Hypothetically, if we didn’t have social media, violent video games, violent movies and violent song lyrics, would we have had so many mass shootings this year? I believe we would not.

If we had eliminated the gun lobby on Jan. 1 would we have avoided the heinous slaughter of so many in Uvalde? No, I don’t think so. Therefore, President Biden is once again out of touch with reality. Biden’s failure with COVID will also ensure we have continued mental health issues in our communities for some time.

Between the pandemic, the war with Russia and soon China, the climate, the homeless, the porous borders, a crisis in Afghanistan that we caused, renewed racism along with the divided country, we can be assured things will not get better soon. But, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t put into place the meliorist leadership that will work toward bettering our nation and evoking a clear vision that will be passed on to the next generation, as our issues are intergenerational in nature. We need leaders that are looking at what is next for our country and not what is best for them to win the next election. We need leaders that will seek out common ground and give our children hope.

As a staunch liberal who admires the likes of Bernie, Gabard and Nader, I am now very disappointed I voted Democrat in 2020 and will probably follow in Musk’s shoes next time around. And if not now, when?

Howard Roth

Foster City

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Howard, for a staunch liberal, you sure write like a right winger. You believe the Uvalde shootings, or any other mass shooting, can be attributable mainly to violent refrains from the social media? There is nothing to blame for our inaction over common sense gun safety laws that Republicans refuse to even discuss?

How is Biden out of touch with reality with COVID? What would you have him do differently? Republicans made vaccinations political such that they refused the very vaccines they praise Trump for rushing to the public.

You are correct we need leaders who want to act more for our country and not what is best for their next election, those who seek common ground. Name one Republican in the House or Senate who does it and votes like it.

The right wants to take away a woman's right to choose her own health choices and criminalize it; won't discuss gun safety changes; wants to limit voters ability to vote; and worst of all, won't propose any meaningful legislation, nor vote on anything proposed by the Democrats because they overwhelmingly want to maintain power. Yet, this is what you will likely vote to in any forthcoming election? No, this is not a staunch liberal stance.

Dirk van Ulden

Dear Rel - have you any idea how absurd your comments are? "wants to limit voters ability to vote; and worst of all, won't propose any meaningful legislation, nor vote on anything proposed by the Democrats because they overwhelmingly want to maintain power." The uproar over the voting bill in Georgia resulted in a massive increase in voter turn out. The Republicans are not interested in maintaining power but are merely representing their constituents who would like a piece of the pie. What you call meaningful legislation, such as HB1 which is a power grab at its worst and would be deemed a socialist effort in other democratic systems. Well, may be that is what you want, but I don't.

Terence Y

Dirk, I don’t think Rel has any idea how absurd his comments are. Rel’s arguments have more holes than Swiss cheese.

Terence Y

Well written, Mr. Roth. Based on the nation’s sentiment, many folks have voter’s remorse. You may want to extend your voter remorse to all Democrat candidates, for any elected position if they’re more interested in what is best for them to win the next election rather than seeking common ground and giving our children hope.

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