Your Sept. 7 front page article concerning Redwood City’s commitment to “equity,” used that word 18 times, not counting its use in different conjugations. It does not, however, explain what the term “equity” means. As they state it is their “guiding principle,” one would expect they would clarify that. Even the mayor admitted that she was not sure what is meant by the term. I think the city officials should let the people know exactly what plans and policies they intend to implement, and not hide behind a nice sounding but rather vague term.

Tim Donnelly


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It was funny to see them dance around the issue. I would venture to say the "equity" is the new word for "affirmative action", which has been outlawed (twice). They still want to discriminate so they found a new name, hoping they can get away with it.

Tommy Tee

It amazes me how people don't get what equity means. SMH.

Dirk van Ulden

Tommy - please explain what equity means. Clearly, most of us are too ignorant to fathom its true purpose.

Ray Fowler

Hi, Dirk... I would really like to see a substantive reply to your request... we'll see.

Tommy Tee

Clearly, I agree.

Ray Fowler

Tommy… let’s retrace our steps.

You wrote this morning, “It amazes me how people don't get what equity means.”

Dirk posted “please explain what equity means.” Then followed with “Clearly, most of us are too ignorant to fathom its true purpose.

You responded “Clearly, I agree.”

OK. It appears you believe most everyone else is too ignorant to understand the meaning of the term “equity.” If that’s the case, I’m at a loss to understand why you did not respond to Dirk’s request, i.e., “please explain what equity means.”

Then, I asked, “Well, Tommy... why don't you tell us what equity means?”

This is a great opportunity for you to shine or to shine on...

Ray Fowler

Well, Tommy... why don't you tell us what equity means?

Terence Y

It amazes me how Tommy says “…people don’t get what equity means.” and yet they themselves aren’t able to define what equity means. Methinks they don’t get what equity means, either. ROFLMAO

Tommy Tee


Ray Fowler


It appears you don't have a serious answer to the question... why don't you tell us what equity means?

To many... and too many on the left equate equity with equal outcomes. It's the adult version of everybody gets a participation trophy.

After bantering back and forth with other readers for about a year, I'm confident that folks on the left and the right sincerely believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labor... and let's put that fruit into a pie... everyone deserves a piece of the pie. However, if we institutionalize equity to the point that everyone's piece of the pie has to be exactly the same size... that's not equity. Equality and equity are not the same thing.

So, why don't you tell us what equity means?

Dirk van Ulden

Well Tommy - either relieve yourself or get off the pot. What is it?

Terence Y

Actually, Tommy, based on comments, it’s more of “wethinks” now. LOLH. BTW since you’re having such difficulty defining equity, let me help you and RC officials… do a search for "Boghossian social justice rhetoric cheat sheet" - it should be mandatory reading for all.

Dirk van Ulden

This is yet another 'check the box' issue for a city to demonstrate that they are woke. It also means yet another civil servant and related costs to a city that can apparently afford to waste money on such a vague concept. But, it keeps the natives from being restless and discovering new faults with our society now that BLM. racism and white supremacy have lost their lore.

Ray Fowler

Yes. We would not want Redwood City's rep showing up at an ABAG meeting without a fully formed equity program in tow. After all, according to ABAG, their purpose is to help "local governments absorb growth and adapt to change while addressing sustainability, resilience and EQUITY issues." [emphasis added]

Terence Y

Well written, Mr. Donnelly. Perhaps these folks are stalling for time while they try to create another definition for “equity.” Similar to how “infrastructure” is no longer “infrastructure.” Let’s see how fair and impartial Redwood City is. Will they be more fair and impartial to campaign donors than the folks who elected them?

Ray Fowler

Good morning, Tim

Gosh... I thought it was just me. The article re: the city's equity document references comments by Redwood City's mayor, vice mayor, a third city council member, city manager, assistant city manager, and the inclusion officer... but none of those folks explains what they mean by equity.

According to the article, “As drafted, the plan would include three objectives — to clarify the city’s equity commitment, demonstrate active focus on equity and institutionalize equity as priority through policy." Skrrrrip! (sound of stylus on vinyl)

What does any of this mean?


Sounds like something out of Animal Farm - "all pigs are equal but some are more equal than others." Whoever has the media whip hand rules: "marriage equality" really meant same sex marriage. if equality was the goal polygamy would have been in the mix. "choice" only covered abortion. As Newsom said "whether you like it or not."

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