Why is Trump always super fast to criticize and/or dramatically withdraw or threaten emptily to withdraw participation? It is because of a total inability to actively engage in the much more difficult and time consuming tasks of creating solutions to real problems. His criticisms and withdrawals look good to his base as if he is following some principles but these pathetic actions do nothing to actually solve the very real problems facing all Americans he is supposed to serve. Examples of treaties and agreements he has run away from rather than try to work on include: the World Health Organization, the Paris Climate Agreement, the Trans Pacific Partnership, the World Trade Organization, NATO. Issues he avoids actually working on to solve include the upcoming elections, poverty in cities of all sizes, climate change, a national COVID testing program, health insurance for all Americans, an infrastructure program, etc. etc.

We need a mature president who is willing to participate in world organizations and dedicate our government to work to solve these difficult problems, not run away from issues whining like a small child.

Trump is unable to collaborate with other nations who are engaged in constructive problem-solving activities, unless they demonstrate that they like him; another infantile behavior.

The United States of America is now the laughing stock of the world. How sad... .

The United States is admired for its first-rate universities, its big-tech companies, its media and its military strength but it is now pitied for its broken government and inept leadership. How sad ... .

Stephen Arum

Redwood City

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Terence Y

OK, Mr. Arum, how will you pay for all these issues Trump is supposedly avoiding? What about paying for all these treaties and agreements, of which the US is probably the biggest contributor? Let's try an experiment, give me your Jorg-approved socialist share of 62% flat tax and 28%VAT and convince the rest of the TDS-infected commenters in this thread to do the same, and I'll see if your contributions add up. All the TDS-infected folks do a swell job of flapping their gums, but don't appear to have any plans to pay for any of it. By the way, the only laughingstock is people cheering on brain-dead Biden. How sad . . .

Mike Caggiano

I think the title of the letter says it all. The world is really a small place with world wide problems to be solved. Far better to work on these collectively than trying to go it alone as an 'American Firster'. That's really a path to nowhere.

Cindy Cornell

We need a president who has the ability and interest to read and think critically. Trump either can't read or is just intellectually lazy or both.



It really depends on the subject. If you talk about a conman, crook, liar, cheat and just plain scumbag, he is one of the best. If you talk about decent human traits like common sense, empathy, morals and compassion he is a total vacuum .


"...The United States is admired for its first-rate universities, its big-tech companies, its media and its military strength.." You're joking, right? Our media has more bias than a used prom dress. Same with universities. The military is tops when it comes to nukes, but boots on the ground is another thing. We can't even draft. You must have slept through Vietnam. We got the professional military the protestors wanted. Live with it. The next time you see soldiers look at the medals on their chests and then compare them to the few ribbons worn for past wars. You will be shocked. The media must have missed that story.

Tommy Tee

Yes, because he's like a 4th grader on the playground, "I'm taking my ball and going home." Petulance at its greatest form. And yes, we are the laughing stock of the world.


Indeed, we are! I have family, friends and old classmates in 3 European countries, all very well educated, accomplished and aware of what is happening in the world. Not a single one has anything good to say about Trump, who is the laughingstock of all time. And so are we, having let such an unqualified, psychotic liar into the WH! Among my closest friends, I have a long-time Republican, who says he wouldn’t in his wildest dreams think about voting for someone as inept and untrustworthy as Donald Trump! Even a Republican can be bright enough to see through someone as shallow as Trump! Let’s just hope that is contagious.

Dirk van Ulden

And Jorg - what is your point? Just because you surround yourself with group thinkers, who all feel superior to any moronic American, that does not mean that they are right. I know the European mentality, they are condescending and could not fight themselves out of a wet paper bag. They are are just envious of our Country and meanwhile have adopted virtually all of our culture, which of course they denounce in public as well. President Trump represents the underlying American belief that we don't need the opinions of others outside our borders, exactly the reason you and I came here for!. Don't focus on the man, but seriously look at the program that he stands for.

