California Assemblymember Kevin Mullin and Burlingame’s Councilmember Emily Beach, as evidenced in the Daily Journal letters and articles, might possibly be front runners in the campaign to replace California’s Congresswoman Jackie Speier.

Sometime ago, I was would have taken the radical stance and say that both were qualified. In my few discussions with Mr. Mullin in the past, I thought him to be capable and reasonable, but when he supported and voted for Senate bills 9 and 10, that was a game changer.

All Burlingame’s councilmembers, Emily Beach included, are troubled by those draconian Senate bills, as they would essentially override local ordinances that will have the power to devastate entire neighborhoods. Ms. Beach believes there are better ways of working out the housing issue.

In my discussions with her over the years, I have been singularly impressed, not only by her openness and willingness to listen to differing ideas, but by her knowledge and leadership abilities. There is little question she would make an excellent representative in Washington.

Kent Lauder


United States

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Doug North Central

I agree with Kent Lauder on this (and Terrence Y). I have seen Emily Beach in action, as Mayor of Burlingame conducting the public review of the Caltrans presentation on the El Camino Real proposed improvements. Ms. Beach did an excellent job of listening to both sides of the issue and maintaining a professional and respective tone to this public meeting. I have never met my Assembly member, but his staff was very professional and responsive the only time I contacted his local office. However, Kevin Mullin has shown that he will not represent the best interests of those who have repeatedly elected him when he voted to override local control of the quality of development in our residential neighborhoods. A proven record in this case demonstrates that he is not the best person to represent us. Plus, it is important to support a new voice, especially when there is a need for diversity in the U.S. Congress, which is predominantly male. Name recognition and family dynasties too often result in a lack of adequate public scrutiny of our potential representatives.


Councilwoman Beach failed over half of Burlingame residents by not lifting a finger to prevent displacement of renters. The historic racism and exclusionary character that Burlingame is known for continued under her watch. She does a whole lot of talking but no walking. She is not suited to be a member of Congress.

Terence Y

Unfortunately HFAB, even with your reported failings by Ms. Beach, Ms. Beach is still a better candidate than Mr. Mullin. We know Mr. Mullin is in the pocket of trade unions and real estate folks, likely encouraging Mr. Mullin’s vote on SB 9 and 10. It remains to be seen who will contribute to Ms. Beach’s campaign. We can also wait to see if there are alternative candidates.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Terence...

You know I'm a right leaning centrist, but I like Kevin. He has more legislative experience than anyone else currently declared as a candidate for Jackie's vacancy next year. However, let's see what the final ballot looks like. I would like to see someone who would not be beholden to the DNC through their hat in the ring... that would get my attention and possibly my vote.

Let's not be too rough on Kevin. Any Democrat who wins the 14th district's seat will be in lockstep with the DNC's agenda. Do you remember Ira Ruskin? I was on a first name basis with him years ago when he was on Redwood City's city council, and I was glad to see him elected to the state assembly. Shortly after he moved on to Sacramento, his rhetoric changed. It seemed to be less SM county oriented... replaced with party talking points. I didn't like the change, but it didn't change my feeling about Ira. He was a good man.

Kevin is a good man. However, I have committed to any candidate. It might shock Rudy to see me write... a woman of color may rise to the top. Again, let's see what shakes out between now and next November.

Terence Y

Hi Ray - Mr. Mullin may be a fine and personable individual, but I’m rating Mr. Mullin on his actions, not his words. We have come to expect that plenty of folks are hypocritical when they’re campaigning or in front of the media and voters, but their true colors are exposed when their votes are recorded. We can then see whether their allegiance lies with campaign donors, toeing the party line, or with the people in their “kingdom.” Based on Mr. Mullin’s vote on SB9 and 10, we have an idea of where his true loyalties lie.

When the vote is near, I’ll delve deeper into all candidate voting records on legislation, if any. Perhaps someone with less experience is a better candidate as they may do less damage than the known. As you said, let’s see what shakes out. My vote will be for the person who has the best record of listening to the folks in their “kingdom”, regardless of color or age or alphabet soup designation, perhaps to Rudy’s shock.

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