The evidence that Joe Biden traded U.S. interest for personal gain in Ukraine and China while vice president is overwhelming. The smoking guns are emails in Hunter’s personal computer and the computers and phones Tony Bobulinski just gave to the FBI. It validates the stories in the New York Post. Joe Biden says without proof it’s Russian disinformation.

The Biden’s hired Bobulinski, a Navy veteran, businessman and Democrat, to coordinate the Bidens’ “business” dealing in China when Bidden was vice president. The emails clearly show Joe Biden was in the loop selling influence to Chinese companies Sinohawk and CEFC. This fits hand and glove with Joe’s other “play for play” operation in Ukraine. It explains why Joe Biden was so adamant about holding up U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine until they fired the prosecutor going after the company paying Hunter $.3.5 million.

Most revealing is Joe Biden has not denied the stories in the New York Post or Bobulinski’s revelations. He knows the emails are genuine because they exist date stamped on computers, phones, recipients emails and internet servers. How ironic the Democrats once again accuse Republicans of that which they are most guilty. The evidence is far too ubiquitous and credible for a grand jury to ignore. Joe’s fingerprints are everywhere. If elected, Joe Biden may become the first “president-elect” to be criminally indicted for selling influence to an enemy country while in office (see The Wall Street Journal, “The Biden Family Legacy” 10/23/20 for more details).

Ed Kahl

San Mateo

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(28) comments

Terence Y

Great job, Mr. Kahl! I guess you’re the one in charge of global warming because you’ve melted 90% of the usual snowflakes. Notice how none of these folks can defend brain-dead Biden? All they have are the same old fake news nothingburgers and personal attacks which will not take a single vote away from Trump. If anything, their hatred will drive more votes to the right side. Remember, Mr. Kahl, use your power for good.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


I second your comment. And applaud Mr. Kahl for his great Americanism. Love your country and countrymen first.


The popular motto “united we stand, divided we fall,” often shortened to “united we stand,” is commonly used to express unity and collaboration. The phrase is used to encourage and inspire, and sends the message that working together is easier, as there is strength in numbers, whereas doing things alone is harder and invites failure.



We agree again. Ed is causing global warming melting snowflakes with all the hot air and you are also a great contributor.

Terence Y

Grandpa Taffy - you may want to stay away from Johnnie Walker before you comment. You do realize that all humans (well, at least the live ones) exhale hot air full of carbon dioxide, don’t you? So we’re all causing your supposed global warming. Do you even bother reading what you write to see if it makes sense?


This letter, and others like it, defies logic. Our nation has, on the record of convictions and associated actions, one of the most corrupt administrations on record. We have a president who is an adulterer who cavorted with an adult film star while his wife had a young child; separated families in cages at the border whereby 525 children may never be reunited with their parents; whose lack of leadership is causing thousands of deaths in a pandemic; and leading an economy into depths not seen since the Great Depression; and all you can come up with is a false narrative from right wing sources on Joe Biden? Have you no shame?

Dirk van Ulden

A bigger question is why the FBI set on this story since last December. It seems to confirm that Trump cannot trust his own intelligence agencies. It floors me that neither the AG nor the FBI chief have commented on this,

Tommy Tee

Maybe there's no there there.

We all know Trump trusts Putin over his own intelligence agencies.

John Charles Ullom

Why was Ivanka applying for and receiving Chinese Trademarks while her daddy was fighting the trade war? -- https://www.breitbart.com/news/china-grants-trump-family-18-trademarks-in-2-months/

Why was Ivanka's boy toy's family selling Visas to Chinese investors while daddy was ranting about anchor babies? -- https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2017/05/08/apology-jared-kushner-eb-5-visa-investor-meeting-in-china/

Why does Don Jr, Eric, and Orange Mussolini import unskilled third world labor to staff their clubs, wineries, and the "Winter White House"? -- https://www.breitbart.com/economy/2019/03/29/dhs-nielsen-oks-visas-for-30000-extra-h-2b-workers/

And why does anybody trust Orange Mussolini when he Tweets out his love and admiration for Xi and Kim?


Mr. Ullom,

I don't think it is fair to Mussolini to associate him with Trump. Mussolini was a true dictator, not a wannabe dictator like Donald.

