Reading Matt Grocott’s Aug. 13 column, “Upside down in California” (San Mateo Daily Journal, Aug. 13 edition) reminded me of a story about a man who complained about everything, including the slow service in a self-service gas station.

1). The reason why there is a ban on plastic bags, plastic straws and bottled water in plastic bottles at SFO is because the many lazy, dirty, ignorant members of the public who liter and fail to properly dispose of their trash and recyclables. This kind of trash and plastics finds its way into the ocean, the beaches, the rivers and waterways, and it negatively affects our environment.

2). The reason why California is allowing illegal immigrants to get a California driver’s license is because if every driver in California has the same training, same testing and the same knowledge of the rules of the road, then the public would be safer.

3). The reason why California is paying for basic health care for illegal immigrants is to prevent the spread of diseases through vaccines and flu shots and to prevent illegal immigrants from overburdening the emergency rooms in our hospitals.

4). The reason why Californians must pay a fine for now having health insurance coverage is because there are people who have the money and resources to pay for their own health insurance but refuse to. They think someone else should pay for it. Low income people can always get Medi-Cal or Medicaid.

The Preamble of the U.S. Constitution states that the Founding Fathers intended that government (would) ensure the well-being of its citizens (aka public safety).

Michael Oberg

San Mateo

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Dirk van Ulden

Michael - the article stated facts. You responded with opinions, likely provided by the liberal media. Can you please, once and for all, come up with something original? This State is going into the tank and our one party system, aided by our compromised governor, is helping out. We need to salvage what we had when I came here in 1966 when California was the model for the world. It can be done but by sweeping these horrendous problems under the rug does not do you or me any good.

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