Linda Medrano’s Dec. 17 letter parrots untrue claims and unproven assertions. She asserts to have “witnesses to voter fraud” and yet no court has found credibility in the claims.

Think of Chicken Little. A wooden star hits him on the head and he concludes “the sky is falling!” This is similar to witnesses seeing fraudulent ballots, but when examined the explanation is simple: ordinary trash, lunch order sheets and mere applications to receive a mail-in ballot ... during a pandemic! A reasonable request.

Jumping to conclusions is not evidence. Saying something is not proof. Additionally, our National Security Services have real evidence of Russian interference, down to and including the IP Addresses of each IRA computer and who was sitting at the terminal, and when. (The Mueller Report) Criminal collusion was not proven but complicity is. “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you can” HACK into computers and steal information, to paraphrase. Ms. Medrano has an opinion, but she has zero facts.

Mary Jo Sharkey

San Carlo

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Terence Y

Blah, blah, blah, another day, another letter attempting to tell us there’s no voter fraud. Usually written by someone who believed the impeachment and Russian collusion hoaxes and anything anti-Trump. BTW, Ms. Sharkey, the election is not over – that’s a fact.

Tommy Tee

Still waiting for the proof. Not your conspiracy theories, but proof. You know, the kind that will hold up in court? So far, there have been nothing burgers. It's been almost 9 weeks since the election. You, Trump, and Lou Dobbs won't recognize the loss. That's not the best company to be hanging out with. I'll tell you what's over: Americans' jobless benefits, as petulant sore loser Trump resists signing the relief bill. He is determined to turn our great country into a dumpster fire as he golfs his last weeks away. He's not even pretending to be a leader.

Ray Fowler

Hi, Tommy

I'm guessing your comment is directed to Terence, but from yesterday...

I'm sure you would agree that Trump wanted to move more stimulus forward earlier this month, but it was stalled by... wait for it... Nancy. Even Bernie remarked that the Democratic Party's delay was a political move. Why couldn't Congress have approved cash to help the truly needy then arm wrestle over defense spending and sending cash overseas?

Ray Fowler


I feel it's primarily some MSM elements suggesting there is "nothing to see here" based on Barr's passing on a special counsel appointment... regular guys like you and me are saying let's see where this Hunter Biden thing goes... if anywhere.

Mr. Rosen could appoint a special counsel in the Hunter Biden matter... and he should if circumstances warrant such an appointment.

Trump a threat to our security because he is playing golf and carping about the election? Seriamente? Sound waaay too much like CNN Kool-Aid to me...

On the topic of special counsels... Barr did appoint John Durham as special counsel re: the origins of the Russia probe. How do you think that will turn out?

Tommy Tee

Ray--I agree. I don't think Trump is a threat to our security because he is playing golf and carping about the election. He's basically AWOL as president. He has given up re. Covid, and it's obvious his mind is elsewhere. Many jobless Americans will lose benefits unless he gets off the golf course and signs a relief bill NOW.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tommy

Yes, his mind does seem preoccupied, but I wouldn't say he is AWOL. The champ in that category would have to be James Buchanan. He let the Union literally disintegrate after the 1860 election. Remember, in those days, the time between the election and inauguration was four months. During that time, the succession train picked up a lot of steam. Buchanan had a military ready to go; the South did not. Oh, well... shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Fast forward 160 years... a different crisis is facing the country. I'm sure you would agree that Trump wanted to move more stimulus forward earlier this month, but it was stalled by... wait for it... Nancy. Even Bernie remarked that the Democratic Party's delay was a political move. Why couldn't Congress have approved cash to help the truly needy then arm wrestle over defense spending and sending cash overseas?

Given up on COVID? Besides giving inoculations in the Oval Office, what would you suggest Trump do?



I am glad I am included in the regular people category. As for John Durham, I have had too much going on to check in to it. If I get a chance I will comment.

Ray Fowler

No worries... no hurries.

I have no crystal ball either, but Jim Comey may want to look for beachfront property in Brazil...


Ray and Tommy,

I guess I stretched what I thought was obvious a little too far. I didn’t mean to say that his golfing and vindictive tirades were a security threat. Those are just his normal MO of being a grifter and now delusional cheat and loser.

His security problems have been well known since he took office and I will throw in a couple of links about them rather than use a lot of repetitious wording.

More recently his actions go against the 9-11 commissions recommendations about the transition of power. By delaying and not allowing the transition team from the Biden administration access to daily briefings, etc. he is jeopardizing our security. Our adversaries, (Trump’s buddies), know this creates a weak link and can exploit it. Luckily Biden has experience in the Whitehouse operations and get some of the business done even with Trump’s obstruction. Let’s not forget the debts he owes to foreign entities that they will also use as leverage.




Tommy Tee

He certainly is more unhinged now than ever. He's pretty much detached, delusional, and uninterested in being president; that's for sure.

Ray Fowler


Happy Second Day of Christmas!

I checked the links... two of them were written between 9 months and about a year ago... they didn't address any current Joe Biden transition concerns. The Foreign Policy article, which was published recently, spoke to damage and harm from what appears to be the present administration's lack of cooperation with the Biden transition team. But in terms of quantifiable risk... the article is lacking. It mentions Saudi Arabia as if Trump is handling them with kid gloves... I had to laugh... what president has not done the same for the past 40 years?

