It’s so depressing to hear politicians who won an election crowing that lax voting rules are “what we know works.” It works for them, anyway.

Relaxing secrecy and signature checks makes it easier for incumbent politicians to hold on to power (“California mulls relaxing rules on ballot signatures” in the March 16 edition of the Daily Journal). Does Josh Becker also want to ease signature checks for recall campaigns, challengers’ nominating petitions and anti-tax initiative petitions?

Vote by mail ended the secret ballot: You can now be coerced by a manager or union boss who demands to review your ballot. Previous generations restricted the use of “absentee” voting, pushing nearly all voters to the safety and secrecy of the voting booth, to protect voters and election integrity. Today’s electorate is indifferent or unaware — and so we get the government we deserve. Perhaps at some point people will understand that stricter voting rules actually improve the integrity of our elections.

Jonathan Seder

Palo Alto

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(26) comments

Terence Y

Ray and Dirk, you two are still on fire. Newly vaccinated? Something in the water? I appreciate the SmackDown show. And speaking of drive-by comments, where has Tommy Tee been lately? Maybe he’s finally learning the truth and has determined his arguments hold no water, so radio silence. I wish Taffy Dave and Jorg would begin learning the truth. BTW, due to the recent spate of low-risk folks cutting in line thanks to their union ownership of Democrats, I’ve been busy scheduling vaccine appointments for overlooked and ignored high risk folks to get ahead of these selfish line-cutters. Glad i have an unlimited phone plan.



Thanks for helping those in need. Good to see you are doing at least one thing useful with your time.

Terence Y

Gracias, Taffy-licious, I only wish I could say the same about you. Your spreading of hoaxes and fake news isn’t useful. A lot more truth would be appreciated.

Ray Fowler

Hi, Terence

Good for you... helping some folks who need vaccinations to get them. I'm scheduled to get my second dose of Pfizer tomorrow morning. I've been cancelled twice since Jan. 20 due to low supplies... should I blame Trump?

A dyed-in-the-wool blue neighbor mentioned to me last week that her 20 something daughter had just got a second vaccination... a line cutter... pure and simple.

Saw a hilarious cartoon yesterday... you can enjoy it without the visuals.

Pelosi to reporter: 75% of Americans support our Covid-19 relief package.

Reporter to Pelosi: 75% of Americans support a national voter ID law.

Pelosi: What do they know?

Terence Y

Ray, hilarious! Let's hope Pelosi doesn't have any trouble climbing stairs. Fortunately, Biden fell over while climbing stairs. Imagine if he fell while going down the stairs. Yikes! Then Pelosi only needs to take care of Harris and she'll be President. Of course, Pelosi will then need to watch her back.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Howdy Mr. Fowler,

I'm sad to hear you have not received your second shot. I am surprised to hear that a lack of supplies caused the delay. Alaska has so many available shots, we are now vaccinating everyone over 16 years old. Have you any idea how this can be? It doesn't make sense to me one State over another can be given a disproportionate share.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Wilfredo...

I live in Cal-unicornia... 'nuff said. You guys may enough vaccine to take care of sled dogs, Kodiak bears and any elk just wandering around.

You are correct... it makes no sense that states have not received the number of doses needed to inoculate first responders, folks who are vulnerable then work down the list so that everyone can get vaccinated. Not a good advertisement for state-run health care...

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

But the media said President Biden would nationalize the program so Governors would not be burdened with saving lives. Oh dear. Was the media wrong? Or is President Biden as inept as they said President Trump was. What a conundrum!.

Ray Fowler

More on Tafhdyd...

I've got to side with Dirk... there are some lefties who frequent these pages who post what I call "drive-by" comments. By the time you read their remarks, you hear squealing tires as the poster rounds the corner out of sight.

Was the last election's massive mail-in ballot process susceptible to fraud? Well, intuitively, we know the answer to "was the process susceptible to fraud?" has to be "yes." It was susceptible. Did that process contribute to election fraud? That's aothr question...

You wrote, "All the intelligence agencies, election officials from around the country and people that investigated the claims on the last election agreed that it was the most secure and safe election they have dealt with." Let's see if I understand... the left won the election and left spokespersons say the election was secure and safe. All that "safe and secure" stuff sounds nice until you hear Joe say three days ago that Killer Putin will "pay a price" for interfering with the 2020 election, and four days ago, our intel community stated that Russia tried to influence the outcome of the election.



C’mon man, anyone that thought Russia wasn’t going to try and mess with our election is living in Trump’s alternate world. Security people warned us of that before the election, thats not new.

“…left spokespersons say the election was secure and safe.” You mean those lefties like Christopher Krebs and Brad Raffensperger?

