It was encouraging to read that Apple is committing $2.5 billion for housing. It wasn’t clear, however, whether that was a gift or an investment. If they are indeed following a long line of large companies helping out the communities they call home, they should be lauded. If they are capitalizing on a crisis that they are largely responsible for, that’s another story. It would be nice to know what their intentions are. Your article (“Apple commits $2.5B to combat California housing crisis” from the Associated Press) describing their “commitment” used the words “pledges” and “promise” as well as the phrase “put up.” I didn’t see  the words “donate” or “give.” I did see the word “investment,” which makes me wonder. I would hope that this is a genuine philanthropic gesture, but I wouldn’t bet my last dollar. My guess is they will give a little, to try to get a lot. We shall see.

Tim Donnelly


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Cindy Cornell

Imagine if they'd topped that huge donut they plopped down in the countryside with housing for their workers, both contract and otherwise?

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