The publications lean left on their worst days, and are left influenced on their best days... there's some Bezos money floating around as well.

This discussion went back and forth about a week ago. National security at risk? Where and how? The intelligence community and the military establishment will not change just because there are new monograms on White House bathroom towels. The bureaucracy or swamp is not going anywhere, either.

While I would personally like to see a more cordial transition... it's not happening. I am just as disappointed as some folks on the left side of the aisle. But I'm more concerned about COVID in SoCal than delays in spray painting new names in the parking stalls outside the West Wing.

Which brings me back to cordiality... I really don't think that history will remember Trump in the way a lot of lefties believe it will (unless they are writing the history). But one thing is clear... the 2020 election was Donald Trump's to lose.

Check out Trump hosting Dan Gable and Gable's family at the White House earlier this month, and take a look at Trump and Melania giving their Christmas wishes to Americans last week. If the guy we have seen for four years would have been the same guy in those December 2020 videos, Trump wins in a landslide. Yes, the media would have still ranted daily, and Nadler and Schiff, et al would have still put on their dog and pony show... but Trump would have remained for four more years.

Tommy Tee

Semi-agree. If Trump would have listened to experts and taken the pandemic seriously (constantly promoting masks, social distancing, etc) in March, not only would the pandemic be in our rear view mirror-he would have been re-elected.

Tommy Tee

Dirk--you didn't read my post, did you? I said nothing about China.


Mary Jo: Isn’t it ironic that the only validated, published voter fraud in the 2020 election was committed by a man who cast ballots for two diseased relatives, both for Trump, the ‘Liar-and-cheater-in-charge’, who keeps setting an example for his followers.

Dirk van Ulden

Hello Jorg - Happy Holidays to you. I wonder why you have been so quiet about the Hunter Biden investigation. I was really looking forward to your assessment of the overly honest and pure as the driven snow Biden clan.


So Dirk, what does the Hunter Biden investigation have to do with voter fraud, the subject of the letter? Deflection at its finest. While you are at the subject of your deflection, why are you not outraged over the nepotism in the WH? Biden at least has assured us Hunter will hold no position in the WH unlike the corrupt family occupying it now.

Tommy Tee

Rel: Yes, the art of deflection! I'm waiting for Dirk's assessment of Trump's failing to call out Putin regarding the recent Russian hacking. Oh yeah--Vlad's got the goods on the "no-longer-even-pretending-to-be-president."



As for the Hunter Biden investigation we will have to wait and see what turns up. You did see that AG Barr said that there was no need to appoint a special counsel for either the Biden investigation or for any voter fraud allegations wildly claimed by Donald the “Loser” and his gullible followers.

You also asked where Jorg has been. I was wondering the same about you. A few days ago you asked for facts about China and Trump on the Grocott comment and I gave them to you. You didn’t respond so you either read them and know that I was right or you didn’t bother to read them.

Ray Fowler

Hey, Tafhdyd

Merry First Day of Christmas to you!

I am not passing on the topics of election outcomes or the China Syndrome (for Democrats or Republicans)... I have said plenty on those things already.

But let's examine the special counsel question a little more closely. (Fomner) AG Barr does not believe there is a need for a special counsel in the Hunter Biden matter at this time as the US Attorney's office is capable of investigating the circumstances surrounding the legality of the younger Biden's financial ties to China. OK. That's not the same thing as suggesting there is "nothing to see here" with respect to Hunter. You and I have both said... let's see where the current Hunter investigation leads us. I still think that's the best way of looking at Hunter's situation.

However, at the same time, former AG Barr said he hopes the Biden administration will act responsibly with respect to the current Hunter Biden investigation. Let's hope so, too.

And it's still possible a special counsel could be appointed to investigate Hunter Biden. The current acting AG has not closed the door on that possibility. If it happens, that course of action should follow some change in the circumstances that were not present when Barr said he saw no reason for a special prosecutor. That would be fair unless your name is Hunter Biden...

If that happens, Democrats, in the words of Foghorn Leghorn, will be "making more noise than a couple skeletons throwin’ a fit on a tin roof."

Dirk van Ulden

Rel, Tommy and Taffy - the reason I am not responding to the China issue and others concerning President Trump is that we are beating a dead horse. I brought up Hunter Biden so that we may start a new, interesting discussion. Apparently you are not done yet with the past and you are not looking forward to our dismal future.



Thanks for the Christmas wishes and let’s hope we have a Happy New Year. It has to better than this one.

On the Hunter Biden issue I will clarify one thing just in case there is a misunderstanding. I didn’t mean there is “nothing to see here”, I am saying that if there is something to see let’s see it.

I will only add that I expect a special prosecutor to be named only because the current President in name only will do everything he can to disrupt the country (even more than he has) in his last days in office. Other people in the upper levels of America have said, and I agree, that the biggest security threat to America is Trump himself. In his petulant vindictive ways he is trying to mess up everything he can with his “if I can’t have it, no one can” attitude. Rather than working on the serious problems Americans face he is golfing and complaining about people that won’t promote his hallucinations about voter fraud and landslide victories in the alternate world he lives in.


Hey Dirk,

The discussion the other day was about China, You asked for more info and I gave it to you. Now you try and say we are beating the dead horse. If you don't want to continue a discussion don't ask for more info. If you want to ignore facts and believe lies that is fine with me. I would expect nothing less from a dyed in the wool Trumper.

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