John Charles Ullom

I stand corrected.

Tommy Tee

John--Agree. The entire Trump family is enriching themselves while being "employed" by The WH.

Ray Fowler

I'm no fan of Hillary, but Comey's October surprise did not help her. I think she still loses. Even though Comey's gone, the Bureau may want to tread lightly until they can say one way or the other. However one thing is clear... there is enough to warrant a look to see if there is any criminal activity associated with Hunter Biden at a minimum, and maybe other family members including Joe.


Great letter, Ed.

Hope it serves to educate those who "have an ear to hear," vote for Pres. Trump, and return to support for our Nation to be as founded.

As the nation that millions have died for, the land of opportunity, a land of freedom, and the land that people from all over the world admire and want immigrate to. Take not these things for granted any longer; we are one vote away from losing them .........if Biden is voted in. Socialism, communism, and Marxism have knocked at our door off and on for decades. Beware! And be smart!

Vote for Pres.Trump.

Tommy Tee

CorrupTrump has failed miserably, and does not deserve to serve any more--except in prison.

Cindy Cornell

Why has our president had a secret bank account in China? Anyone asking him that question? Is it against the law for children of politicians to do business in China? How about Trump's kids and oh yeah what about those ties? There are reasons that journalists at the NY Post did not want their names on the story.


Cindy -

Fake News! Please print truthful items, and state your sources.

John Charles Ullom

Here you Lou:-- https://www.breitbart.com/news/report-tax-records-show-trump-tried-to-land-china-projects/

Here is some truth:

"The Chinese account is controlled by Trump International Hotels Management LLC, which the tax records show paid $188,561 in taxes in China while pursuing licensing deals there from 2013 to 2015."

My source is Breitbart.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Ms. Cornell,

I don't know a journalist, nor am I a fly on the wall but question. I found a NY Times article about your last sentence. I would like to remind you that this paper has been revealed, repeatedly, to be as biased to the left and inaccurate as any on the right. Do you have something more credible? "... two Post employees said, speaking on the condition of anonymity..." doesn't cut it for curious minds anymore.


"Bruce Golding, a reporter at the Rupert Murdoch-owned tabloid since 2007, did not allow his byline to be used because he had concerns over the article’s credibility, the two Post employees said, speaking on the condition of anonymity out of fear of retaliation."

Thanks in advance for helping satisfy my curiosity about your reasoning


Ray Fowler

Hi, Ed

Thanks for a great letter. We'll have to see where all this talk re: taking millions of dollars from China leads us. At this point I agree with you... Joe's fingerprints are there as well as Joe's son, probably Joe's brother, and... this Bobulinski character.

While Bobulinski's revelations are being well received by conservative elements, he is shady. Yeah, his father and grandfather were career military officers, but Bobulinski's record is not so stellar. He served for four years in the Navy... apparently in the training command... I'm not sure what expertise he brought to that job. His title was chief technology officer, and it was reported that he was assigned to a nuclear training program. That doesn't wash. Then, he's out of the Navy and lickety split he's doing business as a financier and CEO with Chinese companies. That's either very impressive or shady. So, Bobulinski can either hold his own in a technical setting with some of the top young nuclear engineers in the country then turn on a dime and become a successful international businessman... or he's shady.

His shadiness does not mean that what he is now saying is not true. I'm guessing the Bidens are a little bit nervous. Maybe in this instance, it takes a crook to catch a crook.

I'm still waiting for answers to my questions posted yesterday: Why are the Bidens dodging questions about the laptop and the emails? Why is the mainstream media not covering this story? Why did the major social medial platforms censor this story?

Terence Y

Hi Ray. Since nobody is brave enough to answer your questions, I sent your questions to a highly placed source in the “administration.” Enjoy.

Ray: Why are the Biden's dodging questions about the laptop and the emails?

Source: We know the laptop and emails are true but Joe shouldn't answer questions. Joe may slip and say something even more incriminating especially regarding money Hunter and Joe have received from other sources, other than China, Russia, and Ukraine. Right now, if there are any questions about the laptop or email, Joe is rushed away from the microphone. Joe’s a bigger liability than people think. Remember when Joe said Arizona is a city and he’s running for the Senate?

