What’s the difference between the two camps, the Democrats and the Trumpocrats? A lot. Democrats, by and large, want a leader better than themselves. They want someone who can lead, who’s more intelligent, experienced and can solve problems that appear impossible to most. They want someone to be proud of, with high morality and a clean record and with nothing to hide, setting a good example for others. He should also be a world leader, someone the world respects and admires, someone other leaders listen to.

And Trumpocrats? As a group, they have shown themselves to pretty much wanting the opposite of a leader, someone more like themselves: not too educated or experienced, someone making mistakes they can identify with and feel better about. They want someone who makes it look OK to lie, demean others and cheat, even on taxes. They want a role model who’s easy to live up to, without excessive hard work or sacrifice, someone who can make their own lack of education and their own mistakes look more forgivable.

He shouldn’t be too rhetorical, but should use simple words that are easy to understand and, of course, make fun of the opposition and other people they like to dislike. If the rest of the world despises and laughs at him, that’s even better. Finally, why should those with even less than us get anything for free? We worked hard for what we have, so why shouldn’t everybody?

Jorg Aadahl

San Mateo

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Great post Jorg !

Christopher Conway

Ever notice Jorg's letters are all the same. "I'm smart and Trump supporters are dumb", "Trump is a laughingstock of the international community"

What Jorg suffers from is projection and name calling. He never discusses facts or policy and shows by his letter writing that he is the ignorant one with very little to share with the reader other that his adolescent opinion. My toddler makes better arguments than Jorg who only plays one tune and plays it poorly.


Moving out of state? (Your words.)


" Can't wait for my first opportunity to leave the state entirely." ( Jan. 14, 2020)


No. JME. - please don't encourage Chris to move out of state, although he has foolishly "threatened" to do so. I for one, want him here, - he never misses an opportunity to underscore the points in my letters, whether he knows it, or not.

Dirk van Ulden

Chris - you are so right. Jorg is incurable and we ought just let him rant. He makes no sense but what do you expect from a highly educated but uninformed liberal. He mistakenly believes that besides a few that he has followers. Over the cliff they will be going next November.


So, you have high Trumpcratsian hopes for the 2020 election, Dirk! Do you really think there are still enough dumb voters left to re-“elect” Trump, after all the damage he has done? Or, do you trust that the usual Republican tricks and voter suppression, combined with foreign meddling, will do the dirty job again, - like in 2016?

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