If it is true that the Republican party is planning to pay for the former president’s multiple court costs, why shouldn’t the party also pay for the damages to the Capitol building by the mega mob that ransacked the building? Why burden the American taxpayer with the cost? The rest of us taxpayers are not responsible for the Jan. 6 insurrection and its cost. The man who directed to mob to attack the Capitol and his supporters should be held responsible for damages.

Raymond DeMattei

San Carlos

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Terence Y

Sorry, Mr. DeMattei, but until you get the idiot BLM and Antifa folks and their wayward supporters to pay the over $1 billion in damages they caused then maybe we’ll take you seriously. Actually, it’d be nice if you could also tell Newsom to return the $31billion he lost via EDD fraud. Until then, just more hot air and faux outrage – also known as political discrimination (in this “woke” era).

Dirk van Ulden

Raymond - what makes you believe that the "mob" only comprised Republicans? There is plenty of video evidence that there were Antifa and other unscrupulous characters in that crowd. Besides, if that January 6 Committee were honest it would reveal that there were other rebel rousers of unknown persuasion as well. The political damage that Pelosi and her gang have been causing to our democracy far outweighs the physical damage to the building itself. She also seemed to have plenty of funding to build a wall around the Capitol and pay needlessly for the suffering of our National Guard members who had to sleep in a garage on the ground. Enough blame for all involved. Let's leave space for Michael, Tommy and Jorg to furnish predictable replies because for them, the Democrats are as clean as driven snow..

Ray Fowler

Hello, Raymond...

Interesting point. I'm curious why you didn't ask who should pay for the one billion+ dollars in damages caused during "mostly peaceful" protests in Americans cities during 2020?


Ray: Wouldn’t the destructive riots you mention, be more of a local issue, while the treasonous attack on the Capitol is federal? Of, course, all perpetrators should be prosecuted and made to pay for any damage they caused, and why not?

Ray Fowler

Hello, Jorg... Happy New Year ALL Year!

We may be saying the same thing. Rioters from last January should be held accountable for trespassing and the vandalism they caused. And... the "mostly peaceful" protesters from the summer of 2020 should be held accountable for the billion+ dollar damages they caused. Agreed?

As an aside... how can those summer 2020 protesters compensate the families of the 25 persons killed during the "mostly peaceful" protests? I would really like to hear your thoughts on this issue.

Returning to the Capitol riots... In response to Steven Cady's LTE, "Worse than 9/11 and Pearl Harbor," I asked... if Steven believed the Capitol rioters were insurrectionists, then why have none of them been charged with insurrection. Why do you think that is the case? I would really like to hear your thoughts on this issue, too.


Ray: Not being a legal expert, I can’t answer your last question. There may be some very good reasons, for what I know. When have I ever suggested that the protests were “peaceful”? In my humble opinion, the police should have reacted with much greater force, and if some of the worst rioters got killed, so what? Perhaps that might send a message. I’m tough on crime, and I even feel the death penalty is justified in some cases, and that you have a right to protect your home and property, and defend your loved ones, with any means available. With that: Happy New Year to you, too!

Ray Fowler

Hello, again, Jorg

I'm not a legal expert either but you really don't have to be one to figure out why none of the hundreds of rioters identified by authorities have been charged with insurrection. It's simple. The rioters trespassed, vandalized and failed to disperse, but none of them actually tried to stage an insurrection. So while the MSM continues to label them insurrectionists, that label does not really fit.

More MSM shenanigans... they are the ones who described the riots in American cities during the summer of 2020 as "mostly peaceful." CNN said the protests in Kenosha were "fiery but mostly peaceful." Here is very brief video of an MSNBC reporter using the same rhetoric... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1mxJMIIMuE

Your comments on the death penalty and use of force may alienate some of your compatriots on the left side of the aisle. A discussion for another time...

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