James Comey’s decisions caused Hillary Clinton’s loss more than any Russian trolling. The politically expedient Comey let Hillary off (as his book mentions) because he discovered an email saying then U.S. attorney general Loretta Lynch had already decided that.

Comey refuses to disclose the email probably because it was a Russian plant and he’d look like a fool for being duped. But when former New York congressman Anthony Weiner’s emails came to light and Lynch met with former President Bill Clinton on the tarmac, Comey realized he’d have to renew the Clinton investigation to inoculate himself from charges that he colluded with Lynch to tip the scales for Hillary.

This will become clear when the Justice Department’s inspector general releases his investigations this fall. The Russian “collusion delusion” was always a diversion to cover up the Democrats’ use of national intelligence assets to spy on a presidential campaign and to cover up the Clinton mail scandal.

Ed Kahl


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