Christopher Conway

Trump was elected because Americans do not want to be obligated to the decisions of Globalists. It is a lie to say the we are the laughing stock of the world, and this author doesn't realize that America First means that we don't let any other organization tell us what we must or must not do. Trump is the first president to stand up for our country and not let ourselves be ripped off on trade deals and taken advantage of in the court of world opinion. That is why Trump will be elected to a second term to the horror of Mr. Arum.


Chris: As usual, you didn’t get the points in the LTE you so happily criticize! Trump doesn’t even understand that we all live on the same planet, and that we are all more or less interrelated and dependent upon each other and that it is in our own interest to participate internationally. If Trump hadn’t flunked history, too, he would have known about the mistakes we have made earlier by withdrawing from world affairs, and then let world affairs go against our own best interests. A good part of the problem seems to be that Trump simply doesn’t grasp what the world issues are, then withdraws, falsely thinking that no one knows. But they all know that Trump is clueless, totally inept, unfit and uneducated for the most important office in the world. And, yes, - he is a laughingstock around the world, unfortunately, but very understandably so. He was only “elected” because too many voters didn’t know better, and if re-“selected”, it would be because too many voters are slow learners, - in addition to the usual Republican tricks and voter suppression, - not to mention foreign meddling. Again.

Dirk van Ulden

Jorg - you ought to be proud that you found a follower who also spouts your unsubstantiated moniker that Trump is the laughing stock of the world. I read foreign news papers and watch foreign television programs. Not one is ever referring to Trump as laughable. So, you yourself have surrounded yourself with slow learners. As far as the Republicans are concerned, Trump needed that party to run for the Presidency but he is not in the least a classic Republican. He is reshaping an obsolete institutions and I wished the Democratic Party would do the same. Clearly many if not most Americans don't want to be associated with these international, lip service organizations that don't do anything but destroy our life styles and line the pockets of our adversaries at our expense. If you believe that China has not been a major beneficiary of thos organizations that you are so proud of then ask the manufacturing labor force what they think about the WTO. We should not focus in the next election on persons but on the platforms that they support. You could not in your wildest dreams support Biden and Harris who are propped up a ultra leftist party, could you? Even Denmark would decline to have such marginal candidates. .


I won't bother even trying to educate you about European opinion about Trump, - but how on flat Earth did you get Denmark into this? Just wondering how your mind may be wandering.


So, Dirk, what about your Denmark fantasy?


What's your answer, Dirk: Where did you get Denmark from? Just another thoughtless sling from you?

Christopher Conway

Must be some kind of arrogance to move to another country and then criticize its inhabitants. Is that a European quality or a Scandinavian quality Jorg?


Criticism, right or wrong, goes both ways, Chris!. But the fact that the vast majority of us criticize Trump, for very good reasons, doesn’t mean we criticize the country per say! And, Trump’s massive opposition contains more native than foreign born, while those from other countries often bring new perspectives and valuable insight as to how a relatively fine society can be made even better. The often irresponsible complaints about the Scandinavian countries we often hear, reflect the total lack of understanding some Americans have, - especially when it comes to more progressive capitalistic socialism, from which we could learn some. And why so many of us criticize Trump, should be very obvious by now, let me just add a single example: Being insensitive and disrespectful enough for Bone-Spur Trump to toss dead war heroes under the tank as “suckers and losers”, is not more than we can expect from someone as shallow as him. But to be dumb enough to say so in public? That’s dumber than I thought he was, - and has nothing to do with being honest for someone so foreign to honesty as Donald Trump!



Your closing statement is incomplete. It should read...to a second term, not only to the horror of Mr. Arum, but to decent humans world wide and to the delight of Vladimir Putin and third world dictators he emulates.


Hello Christopher

1. You said 'was' elected, as in past tense, and

2. Why are 'other' Conway's not voting for your guy?

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