Ray: Why is the mainstream media not covering this story?

Source: Do you know incestuous the mainstream media is, thankfully for Dems? Dems have cultivated, some would say infiltrated, most of the media outlets who will only say what they're told to say, or to only cover what they're told to cover. Right now it’s Covid, Covid, Covid because there's nothing else to push. Over 90% of media are writing anti-Trump stories, but Trump is just too darn good at making and keeping promises. Cherry picking and pushing outright lies to the public has become a way of life. Unfortunately, Trump has his peaceful protests sometimes 3 times a day, which is killing efforts. Also the Gateway Pundit and RSBNetwork are big thorns, and their readership and viewership are going through the roof.

Ray: Why did the major social medial platforms censor this story?

Source: C’mon man! Same reason as the mainstream media. Do you know how scared social media is afraid of Section 230 being rewritten? Do you know how many donations to Dems are received from Twitter and Facebook? 90% of donations from their employees are going to Democrats, probably over $2.5 million by now. Unfortunately, Trump has over 87 million followers, and millions more may have been prevented from following him. And now Lil Wayne, with over 34 million followers endorsed Trump, along with many others. Twitter can’t keep up with censoring because people keep retweeting. Censoring only makes people search for more information, but Dems are trying to fool uneducated voters.



Whatever meds you are taking today you should stay on them. They really help your comedy writing skills. Thanks for the laugh.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Senor Tafhdyd,

An uncle of mine, from my birthplace Nicaragua, sent me following in an email with a link. Since you have indicated you are of superior intellect and enjoy humor, I imagined you would find this delicious. As did I. Enjoy


Wow, I never thought I would see an honest ad about why I should vote for the party that cares about us the little people... But hey, like the "big guy" said, keeping in mind my political identity: "if I don't vote for them I ain't Latino."



Thanks Wilfred,

I am not sure the superior intellect part but I do enjoy the humor and I did get a good chuckle. It really is a well done ad and I am sure there is a duplicate on the internet with the Republicans subbed for the Dems.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr


Intellectual honesty is innate. There is no doubt in the meaning of the idiom, "the shoe is on the other foot". I'm glad you enjoyed the satire.

Ray Fowler

Wow... thanks, Terence

In the words of Doc Holliday, "You're a daisy."

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Good day to Mr. Fowler,

As I understand it, technology makes it possible for those so inclined to create a Kabuki Theater. The timing of this October surprise combined with a nagging question I have makes me wonder what is really going on. Harris is a loser as well as Biden. The DNC has plenty of performers such as former President Obama. It doesn't make sense to me. After all, the entirety of our Nation's great minds, save the middle class, purport that President Trump is a bumbling buffoon. So why didn't the powers that be pull out another "storybook" actor for their voters?

Yesterday I asked you about the FBI because I believe there are good actors within it. Are they investigating and waiting for a legal conclusion? We shall see. Until then I am not buying, yet. Why? because I watched so many of my fellow Americans buy the Russia story offered them and I know I am no smarter than they.

What say you?

Ray Fowler

Sorry, pressed for time...

While we want to know what the FBI has added to their files re: the laptop and the emails, such investigations are confidential. We will have to accept that fact... for now. But when the Bureau finally makes a determination whether criminal proceedings can move forward... or not... the question will then be, "what did they know and when did they know it?"

If they ditch this case for political purposes and Joe wins next week, the only real way to right such a wrong will be for Nikki Haley to blow Kamala Harris out of the water in 2024.

To my dismay, it looks like some (not all) of today's comments from the left point of view are straight from Pee Wee and Francis in 1985... "I know you are but what am I?" It's Trump's kids this and Trump's a dictator that... Has the FBI scoured Ivanka or Don Jr's laptops? Well, we don;t know for sure. We do know no criminal action has been filed. So, gents and ma'am on the left... are any of you suggesting that the FBI should not look at Hunter's laptop? Are you convinced there is nothing to see? If so, please explain why and bring what Harold Geneen use to call "unshakable facts" to the discussion.

Wilfred Fernandez Jr

Touche monsieur Fowler. Now go take care of business. TTYL8R

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