As a Belmont resident, I am over the moon excited about the Barrett Belmont Community Center. I grew up in Belmont having birthday parties at Belmont Iceland. As a young adult, I am quite bored with the recreation options and places to share community space. If I want to have a similar party, I now must commute to other cities to skate. I know I can go swimming at Carlmont and play soccer or baseball at the existing centers. As a dancer, I know the city will keep the dancing studio as the new plans shape up.

I would like to have an ice rink back in Belmont because I feel this is core to our community. The ice rink would bring families together and have fun. It’s an activity that different ages could enjoy. There is an immediate action for this because the city has a survey for Barrett Community Center. It seems reasonable the city will keep the current use of Barrett and want to expand it given land is underutilized on this plot.

I suggest folks share the joys of the Belmont ice sports to help get a rink back. The rink is only in one section of the survey that went out to residents, and the results were combined with another survey that did not even include an ice rink from back when the rink was open. 

Thanks for considering supporting bringing back an ice rink to Belmont. I hope to have a chance to curl, play hockey and figure skate in Belmont soon.

Sara Nasr


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king toot

Thank you for this letter, Sara ! Yes it is crazy that the former Belmont Iceland has been sitting there as a chain link exhibit when it could be so brilliantly serving the community as it had been doing for the previous half-century. For a form of recreation that can bring an entire community together - people of all colors, ethnicities, shapes, ages and sizes - there is nothing better than an ice rink. Skating is something people can enjoy at any level, and in the rink, they enjoy it together, and inevitably get to know each other. Belmont Iceland's final management team was the best ever in making it a welcoming community kind of place. When it closed, coaches and students and hockey teams were exiled far and wide to crowded rinks and nasty commutes to get to them. (BI had the additional advantage of being 20 steps from the Caltrain station.) Dire dirth of ice in the Bay Area these days, what with expoding population and land values. If our cities are to offer 1/10 the standard of living you can find in "flyover" country these days, they need to start supporting community amenities, one of the most effective at improving quality of life being an all year hockey-sized or bigger ice rink.


It would be nice if the Belmont Ice Rink could be part of a community center. Myself and a humongous community had to wait almost 6 agonizing years to STOP SPI Holdings LLC from trying to change the zoning that would have allowed them to demolish the San Mateo Ice Rink let alone FINALLY OPEN. I don't want to see that happen to people who use other ice rinks on the Peninsula.

Brian Marshall

Belmont city council members please give your upmost attention to helping get an ice rink back in Belmont!!! yes there are a couple of other options but they're not close and nothing is ever perminent!! it's going to take the city to build an ice rink that will be perminent! Belmont has a long rich history of skating professionals (Brian Boitano, Cristie Yamaguchi, both gold metal olympians) When the Zamboni family decided to sell Belmont iceland out from under its customers it was a punch in the stomach to say the least! I spent many years playing ice hockey there and when the doors closed a part of my soul closed with it. The relationships that I made there as a young man helped me become a pilot for United Airlines!! it's like a golf course for kids. business men make deals on golf courses it's a small tight community of hockey players and figure skaters that can help our youth network and excel in life. Name in other facility that has that power?? go ahead I'm waiting


Well said, Sara. It is sad that the Belmont Iceland sits idle. Why couldn't they have kept it open if they were going to simply keep the property vacant for a few years? This would have made the community happy and provided the city with a benefit. Instead we have a chain link fence and graffiti, a blight on our community.

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