say it.


Ray: But do you all understand what it MEANS? I doubt it.

Ray Fowler


BTW... thanks for the email and the Father's Day wish. Happy Father's Day to you, Rel, Tommy, JustMike, Mike O, Mark O, Rudy, et al.

Terence Y

Blah, blah, blah - more JUNC (Jorg’s Usual Nonsense Claptrap) jibber-jabber because Jorg needs to deflect from his hero Biden’s America Last policies... Ho-hum.


Terence Y: Very honest and brave of you to "come out" as one of them. Thank you!

Terence Y

Jorg, considering you don’t know what incendiary ammunition is, or what an assault rifle is, or what the word “any” means, I think being “one of them” is greatly preferable to being “one of you” because it’s patently obvious who is easily fooled and dishonest - his name begins with “J” and ends in “org.” BTW, thanks for the exclamation point. Can you spare a “flat Earth” next time?

Ray Fowler

Hi, Terence

Rather than repaying Jorg in kind... maybe questioning his fealty to the US House VERY Select Committee's hearings into the attack on the capitol would be more productive. Maybe. After the first day of the hearings, Adam Schiff (D-CA) declared there is sufficient evidence to move forward with an indictment of the former president. Well... maybe there is... but wasn't Rep. Schiff the guy who also claimed... for a long time... he had hard evidence of Russian collusion?


Terence Y: To argue about what to call the weapon they were assaulted with, - is your way of showing compassion for the families of the 19 little school kids and 2 devoted teachers who were killed at Robb Elementary school, - not to mention friends and families, and all the rest of us, heart stricken by the tragedy. That’s so important to you, that you had to bring it up in a totally unrelated opinion exchange. Thanks for making that clear. You even pushed Ray off on an unrelated tangent.

Terence Y

Jorg, so your idea of compassion is trying to sensationalize a tragedy by lying about the use of incendiary ammunition? Why was it so important you had to make things up to push a narrative? I’d say calling your credibility, or lack thereof, into question is valid and related. Speaking of a lack of compassion, why no mention of Chuck Schumer blocking a school safety bill that was a no-brainer to pass?


Terence Y: So, how do you explain this?


Or. do you know better than this doctor what happened to the mutilated children?

Terence Y

Jorg, you already tried that link. Did you do a search of the article and find “incendiary”? BTW, no response on Chuck Schumer blocking a school safety bill?


Terence Y: So, what does Schumer’s logical decision that the Republican proposed gun “control” measure was inadequate and an attempt at side-tracking the gun control issue, have to do with this LTE about the election fraud lie? Just your usual way of trying to derail an issue, because you don’t have anything else to contribute to the debate, or because you don’t understand what we are talking about?

Terence Y

Jorg, speaking to your credibility, or lack thereof, is a cogent argument in this, or any, discussion. I’ve highlighted the fact that even you don’t understand what you’re talking about. BTW, still no response on why you have to make things up?


Terence Y: Do you understand more of it now, after the 3rd. Jan. 6 hearing? No?

Terence Y

Sorry Jorg, I’m tired of your cycle of deflection and I've already made my point. Until next time… BTW, they could hold 1000 sham Jan 6 hearings but if we wanted the same number of laughs, we could watch reruns of the Three Stooges.


Terence Y: No big surprise, but it is obvious you still don’t get it. So let me suggest that you educate yourself by watching a more reliable network than Fox. I can highly recommend MSNBC as the most informative and reliable, with great in-depth commentaries by the best in the media business.

Then, let’s see if the Jan. 6 committee arrives at the conclusion I suggested over a year ago, that Trump was scared shoeless by the prospect of losing presidential protection, and that he would be dead meet if all his misdeeds came out and were prosecuted. Even he understood that. That’s why he has behaved in such a bizarre manner, contrary to his own advisors, and contrary to what he knew, namely that he had lost the election. Yet, he tried to lie himself out of the embarrassing situation, with all the gullible and easily fooled following him as blind sheep.

And, Terence, don’t come back with more side-tracking nonsense and “what-about-its”.

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