Trump killed the head of Iran’s terror network. And for this, the Democratic presidential candidates castigate him. Perhaps they have a better idea. Like in the days of Obama, giving the mullahs another $150 billion to wreak their terror?

Pamela Abramson

San Mateo

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Christopher Conway

and the left doesn't care that he has blood of Americans on his hands and he had plans to kill even more.


Chris: Whether this assassination will secure Trump's re-"election" or not, remains to be seen. But no one has more blood on his hands than former Republican WH occupant George W. Bush, who with lies started the insane and unwinnable Mid-East wars that still cost blood on both sides. Before that, at least Iraq and Iran kept each other at bay, - until we had to mess it up, - first by helping Iraq, then invading them!

Christopher Conway

I would be the last guy to defend George Bush Jr. We should have left Saddam in power as his father did after the gulf war. No argument from me on that one.

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - if you had studied history you would know that the Middle-East crisis began after our Democratic President Wilson carved up the territory in 1918 and created the boundaries that are still in effect today. They are the main cause of the internal wars among the Islamic factions. There was far more blood spilled needlessly in Vietnam, a war started by Democratic President Kennedy and continued by Johnson until a Republican President Nixon pulled us out.


And so did George W. Bush, remember?


Oh boy, here we go again with another Trump-lie, - as usual swallowed raw by his supporters! First of all, former President Barack Obama didn’t give “150 billion in cash” to Iran. The nuclear agreement included China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union, so Obama didn’t carry out any part of it on his own. The deal did lift some sanctions, which lifted a freeze on Iran’s assets that were held largely in foreign, not U.S., banks. And, to be clear, the money that was unfrozen belonged to Iran. It had only been made inaccessible by sanctions aimed at crippling the country’s nuclear program. Secondly, $150 billion is a high-end estimate of the total that was freed up after some sanctions were lifted. U.S. Treasury Department estimates put the number at about $50 billion in “usable liquid assets,” according to 2015 testimony from Adam Szubin, acting under secretary of treasury for terrorism and financial intelligence.

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