After listening to his intelligence briefings and warnings about the coronavirus threat and consulting with his advisors in 2019, every other president would’ve immediately:

1). Created a government task force manned with top government and medical/healthcare officials, to determine the extant of the coronavirus threat and how best to prepare the country and protect the American people (Including a fully staffed CDC);

2). Created a government command center to coordinate all aspects of the government response to the virus, including the logistics of purchasing, warehousing and distribution of all emergency medical supplies and test kits;

3). Partner with other countries and the WHO (World Health Organization) to begin research and development of a cure or vaccine for the coronavirus;

4). Appoint one central trusted and competent government spokesperson ti keep the American public up to date;

5). Lead by example; taken responsibility and control of the situation; display confidence and trustworthiness;

Instead, Trump has:

1). for months, declared the coronavirus a hoax; done absolutely nothing about it; lied and said it was under control; refused to wear a mask until recently; never fully re-staffed the CDC (Center for Decease Control); withdrew America from the WHO organization; name called and blamed other countries, the WHO organization and state governors;

2). tells the American people that he takes no responsibility in the handling of the coronavirus pandemic; only worries about his political future;

3). Caused confusion, anger, division, panic, hoarding, and mistrust of himself and the government.

Do we want four more years of this?  

Michael Oberg

San Mateo

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(10) comments


Son -of- a- bleach.



As soon as I started reading "every other president..." I guessed the comments would have the usual Trump minions spouting their bigoted, xenophobic slurs just as their orange idol would like. Sure enough, their lying conman hero will be proud of them.

Dirk van Ulden

Mr. Oberg clearly does not deviate from his usual news sources. From what I have seen, all of his five points were actually addressed and implemented by the President. No other national leader in the world has taken on the Wuhan virus like Mr. Trump. Have you noticed that neither the prime ministers of European and Asian countries nor any dictators in other locations became the single spokespersons for handling the virus? Why, so that they could not be blamed and just deferred to bureaucrats when questions arose. Where were Merkel, Macron, Sanchez etc? And all we get from Jorg is the usual rant that has gone beyond stale.

Tommy Tee

WIth any other president in The White House, we would have surely been back in baseball and basketball stadiums, theaters, and traveling freely. There has been an abject failure of leadership in our country.

Christopher Conway

Michael- to answer your question, yes, we do want four more years of President Trump and we will get it. Thank God. Most of us realize that the responsibility of the China virus falls on each one of us as individuals. But then again, Trump supporters don't look to government to tell us what we must do on every situation that comes across our lives like the sheep of the Democrat Party.


These are your preferred characteristics for the person occupying the most powerful and important position in the world? A pathological liar, a cheater in school and on the golf course, a bragger claiming to be the best in everything, someone who grabs women in the most private areas in public, someone other world leaders consider a laughingstock they have no respect for, someone who treats other world leaders with disrespect and who gets himself into and loses an argument with a 16-year old girl raising awareness of climate change, one who calls himself a very stable genius and brag about acing a very simple cognitive test, including remembering 5 words, someone who cheats on his wives and pays prostitutes to keep quiet about it, someone with limited vocabulary and repetitious talks, someone incapable of attracting and keeping competent people for important positions, someone science challenged who gets into silly arguments with scientists and waves a bible to fool the gullible, someone who promises to reveal his tax returns, like all previous presidential candidates, then fights feverously to prevent anyone from seeing them!

Did I miss anything?

Dirk van Ulden

Yes, Jorg - I am sure that you can come up with more exogenous comments about our President. It is getting kind of old and so predictable. Any new to say the next time?


I think I'll leave it to upcoming books about Trump to expose the whole truth about the worst president in modern times, - by far! But for his compact core of faithful followers to get it, - I have my doubts.


Yes Jorg, you missed a bunch. Unfortunately unless we live well into the next century we won't have time to write them all.


True, - but here is a good start, though, by a former top Republican:


So, you see, even Republicans are now beginning to realize what a complete failure Trump has been, - if you are bright enough, that is.

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