When Melania Trump divorces Donald Trump, will he say “Meli–, what’s her name again? I hardly knew her?”

Jorg Aadhal

San Mateo

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Yes, Chris, - you can hold your breath until more of the Nation turns blue, when people realize the huge mistake made in 2016, destroying the good trend established by President Obama after the previous disastrous Republican administration.


True statement Jorg.

CC=pot calling the kettle..

Christopher Conway

CC = Patriot calling you an anonymous twit


Chris are you aware that the name 'Chris Conway' does not guarantee who you really are?

The name you chose when you signed up guarantees no authenticity.

You could be 'George from Livermore' or SaltyBalty from Clovis"

Christopher Conway

Jorg- you got a lot of hate in your heart. Good luck with that


Not at all! I just feel very sorry for this poor woman, "married" to the worst sorry excuse for a "president" ever to occupy the WH. A steadily increasing majority seem to agree with me that Trump is an embarrassment for the nation and a laughingstock around the world, - to state it mildly. You think that Trump is good enough and that the country, and the world, don't deserve any better?

Thomas Morgan

Jorg taking your comment as originally written, make you a bigot, and no different from the man you claim to hate. Your rant on other people's comments seem to get your point accross, but your own submission tend to be severely lacking and incoherent. Think before you press send, and if you don't have anything nice to say keep it to yourself.

Christopher Conway

Jorg- will you be moving back to your beloved homeland when Trump wins re-election in 2020?


So, Chris, - if you were sufficiently well informed, and unbiased enough, to fully realize that the most powerful leader in the world was destroying what it has taken decades and generations to build and refine, while lying and calling people childish names and becoming an embarrassment for the country and a laughingstock around the world, - would you support someone like that and declare that all he does or say is just fine and honorable, and that you want more of the same? Or, would you, like the steadily increasing majority, take exception and call someone like that a disgrace for the nation, unfit for the office and try to get such a person out the sooner the better, before even more damage is done?

Personally, I would hate what someone like that has done, - not necessarily because it has affected me directly, but because it has had a negative impact on so many others, although some may have been fooled into believing that they have benefited financially. – for now.

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - I don't think the so-called laughing stock is relevant. They don't vote and they don't live here. Nobody is laughing anymore as they realize that we mean business and are seriously demolishing the "Uncle Sam as in Santa Clause" perception around the world. It seems as if you supported the give-aways by Clinton and Obama that made China the second largest economy at your and my expense. Last week's circus by Schiff by parading prime examples of our deep state representatives, who ignore and oppose the mandates of a duly elected President, will live in infamy for the leftists in the Democratic Party. Apparently you prefer the status quo but that is why 50% of the voters went against you and your likes. Sorry, just get ready for another 5 years. Who will be laughing then?

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