Ray Fowler

Chris Krebs... hired, and did a good job, to prevent Russian shenanigans... not DNC shenanigans. What happened during Donald Trump's call to Brad Raffensprger? According to Bob Woodward... it was "worse that Watergate." Ol' Bob must have got his info from the Washington Post... the same Post that corrected its original story about the phone call... kinda looks like Trump did not pressure Raffensperger as earlier reported.

Do ya think the MSM might have made up some stuff... again?

Ray Fowler


Shenanigans only on the left side of the aisle? No... of course not! They can be found on both sides. However, it does look a tad suspicious when a blue state allows ballot harvesting then previous red districts start turning blue... or when key red states lose election leads after Nov. 3 because more and more votes keep getting added to the mix as mail-in ballots are processed after election deadlines. You know, it wasn't too long ago that the NYT published criticism of mail-in ballots. And remember, you don't have to shenanigize (is that a word?) everywhere... just in a few key counties in swing states.

Let's look at the numbers... Joe Biden 81 million votes to Donald Trump's 74 million votes. Wow! That's huge! It's a mandate for Joe! Not so fast... Joe won California by 5 million votes. One state. What about swing states? Well, Joe won AZ (11 Electoral College votes) by .30%, and GE (16) by .23% followed by PA (20) at 1.17% then WI (10) by .63%. Probably a lot closer than the DNC wanted it...

Any thoughts on voter ID cards?

Unity? It sounded great two months ago, but it turned out to be a roll of Charmin...



Voter ID. I will have to think about it and need more info. At first glance I would say yes, but what are the requirements? Easy and equitable for all or just those that the right wing think should be allowed to vote? Affidavits signed by three grandparents and two uncles?

Unity. I don’t see that happening with the number of haters on the Trump bandwagon. For sure there will be no cooperation from some of the regular posters on the DJ that regularly disparage the Democrats by referring to the Democratic Party as the Democrat Party.

Swing state shenanigans. Any comments on Frank Artiles and Alex Pedro Rodriguez?

Ray Fowler

Requirements? Proof of citizenship. Done. If you cannot afford a voter ID card... it's free. And I like the substitute ID that's used in some countries.

Whoa, whoa, whoa... unity. Trump bandwagon haters did not create the crisis at the border... that's a major league divisive issue. Speaking of major league... Artiles and Rodriguez... relievers for the Marlins? Just kidding. I have to admit that I did not know much about them, but I have to ask... what do they have to do with mail-in ballots and voter ID cards? It's a super interesting story, but Artiles resigned in disgrace from the Florida state senate three months after Donald Trump was inaugurated. His 2020 scheme to run a ghost candidate will make a good movie... he is a scoundrel (can't use anything stronger due to the DJ's filters). The bogus but successful campaign doesn't seem to be connected to national politics, and the Republicans hold a 24-16 advantage over the DEMOCRATIC Party in the Florida senate. There has to be a money angle for Artiles.

Florida was a HUGE swing state in 2016. According to the authors of "Shattered: Inside Hillary's Clinton's Doomed Campaign," when Bill heard that Trump has won Florida (the margin was just over 1%), he remarked that they had lost the election. That was still pretty early in the evening on Nov. 8, 2016. If you get a chance, it's a good read... the authors were granted almost unprecedented access to Hillary's campaign. I'm not a Hillary fan, but I actually felt sorry for her as her dream for more than 20 years collapsed around her. In 2020, Florida... still very important to Trump... was not so dramatic (51% to 48%).

More on unity... Atlanta. Them Dems are at it, again.


Good morning Ray,

A little of this and that. I realize that Artiles/Rodriguez didn’t change anything significantly. My main purpose was to show the local Trumpers that believe only the Democrats try to change elections that the Republicans do also. You know that but they don’t. I know it won’t matter to them and they won’t believe it but I just thought I would include some factual info for them.

Secure elections. Once again Raffensperger and Krebs I included because they are part of the Republican side of the aisle, at least I think Krebs is. My comment was regarding the the security and fairness, not about the scoundrel, (can’t use anything stronger due to DJ’s filters) :) Trump, and his trying to cheat.

MSM make something up? Never! :)

Ray Fowler

Hi. Tafhdyd

Thanks, again, for the info re: Artiles/Rodgriguez. I'm surprised it hasn't got more coverage... it deserves it. You're correct; Krebs is legit. He also proof that there are gradations of red in the Republican party. But if the 2020 election was safe and secure, why did Joe say Vlad would "pay a price" for interfering with the election? Does Joe know something we don't? Of course, he does! While I'm not a Biden fan, I really don't want to see him debate Putin... it would not be pretty.

Comment on the Dems' Atlanta photo op?



Atlanta, photo op, unity... Not sure what I missed on that one but I know you can lead me to the info with an explanation or link. I know that Biden/Harris went to

Atlanta to meet with the AAPI community about the shootings. Apparently there is more to the story.

Ray Fowler

Hi, Tafhdyd

Atlanta... beyond sad. Race-based violence is particularly abhorrent, and those who stand in unity against it deserve everyone's respect. No doubt.

Re: Atlanta... is there a rush to judgment? Sen. Duckwork (D-IL) said the shootings look "racially motivated" but she wants to see "a deeper investigation into whether or not these shootings and other similar crimes are racially motivated." Those are wise words by Sen. Duckworth, and that investigation is already underway...


Same day registration and no need to prove citizenship are the biggest threat to the ballot box. It is well documented the Democrats paid voter harvesters $10/vote to help people "fill-in" blank ballots with phoney signatures and addresses. Such ballots used unique names which is why the number of unique names on ballots exceeded the odds by hundreds of thousands of times in key battle ground states.


Mr. Kahl,

Ray Fowler has a good comment about people posting in the DJ without backing things up with substance. You would do well to take heed of the suggestion. Where are your facts to back up your allegation of "well documented" and "exceeded the odds by hundreds of thousands of times" that you mention?

Cindy Cornell

Please back up your statement that a boss or union can or has demanded to see a person's ballot. I've known of renters who encountered landlords who threatened their housing if they were known to sign a petition to put rent control on the ballot but have never heard of someone's boss or union demanding to see someone's ballot. A person still has a right to vote in person and not by mail if they wish.

Ray Fowler

Hello, Cindy

I generally disagree with your politics, however, I appreciate the attention you bring to local housing issues. Good for you.

Yes, I also arched an eyebrow when I read Jonathan's claim that bosses and unions can demand to see someone's ballot. While employers and unions clearly back select candidates and ballot measures, employees and union members can easily vote their conscience without someone looming over their shoulder.

You requested that Jonathan back up his statement about bosses and unions. That's not going to happen... partly because I don't think there is such evidence. It's entirely likely it has happened somewhere, but to the degree that Jonathan suggests... no.

But there is another reason it won't happen. Providing substantive support for such claims is not the standard in the DJ's comments section. It appears to me that some readers offer feelings instead of points of view, and you cannot argue against feelings. So, if Jonathan feels that bosses and union leaders are checking the ballots of workers... that's his take on that issue. He's not going to send you a link to a study or report that supports his feeling.

Now, I'm not criticizing feelings... they're important. But if someone... from either side of the aisle... says, "I don't like X policy... I feel it's not good for the country." OK. However, if that same person says, "I don't like X policy... I think it's bad for the country." Tell us why, and bring something solid to the discussion.

Dirk van Ulden

Ray - while two wrongs don't make one right, Cindy is certainly one of those posters who comes up with a plethora of opinions not backed up with facts. I am also in agreement that voting in person should be the norm. The last election left many wondering about integrity because of the massive mail-in ballot process that is unfortunately very susceptible to fraud, not necessarily for the reason that Jonathan stated. Few countries in the world accept mail-in ballots for obvious reasons,

Ray Fowler

Hi, Dirk

We're on the same wavelength. For the left side of the aisle to ignore election shenanigans is just plain intellectually dishonest. The question that cannot be answered at this juncture... did those shenanigans alter the outcome of the Nov. 3 election? Probably not... we'll keep that question rhetorical for now.

Election irregularities are part of the American experience. Except George Washington... he was elected unanimously, right? Well, maybe. Go all the way back to the first presidential election in 1789. Only 11 states were allowed to cast votes. Wait a minute... weren't there 13 states? Yes, but because North Carolina and Rhode Island had not yet ratified the new Constitution, they were not invited to cast votes for president. New York, the fourth most populous state, did not select their electors in time, so New York did not vote. Two electors from Virginia and two more from Maryland were delayed by weather and did not vote. The 69 electors who did vote were allowed to submit two votes each. George received 69 "first place" votes. That means all 69 electors cast at least one vote for GW. Would the at least one vote form the 18 missing electors have been cast for George if they had voted? Probably, but we'll never know for sure.

Curiously, no real rebuttal this past week re: my comments that a national voter ID card is a good idea. [See Michael Oberg's "America's political divide" LTE, 3/16/21]



Your comment gives the impression that most of the election shenanigans are only on, or at least predominately on the left side of the aisle. Wouldn't shenanigans on either side of the aisle be a more unifying way to put it in these "unifying" times?



Ray has an excellent comment just above yours discussing feelings of the posters in the DJ and backing things up with substance. You say that Cindy offers a plethora of opinions not backed up with facts. Then you suggest that the last election used a massive mail-in ballot process that is very susceptible to fraud. Please enlighten us on your substance or facts to support that idea. All the intelligence agencies, election officials from around the country and people that investigated the claims on the last election agreed that it was the most secure and safe election they have dealt with.

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